My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator-Chapter 2068 - : Wanting an Air Spirit Tool

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Chapter 2068: Wanting an Air Spirit Tool

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MO Qingzhu, who received Shen Xingyao’s hint, pursed his lips and said,

“We’ve already investigated and found nothing valuable.”

MO Qingzhu said as she pointed at a lamp on the platform behind her and continued, “The only thing placed in the cave is that soul lamp. That soul lamp is just an ordinary soul lamp. There’s nothing special about it.”

MO Qingzhu didn’t hide anything, because he knew clearly that the traces they found in the cave just then couldn’t be hidden from Lu Zijia and the others at all.

Instead of being suspected after being discovered, it was better to confess from the beginning.

Lu Zijia and the others had already discovered that soul lamp, but they didn’t move because they didn’t want the other party to fight to the death and ruin the soul lamp.

Lu Zijia’s goal was that soul lamp to begin with. Hearing MO Qingzhu’s honest answer, she said, “My contracted beasts like this cave. I wonder if you can give it to them?”

The golden pagodas that liked caves:

What Lu Zijia said was just an excuse. MO Qingzhu certainly knew this in his mind.

However, no matter why Lu Zijia and the others came here, he didn’t want to be enemies with them.

“We were already planning to leave. Since Master Lu’s contract beast likes this place, we certainly won’t disturb you anymore.”

MO Qingzhu cupped his hands at Lu Zijia and the others, indicating that he would give in without any unwillingness.

Shen Xingyao also nodded quickly. “Right, right, right, we’re already planning to leave. Go ahead and do what you need to. We won’t disturb you anymore.”

After saying that, Shen Xingyao was about to drag her brother, who was still struggling, away.


Lu Zijia suddenly called out to them and said after thinking for a while,

“Consider this a deal I made with you. What do you want?”

Even though the cultivation world believed that the strong ruled, Lu Zijia had never bullied the weak.

Of course, the premise was that the other party had a good character and didn’t take the initiative to provoke and disgust her.

MO Qingzhu couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. Apparently, he didn’t expect Lu Zijia to do this.

He only knew that Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan weren’t people who fought fiercely and killed the innocent, so he gave in willingly.

Unexpectedly, their characters were even more carefree than he knew.

“Can we have anything we want?”

While his sister was also in a daze, Shen Xingchen immediately opened his mouth and asked Lu Zijia with sparkling eyes.

“In your dreams!”

Before Lu Zijia answered, the Overlord Wood Spirit Flower threw three words at him fiercely first. There was no way it could take advantage of its master, let alone a door!

Lu Zijia, who was defended by her friend, couldn’t help chuckling and said to

Shen Xingchen, “Tell me what you want first.”

“An air transportation spiritual weapon. I want an air transportation spiritual weapon!” Shen Xingchen blurted out without thinking. His eyes were so bright that they were about to blind them.

Shen Xingyao’s eyes also lit up, but she still lectured her brother righteously on the outside.

“Kid, you’re really greedy! That’s an air-transportation spiritual artifact! How can you get it just because you want it?”

After educating her brother, Shen Xingyao immediately looked at Lu Zijia with a smile.

“Master Lu, do you have any extra air-transportation spiritual artifacts for sale? We’re willing to pay Spirit Stones for them. It’s fine no matter how many Spirit Stones there are.”

An air-transportation spiritual weapon was an air-transportation spiritual weapon that countless cultivators dreamed of! It was worth it no matter how many Spirit Stones they spent!

Lu Zijia: