Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 745 Enlightenment Stone

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Chapter 745 Enlightenment Stone

?After leaving the inn, Evan and Cedar didn't care about Thomas and headed towards the eastern market of the Star City.

While heading towards the eastern market, Evan thought about the Enlightenment Stone and asked Cedar about it.

"The Enlightenment Stone is something that is useful for all the core evolvers regardless of their ranks," Cedar said upon hearing Evan.

"Using the Enlightenment Stone, you can create the Law Formation that you had seen in the house. If you cultivate inside the law formation, you will be able to sense the laws of the World more clearly."

"Will be able to sense the laws of the world more clearly?" Evan raised an eyebrow hearing Cedar.

Cedar nodded his head and asked. "You are currently trying to transform your world essence into conceptual energy, right?"

Evan nodded his head hearing Cedar.

Seeing Evan nodding his head, Cedar explained. "In order to turn your world essence into conceptual energy, you must increase your understanding of the energy that you are trying to create. For example, I had turned my world essence into the conceptual energy of the earth," Cedar said as brown energy appeared on his palm.

"The conceptual energy is the foundation of the law that you trying to master. Since I turned my world essence into conceptual energy of the earth, it means that I am trying to master the law of earth." Cedar paused and added after a moment.

"The Enlightenment Stone is something that can help people feel the laws that they are trying to master more clearly. If you are a Beginner Level Rank One Core Evolver, then with the help of a law formation created by the Enlightenment Stone, you can turn your world essence into conceptual energy at least three to four times faster. A Peak Rank One Core Evolver can create their Domain because they can feel the laws more clearly or evolve their Domain into a Zone.

"Peak Rank Two Core Evolvers can more easily evolve their Zone into an Illusionary World and so on...

"No matter what your Rank is, the Enlightenment Stone can help you progress faster. This is why it is one of the rarest treasures in Utopia."

Evan was stunned hearing Cedar and finally understood why he was so excited after hearing about the Enlightenment Stone.

'If he can get his hands on the Enlightenment Stone, it will be very helpful for the Dryads who are trying to increase their power,' Evan thought and looked at Cedar.

After looking at him for a few seconds, he couldn't help but ask, "Are you planning to participate in the auction to buy this Enlightenment Stone?"

"Yes," Cedar nodded his head without hesitation.

Evan frowned upon hearing Cedar. Now that he knew the value of the Enlightenment Stone, he was sure that all the top forces present in Star City would try their best to compete for this stone. In front of these top forces, it would be almost impossible for them to get their hands on the Enlightenment Stone.

Evan wanted to tell Cedar about this, but he stopped mid-way and closed his mouth.

'Cedar is not stupid, and he definitely knows that other high-

class people of Star City will also try to buy the Enlightenment Stone...' Evan thought inwardly and narrowed his eyes.' Since he is going there even after knowing this, then it means that he must have something in mind.'

Although Evan was curious about what was in Cedar's mind, he decided not to ask anything.

In about an hour, both of them arrived at the eastern market of Star City.

"Let's hope that we will be able to find the things that you need," Cedar said to Evan once they reached the eastern market, and both of them started to look for the Blood Soul Crystal and other items.

They went from one shop to another, and all the shopkeepers who heard the names of the items Evan and Cedar wanted couldn't help but look at them strangely.

Some shopkeepers even asked them if they were trying to mess with them.

Evan and Cedar were already used to these kinds of reactions from the shopkeepers so they didn't care and continued to look for the Blood Soul Crystal and other things.

Around ten hours later, as the sun was nearly setting, Evan looked at a small silver-colored stone in his hand and sighed inwardly.

"You are not going to lower the price?" He asked, looking at a Peak Rank Two orc in front of him.

The orc shook his head upon hearing Evan and said in a firm voice, "Fifty thousand high-level essence stones is my bottom line; I can't go any lower."

"I have enough stones If yo_"

"Forget about it, I'm not in a hurry to buy the space stone," Cedar wanted to lend more essence to Evan, but Evan immediately rejected his offer.

Cedar was planning to participate in the auction to buy the Enlightenment Stone. Although Evan didn't know how many essence stones he had, he was sure that he would need every single essence stone if he wanted to compete for the Enlightenment Stone.

Seeing Evan reject his offer, Cedar wanted to say something, but before he could, Evan returned the space stone to the orc and dragged him away.

"Let's go back. We've already looked at most of the shops, and I don't think we'll be able to find anything now."

Cedar sighed upon hearing Evan, and both of them returned to the inn where they had been staying for the past two days.

"The auction is the day after tomorrow. Let's leave for the Dark Forest after the auction," Cedar said to Evan once they returned to the inn. (f)

Evan nodded in agreement, and after eating dinner, they both retired to their rooms.

The next day, Evan and Cedar roamed around the city and enjoyed themselves as they had nothing else to do. The whole day passed without them realizing it, and soon the day of the auction arrived.

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