Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 840 Core Altar (Part 2)

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Chapter 840 Core Altar (Part 2)

?Evan took out the dusty paper from the storage ring, and just as he expected, it was a map.

"Is this a treasure map?" Evan muttered in a curious voice and looked at the map.

"This_" And the moment he looked at the map, his eyes opened wide in shock and a serious look appeared on his face.

The map was divided into three parts and was very easy to understand.

After looking at the map for a few seconds, Evan took out the map of the plain ground that Team Black created and compared it to the third part of the dusty map.

After comparing the maps for a few minutes, he took a deep breath and said in a trembling voice,

"Th-this is definitely the map of the entire Tomb Of The Ancient."

The map Evan found in the ring was the map of the Tomb of the Ancient, and unlike the map created by Team Black, the map he found in the ring was of the entire Tomb.

From the third layer to the first, the map had all the details about the Tomb.

Unlike Team Black, who marked every single treasure or artefact that they found on the map, the map Evan found in the ring only had three things marked on it.

He didn't know about the two things, but one of the things that was marked on the map was something that could make anyone drool in excitement.

Evan looked at the top part of the map that represents the first layer of the Tomb and saw a cross mark with something written on top of it.

Just by reading what was written on top of it, Evan's blood started to boil in excitement.

"Time Liquid..." He muttered in a low voice as he carefully looked at the words written on the map.

Other than the time liquid, one more place was marked in the third layer, and when he read the words written above the marked place, for some reason, his entire soul trembled as if urging him to go there as soon as possible.

"Core Altar..." Evan muttered the words written on the marked location and felt a strange feeling growing inside his heart.

A feeling of excitement, anxiety, and most importantly... A feeling of amusement, as if he just found something funny.

"What the hell is going on?" Evan took a few deep breaths to calm down his boiling feelings and shook his head.

His gaze lingered on the words 'Core Altar' for a few more seconds before he stopped looking at it and shifted his gaze to the area that represents the second layer of the Tomb.

On the map that represents the second area, the third place was marked, and Evan knew that place very well.

"Isn't this the place where the cave I entered is located?" Evan muttered with a frown on his face and looked at the words written on top of the marked place.

"Octavius's Nest..." Evan's face turned strange when he saw what was written on the map as he couldn't understand what it meant by Octavius's Nest.

"Wait a second..." Suddenly, something clicked in Evan's mind and his eyes narrowed. fre(e)webnov(l).com

"If I remember correctly, Cedar told me that the terrain of the tomb never remains the same. Each time the Tomb opens, its entire terrain changes randomly..." Evan muttered and looked at the dusty map in his hands. "If the terrain of the Tomb changes randomly, then how is it possible for this map to be similar to the current terrain of the Tomb?"

Just by looking at the condition of the map, Evan could tell that it was created a long time ago, and if it was created in the past, then how come the map matched the current terrain of the Tomb that was randomly decided?

"Could it be that the person who made the map had the ability to see the future?" Evan muttered with a strange look on his face and felt his head spinning.

"Ugh... Just what the fu*k is going on? First I got trapped in this shitty place, and now this map..." Evan said while rubbing his eyebrows and felt a massive headache.

He looked at the area that represents the third layer and saw there was no mark in the third layer. There was just a normal map of the third layer that shows the plain ground and other areas of the third layer.

"This is getting weird..." Evan said with a sigh as he looked at the map in his hands.

After looking at the map for a few minutes, Evan once again sighed and shook his head.

"There is no point in thinking about how this map can match the current terrain of the Tomb..." He said and looked at the area of the first layer, specifically speaking, the area where the Core Altar was marked.

"I need to get out of here..." Evan said and put away the map inside his shadow storage along with the Ancient Alchemy Chest and the Destruction Lightning Ball.

After putting them away, he stood up and started to look for a way out once again.

Unfortunately, even after ten more hours, he didn't find anything that could help him escape from the Dark Place.

"Just what the fu*k is this place?" Evan shouted in an anger-

filled voice and punched the ground, making the area around him shudder.

"Fu*k it, if I can't find an exit, I will just destroy this entire place," Evan said in a cold voice and was about to summon all of his shadow undeads.

But just before he could summon his shadow undeads...

[All the participants have arrived]

[Starting the third trial...]

Evan heard the same voice inside his head, and his body began to disappear from the Dark Place.

Evan was taken aback when he heard the voice, but he soon regained his senses and focused on the words that he heard.

'Participants...' Evan thought and narrowed his eyes. 'Could it be that I will have to compete with other people to pass the third trial.'

The silver light around Evan intensified and with a flash, he disappeared from the Dark Space.

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