Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 976 Leaving The Tomb (Part 1)

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Chapter 976 Leaving The Tomb (Part 1)

As Evan activated the Blood Sacrifice skill, a burst of power erupted from his body and he felt his stat points increased significantly.

The second skill of the Doom Sword, Blood Sacrifice, boosts the user's stat points by 20% and increases the attack power of the Sword by 200%. The effect of this skill lasts for one minute and once the effect ends, the user will enter a weakened state for two hours.

When Evan activated the skill, his stat points received a significant boost, and the attack power of the Doom Sword reached its highest possible level.

Blood Radiance, the first skill of the Doom Sword, was still active, so combined with the Blood Sacrifice skill, the attack power of the Doom Sword increased by 300%.

Additionally, Evan was using the Purple Flame and Blood Lightning to further enhance its power, making the current attack power of the Doom Sword truly terrifying.


After activating the skill, Evan didn't wait for the Goblin to come down from the sky. He pressed his feet to the ground and with a booming sound, shot towards it. The Goblin was hovering about a hundred meters above him, but using his high stat points, Evan arrived in front of it instantly.

As he arrived in front of the Goblin and lifted his sword...


The atmosphere inside the red barrier started to shake due to the pressure that the magenta-coloured sword was releasing.

Even the Peak Rank Three Goblin, who was facing the sword felt a sense of impending doom and its blood-red eyes widened in horror.

Feeling the looming death, the Eldritch Goblin once again used its skill, causing its body to split into four.

Unfortunately for it, after seeing the Goblin use this skill earlier, Evan was fully prepared for this trick. The moment the Goblin's body split into four, Evan's eyes started to spin like swirling voids as he activated the Eyes of Abyss.

Under the effect of Eyes of Abyss, the three fake goblins immediately disappeared, leaving only the real Goblin hovering to his right side.

While still holding the sword above his head, Evan swung it down in front of him, where one of the fake Goblin was standing.

At the last second, just before his sword struck the fake goblin, Evan used the Nether Stride skill and shifted his position to the left, where the real Goblin was.

The Goblin, thinking it had successfully fooled Evan was caught off guard when Evan suddenly appeared in front of it.

Seeing the Doom Sword coming towards it, the goblin's blood turned cold and a look of horror flashed across its face.


The Goblin roared in fear and used the eight-bone lances protruding from its back to stop the sword.

Noticing the Goblin wanted to stop his sword, Evan's eyes flashed with BloodLust and just before his sword collided with the bone lances...

"Gravity Manipulation!"

He used the gravity manipulation skill to its full power, elevating the sword's power to a completely different level.

Bang! Bang! Bang! - - - -

As the magenta-colored Doom Sword passed by, the space exploded into bits revealing black void rifts that looked like the small mouths of beasts.

The Doom Sword, buffed by various skills, made contact with the Goblin's bone lances and without any resistance...

Crack! Crack! Crack! - - - - -

All the bone lances shattered and turned into bone powder. Without losing any power, the sword, flashing with bright light continued to descend and made contact with the Goblin's body.


A puffing sound echoed throughout the area enclosed by the red barrier and the Goblin's body turned into a blood mist without any resistance.


At the same time, the sound of bones cracking resounded as the bones in Evan's hand shattered, unable to handle the pressure of swinging the Doom Sword, which was currently nothing short of a bringer of destruction.

As Evan's hand bones snapped, the Doom Sword left his hands and shot toward the ground like a rocket. The flaming magenta-coloured Doom Sword descended like a blazing meteorite, trailing a fiery streak of intense colour across the darkened space.

As the sword plummeted toward the ground, the ground began to tremble, and less than a second later...


With a deafening roar, the sword collided with the ground, unleashing an explosive force that shattered the silence. The point of impact erupted in a blinding flash, sending shockwaves rippling outward in all directions. The magenta-coloured flames surged and danced wildly, and the blood lightning consumed everything in its path.

The ground splintered and cracked, opening deep chasms that spread like a spider's web.

As the shockwaves spread in all directions, Evan was blasted away like a twig and crashed against the red barrier at devastating speed.


Many of his bones snapped, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. The flames that erupted from the sword tried to consume him, but he used Prismatic Fire to cover himself and barely saved himself from the intense heat.

"Fu*k, it went completely out of control..." Evan cursed loudly as he tried to stand up from the ground while looking at the destruction around him.

As he stood up, he felt severe pain coming from all over his body. Five of his ribs were broken, both of his hands were limp, his internal organs were heavily damaged, and he was bleeding profusely.

He looked at his core and found he was almost out of World Essence. Even if he wanted to recover using regeneration or any other skills, he needed to wait for his World Essence to recover.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! - - - -

Amid the chaos, Evan suddenly heard the loud sound of a heartbeat. Hearing the sound, his expression changed and he quickly looked in the direction of the sound. He raised his head and looked up, at the place where the Eldritch Goblin had been a moment ago.

"What the—"

Upon looking at the sky, Evan saw a fist-sized purple blob of flesh beating like a heart.

His face darkened when he saw this as he realized the Eldritch Goblin was still alive. Although heavily injured, Evan ignored his injuries and quickly flew toward the beating heart.

The moment he appeared in front of the blob of flesh, he felt a massive amount of life force hidden deep inside it.

"I better destroy it before this bastard comes back to life..." He muttered in a cold voice, and the red fire of the Prismatic Flame covered his hand.

Evan grabbed the beating heart and tried to burn it using the red flame, but to his shock, the moment he grabbed the heart, it turned into purple liquid and seeped inside his body.

Evan's face changed when the liquid seeped inside his body, and he quickly tried to dispel it using his Primordial Shadow Energy.

But the purple liquid moved like an unstoppable force and quickly arrived near his Primordial Monarch Core. Even though Evan tried to stop it using the Shadow Energy, it didn't work, and the liquid seeped inside his core.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! - - - -

As the liquid seeped inside his core, his heart, which was covered in the outline of the Rune Of Origin started to beat like a war drum.


Due to his heavy injuries and damaged internal organs, Evan coughed out a mouthful of blood and his face turned pale when his heart started to beat like a war drum.

"Fu*k, what the hell is going on?" Evan clenched his teeth and tried his best to endure the pain that was assaulting him.

Around a minute later, his heartbeat started to calm down and the purple liquid that had seeped inside his core was fully absorbed.

The moment the purple liquid was fully absorbed, two notifications flashed in front of Evan's eyes.

(You have acquired the passive skill, Eldritch Energy Immunity.)

(You have received a drop of Origin Essence.)

Evan looked at the two notifications in front of him with a baffled look on his face and suddenly, a thought came to his mind.

"That beating heart... Maybe it was not a heart, but the core of the Eldritch Goblin," Evan muttered in a low voice and took a deep breath.

Although he didn't know why the core of this Eldritch Goblin turned into liquid and was absorbed by his Primordial Monarch Core, Evan decided to put it aside for now as he needed to heal his injuries and look for Elora.

Crack! Crack! - - - - -

Suddenly, he heard the sound of cracking and saw the red barrier that trapped him starting to crack.


With a final cracking sound, the whole red barrier shattered into motes of small light and disappeared into the air.

The moment the red barrier shattered, Evan felt the force that was preventing him from summoning his shadow undeads and activating his authorities disappear.

'It seems this time that guy is really dead...' Evan sighed in relief when he felt the force preventing him from activating his authority disappear.

He came down from the sky and the moment his feet touched the ground, he staggered and nearly fell as his body was not in good condition.

He looked toward the area filled with black smoke and wanted to go there as soon as possible, but to ensure his safety, he needed to deal with the aftereffects of Blood Sacrifice and his injuries.

"Elysia," Evan called out to Elysia from his shadow storage and sat down on the ground to recover his world essence.

Hearing Evan's call, Elysia came out of his shadow storage and started to heal him.

While recovering, Evan glanced toward the dead body of the beginner-level rank three goblin that was lying not far away from him and his eyes flashed.

'Just what the hell was that peak Rank Three goblin planning? Why did it allow me to kill the other two goblins?' Evan thought inwardly and shook his head, deciding to think about these matters after recovering his world essence.