Necromancer Of The Shadows-Chapter 978 Leaving The Tomb (Part 3)

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Chapter 978 Leaving The Tomb (Part 3)

Evan entered in black smoke and noticed that the area covered in smoke was an altar, similar to the one from which the half-golden and half-black pillar of light was emanating.

The floor of the altar was made of the same stones, and the only difference he could see between the two altars was the runes engraved on them.

Unlike the altar from which the black and golden pillar of light was coming out, this altar looked more complex, with its entire floor covered in runes.

"What kind of altar is this?" Evan muttered in a low voice as he examined the multitude of runes that covered the hard floor of the altar.

Evan was paying close attention to his shadow undeads, who had entered the altar before him and was using his shadow senses to check on them from time to time.

Earlier, before the three Eldritch Goblins started fighting against him, all three of them had emerged from the black smoke with their bodies filled with injuries. Evan was certain that there was definitely something dangerous inside the black smoke.

'Something that could injure those three Goblins must be quite powerful...' Evan thought inwardly and was relieved that his authorities were not sealed this time. He could use his Death Guardian and Master of Shadows authorities if he encountered something dangerous.

As Evan walked deeper into the black smoke, he noticed occasional flashes of golden light coming from the runes engraved on the floor.

Upon closer inspection, he realized that the golden flashes from the runes were quite different from the golden light of the pillar from which he had entered this closed space.

"Although I didn't pay much attention if I'm not mistaken, the golden light from the outside altar must be related to the energy of destruction, while these golden flashes from the runes give a feeling of suppression as if they are trying to stop this black smoke from spreading to other areas..." Evan said while observing the flashes of golden light coming from the runes engraved on the altar.

Evan walked deeper into the area filled with black smoke and even after five minutes, he didn't encounter anything.

The only change he noticed was that the black smoke around him became thicker. While the black smoke didn't affect him much, the same couldn't be said for his shadow undeads.

Evan's shadow undeads were ahead of him, but the black smoke fully suppressed their senses, leaving them unable to sense anything around them.

'This black smoke isn't affecting me much, but why is it suppressing my shadow undeads?' Evan wondered as he looked at the condition of his shadow undeads.

Other than not being able to use his spiritual senses as before, Evan's other senses—hearing, smell, touch, and others—were completely fine.

However, when he used shadow senses to connect his vision with his shadow undeads to see what they were seeing, all he saw was thick black smoke surrounding them. Their visibility range was less than one meter, and they couldn't feel anything.

"It seems we are getting closer to the core of this altar..." Noticing this anomaly, Evan said and ordered his shadow undeads to continue moving forward.

Although his shadow undeads couldn't see anything, it didn't stop him from sending them ahead to scout for danger.

Even if they encountered something dangerous and were killed, he could just summon them again using his world essence.

About a minute later, Evan's expression suddenly changed as he lost his connection with one of the shadow undeads who was ahead of him.

He quickly used shadow senses to connect with another shadow undead nearby to see what had happened.

The moment Evan used shadow senses, his vision shifted and he saw the shadow undeads he had sent ahead surrounded by flashes of golden light.

The golden flashes moved like laser beams, and upon contact, they instantly destroyed the shadow undeads.

Despite watching everything through shadow senses and seeing the tens of golden flashes moving like laser beams, Evan was not worried.

He had sent around a thousand shadow undeads ahead of him and the number of laser beams wasn't enough to stop all of them.

After dodging for a while, about one hundred and fifty of the shadow undeads managed to pass through the golden light and safely escape.

"If I use Temporal Velocity and the Nether Stride skill of the Boots of Voidgazer, it shouldn't be difficult for me to cross this area," Evan said while looking at his shadow undeads for a while.

Soon, he arrived in the area illuminated by the golden flashes moving like laser beams.

Evan activated the Temporal Velocity skill and easily moved forward while dodging the lasers. As one of the lasers was about to hit him, he simply used the Nether Stride skill, disappearing from the spot and reappearing a few meters ahead.

In just ten seconds, Evan crossed the area covered in the golden flashes and arrived at the other end.

Upon crossing the golden area, he noticed the black smoke thickened even more, and even his senses were affected by it.

On top of that, he found another thing that put a deep frown on his face.

"I can't recover my world essence here..." He muttered in a low voice and immediately deactivated the Temporal Velocity skill to save his energy.

Before crossing the area covered in golden flashes, although it was slow, Evan could still recover his world essence. But after crossing this area, he found that the surroundings were devoid of world essence, making it impossible for him to recover it.

"I can't use my skills carelessly, or I might run out of world essence even before reaching Elora," Evan said and moved forward again.

His shadow undeads, who had crossed the area filled with golden laser beams were ahead of him, so Evan wasn't worried about encountering something unexpected.

For the first few minutes, Evan didn't encounter anything dangerous, but suddenly he noticed he was losing his connection with his shadow undeads one after another.

He immediately used his shadow senses to check on his shadow undeads, and when he saw what was happening to them, his eyes widened in shock.