Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (WN)-Chapter 3333: Once More Seeing Her

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Chapter 3333 Once More Seeing Her

She was a peerlessly beautiful woman. She had long legs, a slender waist, and plenty of curves. Also, her swan-like neck had a necklace of fiery-red gemstones.

Her face was like it came out of a painting, and her long black hair dropped like a waterfall that reached her waist. She was truly a beauty capable of causing the downfall of a nation.

Her hand was holding the Heavenly Rainbow Flame. She was originally excited but then left dumbfounded by Long Chen’s expression.

Her eyes were like pools of limpid autumn waters. There was a trace of guilt in them. She carefully said, “Little brother, this Heavenly Rainbow Flame is part of my life. I can’t give it to you. Can you forgive me? Don’t feel so bad, alright?”

Everyone on the battlefield was shocked to see her. She was actually able to pass through that terrifying flame lotus without a hitch.

As for Qi Yu and Qin Feng, their jaws dropped. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes.

It was the same face and the same voice. It was also the old kindness that always cared about others.

Long Chen’s lips moved several times, but he was unable to say a single word. His tears continued to stream down.

She was the Pill Fairy. That was a love that came from deep within the soul, a love that transcended a thousand reincarnations. This was a woman that had died a thousand times just to wake him up.

She reappeared in front of him at this moment, and Long Chen felt a thousand emotions. He was happy yet also sad. It was only when the Pill Fairy woke him up that he understood just how much she had sacrificed for him.

“Little brother, don’t cry. If you really want it, I can give it to you.” Seeing Long Chen crying like that, she bit her lips and handed the Heavenly Rainbow Flame back to him.

Long Chen shook his head. He was barely able to choke out, “Let alone the Heavenly Rainbow Flame, even if you wanted my life, I would give it to you without hesitation.”

The woman was stunned. She hesitantly asked, “Little brother, do we know each other?”

Long Chen wiped away his tears. He said, “Whether or not we know each other isn’t important. What is important is that… I love you.”

Her face reddened and she suddenly smiled. “How much do you love me?”

Seeing that familiar face, that familiar smile, Long Chen’s heart was about to melt. “I am willing to turn into a stone bridge for you, enduring a million years of the wind blowing, a million years of the sun basking me, a million years of the rain falling on me, just so that you can cross and I can stare at you once.”

Feeling even more stunned, she looked at Long Chen closely. She suddenly laughed, “You’re lying. A stone bridge would collapse long before a million years is up.”

“Without seeing you, how can I possibly collapse?” said Long Chen.

Hearing this, she reddened even more, seemingly embarrassed. She wanted to speak but didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, a rainbow jade tablet on her waist flashed.

She hastily said, “My time is up and I have to return. Thank you for this. What is your name?”

“I am Long Chen. In this life, are you still Yu Qingxuan?” asked Long Chen.

Her eyes widened. “You… you know my name?”

“Through endless reincarnations, I’ve finally found you, but you haven’t found me.” Long Chen once more began to cry.

Yu Qingxuan didn’t have her old memories, so Long Chen’s grief filled his heart. She had done so much for him in the past, but now that she looked at him again, she was a stranger. That feeling was sorrowful.

“Little brother, don’t cry. We… we…”

Yu Qingxuan didn’t have a chance to finish speaking when rainbow light enveloped her. She was then sucked away by a mysterious energy, vanishing without a trace. After that, Long Chen’s heart became empty.

Long Chen felt the world spinning around him. A bout of weariness struck him, and waves of disappointment crashed through him. He saw Yu Qingxuan, but she didn’t recognize him.

However, no matter what, seeing her again was a good thing. Long Chen suddenly realized that he hadn’t even asked where she came from. Which heaven was she from? Where was she so that he could find her again? Long Chen instantly felt immense regret.

The Heavenly Rainbow Flame had been taken by Yu Qingxuan, but Long Chen didn’t feel the slightest pain over it. Now that he thought back, Yu Qingxuan had always possessed powerful flame fluctuations that were very similar to the Heavenly Rainbow Flame.

She even said that it was part of her life. No wonder when it fell into her hand, it directly accepted her as master. She was the true person that the Heavenly Rainbow Flame was waiting for.

Suddenly, a rumbling woke him up from his thoughts. The outside world had become a giant battlefield between the human race and these enemy races.

The human race exploded with hatred against them. This was a hostility that came from the depths of their souls. This was a grudge carved into their bones.

Long Chen took a deep breath. Checking his condition, he found that his spiritual yuan was down to less than twenty percent. But now wasn’t the time to recover.

Long Chen put away the World Extermination Flame Lotus. Summoning it had taken a great deal of his energy. He had been planning on using it to absorb the Heavenly Rainbow Flame, but unexpectedly, Yu Qingxuan had come, completely ignoring the World Extermination Flame Lotus’s power. Perhaps this was fate.

He knew that the reason Yu Qingxuan was able to enter was because the Heavenly Rainbow Flame had summoned her. With an ‘insider’ like that supporting her, she was able to slip through the World Extermination Flame Lotus.

Now that the Heavenly Rainbow Flame had been taken, there was no point in keeping up the World Extermination Flame Lotus. The current battlefield was chaotic. If this attack fell, it would annihilate friends and foes together. Furthermore, if he did unleash it, it would use up all his remaining spiritual yuan.

Long Chen then returned to the battlefield. He saw Bai Shishi soaked in blood, killing intent erupting out of her. Like a killing goddess, she was specifically picking out the strongest experts to kill. Not one person was able to stop her sword. She was even more ferocious than Long Chen back then, and her killing spree made those experts flee from her like the wind.

However, such a fast rate of killing was definitely exhausting her spiritual yuan. In just this little bit of time, her aura had dropped quite a bit. It seemed that she had used up over half her spiritual yuan. But she was still chasing down those experts.

“Hey, save some energy! Don’t go so crazy!” shouted Long Chen as he returned to the battlefield and killed a few enemies as well.

“I don’t need you to look after me. My life and death have no relation to you.” Bai Shishi’s eyes were red from the slaughter. She didn’t even look at Long Chen and continued to chase down those experts, fighting even more ferociously.

Bai Xiaole, Qin Feng, Qi Yu, and Xu Zixiong followed her. Qin Feng then shrugged helplessly at Long Chen. There was nothing they could do. They would stick close to her, and if she did run out of energy in her crazy slaughter, they would be able to react.

The four of them didn’t even have a chance to fight. They could only follow behind Bai Shishi, not daring to be so careless.

As for Long Chen, he knew exactly what she was thinking. This cold-faced beauty had gotten jealous, and with nowhere to vent, she cast her anger out on these experts. Long Chen could only allow her to do as she pleased. He definitely didn’t want to draw her displeasure.

Long Chen then continued to kill some of these experts, when his gaze swept across the battlefield and he suddenly spotted a sneaky figure. As a result, his rage soared, and without a care, he charged toward that figure.