Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4174: Unscrupulous Businessmen

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Chapter 4174: Unscrupulous Businessmen

That voice was backed by roiling thunder coming from the tribulation clouds. Thus, when it sounded, heavenly might raged, causing even the innate Heaven Venerates to turn pale.

Hearing someone challenging Long Chen, all those people couldn’t bother arguing and directly ran from the academy’s territory.

“It’s the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race!”

Startled cries rang out as they saw tens of thousands of heavenly geniuses standing outside the High Firmament Academy’s territory. They were all Immortal Kings, and dozens of them had Supreme auras around them.

Their leader had a halberd on his back and a violet-gold crown on his head. Lightning runes danced within his eyes, and crackling bolts of lightning coiled around his formidable presence, causing even innate Heaven Venerates to feel immense pressure from him. To their surprise, the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race had actually produced an astonishing genius.

Seeing this genius, the ones who had been driven away by Long Chen began to smile at his misfortune. For this person to challenge Long Chen, that old monster in the High Firmament Academy definitely wouldn’t dare to interfere.

In other words, Long Chen would be on his own; either he hid like a tortoise or went out alone.

In truth, the moment Long Chen saw the tribulation clouds covering the sky, he knew who had come. It must be the vengeance of the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race.

He had been told that the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race was famous for being protective of its kin. Unfortunately, Long Chen had encountered one of them who had tried to rob him, leading to the salamander’s demise at his hand. Now, his race’s people had come, seeking vengeance for him.

“Long Chen, get out here and face your death!”

Long Chen heard an impatient roar as soon as he walked out of the palace.

“They really don’t know how the character for ‘death’ is written! Boss, let me deal with them!” Bai Xiaole immediately volunteered himself.

The current Bai Xiaole looked harmless, exuding an extremely weak aura. However, at this very moment, three flowers swirled within his eyes, as if the entire cosmos was contained within them.

After all, the divine abilities of the Six Dao Heavenly Eye race had been passed down to Bai Xiaole, and he had diligently honed his skills over time. Having grasped a significant portion of this inheritance, his power now far surpassed his former self.

“Big brother Long Chen…!”

Before Long Chen could even say anything, Lei Linger also grew excited, wanting to have these people’s scales.

“Don’t worry. I understand.” Long Chen smiled.

“Long Chen, you dare to kill my race’s people! What guts! However, a life must be repaid with a life. There’s nothing else to say. You can just kill yourself!” shouted one of the experts of the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race.

“Hahaha!” Long Chen raised his head and laughed like he had just heard a joke. Even Bai Shishi, Bai Xiaole, Qin Feng, Qi Yu, and the others laughed.

This fellow was too crazy, wasn’t he? He wanted Long Chen to kill himself? There had to be something wrong with his brain, no?

That heavenly genius let them laugh. When they were done, he coldly said, “Go ahead and laugh. You won’t have another chance to.”

“Boss, let me do it. I feel like I can beat him!” said Bai Xiaole confidently.

“Then can you kill him?” asked Long Chen.

“Ah… I’m not too sure.” Bai Xiaole shook his head. He was confident in beating this person, but he had no assurance of being able to kill him.

“Then forget it. You either fight to kill them all, or you don’t fight,” said Long Chen.

Bai Xiaole jumped in shock. It seemed that Long Chen didn’t just want the speaker’s life but also the lives of all the heavenly geniuses of the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race.

“Mister Long Chen, look at the time! What are you still waiting for? The auction has already started!”

Just at that moment, a panicked and angry voice rang out. Countless experts wearing robes of the Soaring Dragon Company had suddenly appeared, and their leader was precisely that innate Heaven Venerate that had been acting as a liaison.

This innate Heaven Venerate was sweating and only sighed with relief when he saw Long Chen. At least, he had found this moneymaker of his.

“Just wait a moment. I’ll deal with this quickly,” said Long Chen.

The innate Heaven Venerate instantly grew anxious. “What are we waiting for? Do you know how many people are waiting for you over there? There are already thousands of innate Heaven Venerates waiting! They are all famous figures of various races and worlds! You didn’t arrive at the agreed-upon time, so I ran all over looking for you. Hurry up and come with me! You can deal with these affairs after the auction!”

He was truly panicked. He had been busy with so many affairs lately that he had left Long Chen’s matter to one of his trustworthy subordinates.

But then, that subordinate was killed by someone just yesterday, and he wasn’t even aware of it.

It was only when the auction started that he went to find him and grew panicked. It seemed that everyone was after Long Chen’s Heaven Earth Cauldron. If Long Chen wasn’t there, perhaps the entire Soaring Dragon Company would be flipped by those people.

Thinking of this, he immediately rushed to the Starry River Sect, but the people there ignored him, refusing to tell him where Long Chen had gone.

In the end, the Soaring Dragon Company used their own eyes to find that Long Chen was in the High Firmament Academy, and he immediately rushed over.

With their power, every movement in this place should actually be under their purview.

However, the auction had caused a huge fuss, and they were extremely short on manpower at this moment. They were so busy with the auction that they simply didn’t have the extra power to monitor the entire Sage King Prefecture.

“Heroes of the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race, please give the Soaring Dragon Company this face. Whatever personal grievances you have, I won’t interfere. However, Long Chen and the Soaring Dragon Company are currently holding an auction, and the legendary Heaven Earth Cauldron is the main attraction. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The auction is starting right now. If you are interested, you can come with us! Although the seats are all gone, in order to express our sincerity, I will do my best to get you a spot as well. How is that?” pleaded the innate Heaven Venerate of the Soaring Dragon Company.

The experts of the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race had originally been determined to kill Long Chen, but now they hesitated.

“Fine, we’ll give you this face. Letting Long Chen live a bit longer is no problem.”

“What a pack of fools. They don’t even know someone just dragged them away from the brink of death,” sneered Qin Feng. They had no idea that it was their boss who had made his determination to kill them.

“Alright, many thanks, everyone! Please come!” That innate Heaven Venerate cupped his fists to everyone and beckoned to Long Chen and the others.

Long Chen thought for a bit. In the end, he brought only Bai Shishi, Bai Xiaole, Qin Feng, Qi Yu, Mu Qingyun, Zhong Ling, and Zhong Xiu with him to attend the auction.

Long Chen also ordered that Heaven Venerate to inform Guo Ran and Xia Chen to come, irritating him. He was now viewed as Long Chen’s servant, but he didn’t dare to express his dissatisfaction and directly sent someone to inform them.

Only then did Long Chen leave with him. Coming with them were the experts of the Heavenly Lightning Violet Salamander race, as well as other powers who wanted to take a look.

When Long Chen arrived at the auction, he immediately sneered.

“What unscrupulous businessmen.”