Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4369: Mutual Destruction?

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Chapter 4369 Mutual Destruction?

Guo Ran shot out nine arrows, and six of them accurately pierced through the heads of Eternal experts. As the arrows were made of the highest grade materials, they were incomparably sharp, their sharpness comparable to that of Eternal divine weapons.

In addition to their sharpness, formations were also intricately carved onto the arrows. Hence, upon piercing flesh, the arrowheads would detonate. What made it even more insidious was that the explosion unleashed various energies, including metal, wood, water, fire, earth, and other energies that now ran rampant within the affected area.

Worst of all, the shattered fragments carried a potent poison. Xia Chen felt like these arrows were a bit too evil, but Guo Ran didn’t mind.

According to Guo Ran, anyone who could force him to use these arrows was definitely an enemy, and when facing enemies, his sole objective was to kill them. Whether the means were deemed evil or sinister held little significance to him. After all, the one to survive was the hero.

Since this was his way of living, he had to make the most terrifying killing items—these malicious arrows. Even if they didn’t strike vital areas, they could still kill their targets. And if they were to strike the head, then even Eternal experts would meet a grisly end.

Following the release of those nine arrows, seven Eternal experts were slain. While the two survivors might have dodged fatal hits, they were swiftly dispatched by the coordinated efforts of Gu Yang and Bai Shishi.

The rest who breached the earthen wall were injured as well. After all, the wall summoned by Li Qi and Song Mingyuan exhibited astonishing defensive capabilities, catching them off-guard. Crashing into it with their physical bodies proved to be dangerous.

Sword qi then swept through the air, decapitating the injured enemies. Yue Zifeng’s sharp Sword Qi proved to be even more terrifying than Eternal divine weapons. In front of him, even Eternal experts seemed fragile.

“Brothers, kill!”

Guo Ran put away his crossbow and switched back to his sabers. As his golden wings flapped, he shot toward those Eternal experts like a bolt of lightning.

In his armor, Guo Ran was unstoppable. He completely ignored the attacks of Eternal experts, allowing them to simply strike him while he counterattacked.

“What damn thing is this!?” roared an Eternal expert of the Great Desolate World. His razor-sharp claws swiped at Guo Ran’s neck, but they failed to leave a mark. Instead, his fingernails hurt and started to bleed.

It had been countless years since the experts from the Great Desolate World engaged in battle against the human race, and they had never encountered armor like Guo Ran's before.

Guo Ran's armor consisted of hundreds of pieces, with each part reaching the level of an Eternal divine weapon. As for the runes placed on his battle armor, they were a thousand times more complicated than the grand formations of some sects. Now, he seemed more like a mobile battle fortress than a person.

Those Eternal experts were unable to harm him even when they unleashed their full power. On the other hand, a casual blow from Guo Ran would heavily injure or even kill his target.

Guo Ran was now unrivaled. Although his killing power was inferior to that of Long Chen, in terms of defense, he was an iron tortoise. Anyone who bit him would break their own teeth.

On the other side, Long Chen started to become ruthless as well, exchanging injury for injury. Almost every single one of his attacks took the life of an Eternal expert, and in exchange, he was constantly racking up injuries. However, his physical body was incredibly powerful, so those wounds were just superficial.

The source of despair for the Great Desolate World’s experts was Long Chen’s ability to heal instantly. In some instances, the wounds would heal completely before the blood could even flow.

“Stop! Stop the fight!”

One of the Great Desolate World’s Eternal experts suddenly shouted, his voice reverberating all over the battlefield.

“We must seek peace! Killing cannot solve our issues!”

All the Great Desolate World’s experts were in a state of panic. Long Chen and his companions were utterly brutal, just like merciless fiends that reaped lives without hesitation.

“This world truly does need peace, but not now. Don’t worry, once you die, this world will have peace,” sneered Long Chen as he continued to kill. Talking about peace now? What was he doing before?

Long Chen continued his bloody slaughter and fought even more viciously now. He seemed invincible, each of his attacks tearing heaven and earth apart. The shockwaves from his attacks scarred the world, leaving behind giant holes in the sky that turned the landscape into a chaotic array resembling beehives.

The power of the seven stars completely broke the laws of this world. This overwhelming power was beyond the world's ability to instantaneously heal.

Drenched in blood, Long Chen resembled a figure clad in blood battle robes, akin to the reincarnation of a devil god. Most of the blood covering him belonged to the opposing Eternal experts, and they still gave off a potent and pungent smell.

Another Eternal expert shouted, “Stop! Otherwise, we’ll just destroy each—”

Before he could finish, Long Chen already killed him with Split the Heavens. The next moment, his enormous corpse thudded to the ground.

“Who are you trying to scare? If you have the ability, come and try it!” Long Chen snorted. The starry river behind him flowed, and he raised the Seven Peak Sword toward the heavens. In an instant, chilly killing intent filled his eyes.

Long Chen lost count of the number of Eternal experts he had slain. Immersed in the power of the seven stars, he sensed that the true potential of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art remained a mystery to him.

Compared to before, his control over the Seven Star Battle Armor had improved by leaps and bounds. With each kill, his Seven Star Battle Armor displayed an enhanced ability to resist the laws of the world.

At first, a stroke of his sword would suppress the laws of heaven and earth but not cause them to completely collapse. But now, even after using up quite a great deal of energy, his destructive power somehow grew. That was why this world was riddled with holes.

The potency of the Seven Star Battle Armor transcended mere strength; there was a hidden force within it that Long Chen couldn't precisely explain, and it seemed to be gradually strengthening as he killed these Eternal experts.

“Could it be that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was made to kill?” A thought suddenly flashed through Long Chen’s mind.

“Damn human race, since you want to die, we’ll drag you down with us!”

One of the Great Desolate World’s Eternal experts suddenly roared and transformed into an enormous divine bird. His Blood Qi surged, enveloping him in a fiery aura as flames ignited around him.

Seeing that expert enter this state, the other Eternal experts gritted their teeth. They then fell back and summoned their true bodies.

Flames engulfed over eighty Eternal experts, setting their essence blood ablaze. The enormous divine bird then absorbed the ignited Eternal power, its aura growing more terrifying with each passing moment.

“Not good! They want to unleash something big!” Xia Chen and the others’ expressions changed.

The Great Desolate World had originally had over two hundred Eternal experts, and now only these eighty-plus experts remained. Hence, they had no choice but to risk it all.


In the distance, some experts shouted in terror and fled through the spatial gate immediately. After all, these onlookers didn’t come to participate in the battle. They simply remained by the spatial gate the entire time so that they could flee when the time came.

As for the experts fighting, even if they wanted to run, they didn’t have the time. In the end, they chose to stand behind the Dragonblood Legion as this terrifying attack brewed.

Although they were also afraid, when they saw Long Chen’s figure and his calm expression, they felt confidence swell up within them.

The void rumbled along with the entire Great Desolate World. The power of over eighty Eternal experts gathered together, their Blood Qi raging.

Long Chen simply put away the Seven Peak Sword. Standing at the front, he looked coldly at those Eternal experts and sneered, “Who do you think you’re trying to scare?”