Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4867 Chosen of the Heavens

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Chapter 4867 Chosen of the Heavens

Today, Xing Wujiang looked ten years younger, surprising even Yu Luo. She didn’t know what had happened to him, but the air around him had changed.

Yu Luo greeted him and then arranged a secluded place for the three of them to speak before leaving.

Seeing how excited Xing Wujiang was, Mo Nian couldn’t help making fun of him. “Big Brother Wujiang, you look glowing.”

“Hahaha, good brothers, let me tell you a piece of good news... it’s done,” said Xing Wujiang while clenching his fists.

“What is done?” asked Long Chen and Mo Nian.

“I, Xing Wujiang, officially have descendants,” answered Xing Wujiang excitedly.

“What? That fast?” At the shocking revelation, Long Chen and Mo Nian’s jaws dropped.

In truth, because of the infertility issues[1] in the Sovereign Emperor Heaven, many sects set up many formations for their disciples to aid in reproduction. Without delving into details about the special tools, some formations had methods to manipulate time flow, calculate optimal conception periods, and create ideal conditions for pregnancy.

After his departure, Xing Wujiang immediately consumed Long Chen’s pill, which was a peerless-grade golden pill—definitely a unique existence in this world. At that moment, he was so moved that he almost wept.

Following consumption, he sensed a surge of unfamiliar energy coursing through his body. Without delay, he immediately brought his wives away, as he felt the effects of the pill.

Three days had elapsed in the outside world, but for Xing Wujiang, it had been a month within the special chamber. What delighted him was that nine of his wives were already pregnant.

Upon learning this news, both he and his wives wept with joy. They no longer felt like sinners of the Xing family, as their bloodline would now surely continue.

Their whole family was deeply grateful to Long Chen. Xing Wujiang himself didn’t know how he could repay such a significant favor. The minute he “came out of seclusion”, he went to share the joyful news with Long Chen and Mo Nian.

Of course, this matter was still top secret, so he couldn’t tell anyone other than his two good brothers.


Long Chen and Mo Nian were both happy for Xing Wujiang, deeply moved by the profound joy radiating from his blessed expression.

“Oh right, the Square Heaven Seal has sent out word. Heaven Screen Mountain will open in seven days, so you should prepare yourselves. Every time it is open, a manifestation that causes a large disturbance will appear. When the time comes, many experts will flock to the city. Since only Divine Venerates may enter, I will not be able to protect you inside. Do not be careless. Besides the inherent dangers of Heaven Screen Mountain, there will be various monstrous geniuses vying for its treasures. In fact, Heavenly Chosens may appear,” warned Xing Wujiang, his expression serious.

“What are Heavenly Chosens?” asked Long Chen. Back when the gate to the ninth heaven opened, some people kept on mentioning it, but he still didn’t understand what it meant.

Xing Wujiang explained, “They are the chosen of the heavens who command the fate of the world. They can be considered to be the peak of Doyens or perhaps even beyond them. When they are born, a heavenly manifestation descends, blessing them with the power of the heavens and karmic luck, transforming them into geniuses among geniuses, or they defy the heavens to alter their fate and reshape the destiny of heaven and earth through their own power.

“If one of them performs a great service to the world, the heavens will bless them with more power. Legends say that Heavenly Chosens are protected by heaven and earth. Their luck is extraordinary, and treasures will gravitate toward them. Danger can even turn into a blessing for them. Although legends are always exaggerated, you can’t disregard them. Being careful is not wrong. After all, they are existences that are guaranteed to become Heaven Saints as long as they don’t die.”

“As long as they don’t die, they will definitely become Heaven Saints? They’re that strong?” asked Long Chen in surprise.

Mo Nian answered, “That’s right. The legends even claim that they don’t need to cultivate. Even if they just eat and sleep, their cultivation base will rapidly grow. We can describe it as if the heavens offer us food to eat, but the heavens are chasing and feeding them themselves. I’m jealous.”

Clearly, Mo Nian knew much more about this topic than Long Chen. From his jealous expression, it seemed that those so-called Chosens were not ordinary.

“Fuck, I don’t care if they’re bad, if I find one, I’m going to beat them up first. This is practically bullying,” Long Chen sighed. Thinking of his years of bad luck, he had a belly of fire.

Xing Wujiang knew that Long Chen and Mo Nian were shockingly powerful, but facing Heavenly Chosen was not a joke. He couldn’t help but warn them again. “It would be best if both of you are cautious.”

“Big Brother, don’t worry. We will be cautious. Since you’ve come here, why don’t we find a place to drink? It’ll count as a celebration,” proposed Mo Nian.

Xing Wujiang awkwardly replied, “I can’t... in the next few days. I... I still have some other matters.”

Seeing his embarrassed state, Long Chen and Mo Nian raised an eyebrow. Why did he react this way?

Xing Wujiang’s elderly face turned red. Thickening it, he said, “My other wives said that it was a rare opportunity, so they wanted to work a bit harder... Cough... You understand, right?”

Long Chen and Mo Nian nodded. Right... Xing Wujiang had more sowing to do. Although they had never experienced this kind of urgency before, they could understand it.

After experiencing sudden success in conceiving children after so many years of infertility, they were naturally worried about losing the ability in the future. It was only normal for them to want to make the most of this time and put in extra effort. Perhaps this city lord was about to gain several new madams.

With his face still red, Xing Wujiang left in a hurry. After that, Long Chen and Mo Nian stayed in the Feather Spirit race’s territory peacefully. Mo Nian had fully recovered with the aid of their divine tree.

However, even Mo Nian didn’t dare to be careless, making every effort to ensure he was in peak condition.

As time passed, Devil Fall City became increasingly bustling. Heavenly geniuses from all directions were flocking to the city in growing numbers.

These individuals had caught wind of the treasures. As Xing Wujiang predicted, this event could not be kept under wraps. With more arrivals, even the vast Devil Fall City started to feel crowded.

Finally, Long Chen and Mo Nian came out of seclusion. Tomorrow marked the opening of Heaven Screen Mountain, so they came out one day in advance.

As soon as they came out, Yu Tong ran over to them, holding a letter, her expression rather dark.

“Big Brother Long Chen, someone sent you this letter, but that person was extremely fierce. I don’t think there’s anything good inside. Do you want to read it?”

“Very fierce? Hehe, I’m not afraid. I’ll open it,” said Mo Nian, not waiting for Long Chen to reply. He directly took and opened it.


Just like that, the letter exploded, making Yu Tong cry out in shock.

1. Explanation can be found in Chapter 4606 Great Sun Sunflower ☜

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