Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts-Chapter 4918: Phoenixes Dance Through the Nine Heavens

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Chapter 4918: Phoenixes Dance Through the Nine Heavens

Lightning ravaged the land as ten thousand lightning swords sliced through the air. These swords were the condensation of Lei Linger’s core energy; she had exhausted all of her energy to unleash this attack.

These Heaven Saints knew they couldn’t move. At this moment, they could only rely on their protective divine light to block it, or the formation would disperse.

However, their instincts did not permit them to do this. Half of their power went into blocking the lightning swords, resulting in the lightning swords slicing through their bodies.

Blood sprayed from their wounds. Huo Linger’s attack had previously taken half their life, and now that Lei Linger’s attack came, they couldn’t hold on.

Once they were sent flying, the grand formation crumbled. At the same time, the devil corpse, the head, and the Square Heaven Seal quivered, their auras growing explosively.

“They were using this formation to suppress the devil corpse and the Square Heaven Seal’s power!” Long Chen instantly understood. It seemed that the Flame Divine Hall had been secretly controlling the devil corpse and the Square Heaven Seal the entire time. However, the formation was so well hidden that Xing Wujiang or even the Square Heaven Seal hadn’t realized it.

Naturally, the Flame Divine Hall wasn’t doing this to help Xing Wujiang. Their true goal was to wait until everyone else was exhausted and injured, and then they would dive in for the final blow, taking everything in one fell swoop.

They wanted the devil corpse, the Square Heaven Seal, and even Xing Wujiang’s life. However, what Long Chen didn’t know was that this Heavenly Divination Grand Formation was a secret art of the Flame Divine Hall.

The Flame Divine Hall’s inheritance didn’t prioritize formations, as their focus had always been on mastering flame arts. With an abundance of flame divine abilities available, one could spend a lifetime studying them without mastering even a fraction.

Thus, any formations included in their inheritance were all the best of the best. The Heavenly Divination Grand Formation, in particular, was not designed for killing or defense. Instead, it served as a sealing formation.

The Heavenly Divination Grand Formation had multiple forms: the Eighteen Heavenly Divination Formation, the Thirty-six Heavenly Divination Grand Formation, and the Seventy-two Heavenly Divination Grand Formation. The number referred to the number of people required. Furthermore, possessing a Heaven Saint cultivation base was the most basic requirement.

Furthermore, the Heaven Saints using this formation needed to be evenly matched in terms of soul energy, spiritual energy, physical energy, bloodline power, flame energy, and many other attributes. This was a rather stringent condition.

However, the Flame Divine Hall was a large faction capable of gathering thirty-six experts that met this condition. They then joined together to form the Thirty-six Heavenly Divination Grand Formation to seal the devil corpse and Square Heaven Seal.

The terrifying aspect of this formation lay in its ability to be executed silently, evading detection from anyone. Legend had it that it operated according to a heavenly divination art. Those so-called heavenly divination arts were similar to heavenly fate arts, which were connected to the secret workings of the Heavenly Daos. Hence, they were shrouded in mystery.

Despite Xing Wujiang’s power and the Square Heaven Seal’s experience, neither of them had sensed the presence of the Heavenly Divination Grand Formation, which highlighted its truly formidable nature.

When the Heavenly Divination Grand Formation broke, the Square Heaven Seal and the devil corpse’s auras rapidly grew. Xing Wujiang was shocked but also delighted, finding that once this formation broke, the power of his ancestral mark was finally invading the Square Heaven Seal. The Square Heaven Seal instantly turned red as intense flames burst out of it.

Jiang Yiban was stunned. He had never expected that their specially prepared Heavenly Divination Grand Formation would be breached because of his brashness.

Regret overwhelmed him. If he hadn’t left his post, causing one piece of the formation to be missing, no one would have been able to harm his companions. Now that the formation was broken, there was no escaping the blame for it. This was a sin he could not bear.

He couldn’t help but look toward the prison that Long Chen and Mo Nian were maintaining. All of a sudden, he felt a chill and had the urge to flee as far as he could.

The destruction of the Heavenly Divination Grand Formation meant that the Square Heaven Seal and the devil corpse were no longer under their control. If both of them were destroyed, the only way to atone for his sins would be through his death.

“Long Chen, hand over your life!” Jiang Yiban suddenly roared and charged at Long Chen, casting all his anger and terror on Long Chen.


However, just as he did, Huo Linger’s Blaze Dragon Bone Whip surged forward with a piercing whistle. Its flames erupted, unleashing a powerful force that left Jiang Yiban with no choice but to switch to a defensive stance. The impact sent him flying backward.

Enraged by yet another setback, Jiang Yiban found himself at a loss. In Huo Linger’s hands, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip exhibited far more power than it had in Huo Qianwu’s possession. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t gain an upper hand over Huo Linger.

These repeated failures left Jiang Yiban seething with frustration. How was it possible that he, a distinguished Heaven Saint, was unable to overcome a mere flame spirit?

“Kill Long Chen together!” shouted Jiang Yiban.

Right now, all he could do was kill Long Chen and free the vice hall master. Perhaps that was the only way he could survive.


Flustered by the collapse of their formation, all the Flame Divine Hall’s experts followed Jiang Yiban’s order and attacked. They were already incensed at being repeatedly injured by Huo Linger and Lei Linger, so their killing intent instantly exploded as if they wanted to tear Long Chen to pieces.

“Thousand Flame Revolution, Phoenixes Dance Through the Nine Heavens!”

Just as they moved, Huo Linger let out a light cry that resounded through the air. She formed hand seals, and the feathers on her dress flew off, transforming into enormous ancient phoenixes.

This was a technique contained within the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress itself. However, ever since the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress was made, all the way until Huo Qianwu inherited it, no one had ever dared to use this move.

That was because unleashing this move meant losing control over the feathers; they would be free to leave.

However, Huo Linger wasn’t afraid of that as the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress was completely loyal to her. In her hands, it could finally consume to its heart’s content. Given how it had been starving before, it might refuse to leave even if she tried to force it.

A thousand true feathers transformed into a thousand ancient phoenixes. They aligned themselves with precision, each phoenix’s mouth lined up with the tail of the one in front of it. As they spread their wings, they formed a long, revolving line that fully protected Long Chen and Mo Nian.

These Heaven Saints attacked with all their might but were unable to break this defense. Some launched a full-power attack on one phoenix in hopes of breaking through, but regretfully, even if they all attacked a single phoenix, the attack’s power would be spread throughout all the phoenixes. This defense could be called flawless.

“Good job!” praised Mo Nian. He had been about to take out more Heaven Saint divine weapons and detonate them. However, those weapons were not the half-crippled divine weapons he had taken out before. They were still usable. Perhaps he wouldn’t use them, but they would sell for quite a bit of money. Hence, he was a bit unwilling to just detonate them.

However, Huo Linger managed to block all these Heaven Saints on her own, causing Mo Nian to feel envious. If she was someone else’s flame spirit, perhaps he would be thinking some devious thoughts at this moment.


Just then, Long Chen and Mo Nian’s expressions changed. Their cage bulged—a sign that the vice hall master was about to break free.

Long Chen glanced over at Xing Wujiang, who had reached the most critical moment. The ancestral mark was now fully embedded in the Square Heaven Seal, and a giant chain had wrapped around it in a cross formation.

Long Chen instantly tensed. They were just one step away. Once that giant chain exploded, the Square Heaven Seal and the devil corpse would be destroyed.

“Hold on!” Long Chen and Mo Nian shouted at almost the same time. They knew that Xing Wujiang was about to succeed.

However, just then, a shocking change occurred. A masked figure appeared with a certain object in his hand, shooting straight at Xing Wujiang.


In an instant, Long Chen and Mo Nian’s expressions changed.

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