Pampering you to the bone: Good Morning, young Master Jue-Chapter 1240

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Chapter 1240: Chapter 1240 the cheating cat

Author: Qingqing Zijin 05 MACHINE TRANSLATION

When Long Xuan left, he said something meaningful, but Jian Xiaomo didn’t understand it.

However, she didn’t think too much about it. She picked up her pajamas and went to the bathroom to take a bath. If Long Chenjue came in later, she wouldn’t be able to take a bath properly.

Jian Xiaomo took a bath for more than an hour. On the island, she didn’t take a bath properly. When she returned to the Manor, she took a beautiful bath.

Holding a towel and drying her wet hair, Jian Xiaomo walked out.

As soon as she came out, her cell phone on the bed rang. Who else would call her at such a late hour? Jian Xiaomo walked over, picked up the cell phone, and saw that it was long Chenjue.

Jian Xiaomo picked up the phone, amused. Long Xuan and long Lu must have fallen asleep. This man could have just come over. Why did he need to make a call.

After picking up the phone, Jian Xiaomo said, “Long Chenjue, why can’t you come over and talk about something? Do you still need to make a call? ”

Long Chenjue paused for a few seconds, then said in a cold tone, “Jian Xiaomo, why don’t you go outside your room and take a look? ”

Long Chenjue’s tone was full of sarcasm.

Jian Xiaomo couldn’t react in time. What exactly was outside her room.

Jian Xiaomo walked towards the door with her phone in her hand. As soon as she opened the door, Jian Xiaomo was instantly dumbfounded.

Her door was completely covered by two big baby beds. Long Xuan and Long Lu were lying under the covers, listening to the sound of the door opening. The two of them looked at her with their big round eyes.

There was a sound outside just now. Jian Xiaomo thought that it was a servant pulling something, so she didn’t pay attention to it. She didn’t expect that it was the two babies who asked the servant to move their bed here.

At this moment, Jian Xiaomo suddenly understood what long Chenjue meant by those words, and what long Xuan meant by those words before he left.

It turned out that these two little things were afraid that long chenjue would come to her room.

Jian Xiaomo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Long Lu, Long Xuan, you both go back to your rooms and sleep. You won’t feel comfortable sleeping here, ” Jian Xiaomo persuaded.

“No, Mommy, there was a cheating cat who kept circling around your room. We were afraid that he would disturb your rest, so long Xuan and I have to stay here. ”

Long Lu said seriously.

This must have been taught by long Xuan. With Long Lu’s innocent little brain, she definitely couldn’t think of this.

And the exclusive cheating Xiaomi must be long Chenjue. These two little guys must have seen long chenjue wandering around her room just now, so they thought of this trick.

They stopped long Chenjue from entering her bedroom.

Jian Xiaomo really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was all long Chenjue’s plan. This time, the two babies simply refused to let him into her room.

Before she could speak, Jian Xiaomo turned on the speakerphone. Long Chenjue’s cold voice sounded from the other side. “Jian Xiaomo, let the two babies sleep back. I want to go to your room. ”

Jian Xiaomo was about to turn off the speakerphone, but the two babies had already heard long Chenjue’s words.

Jian Xiaomo was extremely embarrassed. She didn’t know how to face the two babies.

Just when Jian Xiaomo was feeling awkward, Long Chenjue’s impatient voice came from the phone. “Jian Xiaomo, did the two little things leave? ”

Jian Xiaomo was so embarrassed that she couldn’t speak.

Long Xuan’s face darkened when he heard the two little things. Long Lu pursed her lips, obviously unhappy that people called her little things. She said directly, “I have a name. I’m long Lu, and he’s long Xuan. ”