Peasant Woman’s Decreed Life as a Wife-Chapter 469 - : Dividing the Silver

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Chapter 469: Dividing the Silver

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“Uncle Xing,” Chu Ziluo asked curiously. “Is it a catty of tea leaves?”

“Not bad.” Chu Xing could not help but rejoice. “A catty of tea leaves costs at most 500 copper coins. However, these pearls can’t be bought even if you have money. Basically, every time a foreign businessman comes, they will be dragged away by the butlers of those rich families for business.”

“In other words, you snatched food from the tiger’s mouth?” Ye Muyu was a little worried, but she did not show it on her face.

Chu Xing quickly shook his head. “I wouldn’t dare. I was thinking that there were many people at the dock and they had never seen Zhuge Locks before, so they would sell.”

“So I waited at the side. It was the foreigner who took the initiative to find me and make a deal with me.”

“And I think he has quite a lot of pearls. The ones I got were considered the worst. Otherwise, even a catty of tea leaves wouldn’t be able to exchange for a single pearl.”

“The foreigner then left on his own. I couldn’t even find him, let alone others noticing me. ” f(r)eewebn(o)

“It’s also because I’m lucky. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to get it.”

“You have to be careful when doing business in the future. Don’t offend people and suffer. Money is not as important as your life.” Ye Muyu was relieved to hear him say it so casually, but she did not forget to remind him.

Chu Xing rubbed his head. This feeling was a little strange. Although he had always called Ye Muyu sister-in-law, he always felt that he was about the same age as her.

Now that he was being taken care of, he felt a little embarrassed, but his heart felt warm.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I only dared to do this because I saw someone else do it.”

“I went to ask around after that. Every time, these inferior pearls would end up in the hands of some traveling merchants.”

“Not all merchants are wealthy.”

“Take me for example. I just started a business and have a little wealth. In the eyes of those big shots, I’m not enough.”

“However, I will work hard to make my business bigger!” Chu Xing’s voice was very low, but his attitude was very firm.

His serious expression only lasted for a few moments. Hearing the pounding sounds outside, he could not help but ask, “Sister-in -law, what is Uncle Zhang doing?

“Ink making,” Ye Muyu said concisely.

Chu Xing almost choked on the water he had just drank. His eyes widened in shock. “Ink? The ink used by scholars?”

“Yes, you didn’t mishear it.” Ye Muyu smiled and filled his cup with tea.

Chu Xing was stunned for a moment, then he said in embarrassment, “1 wanted to tell you, sister-in-law and Brother Heng, that those foreigners are also very interested in Zhuge Lock. We can do a big business and prepare a few hundred Zhuge Locks in exchange for the pearls they brought.”

“I didn’t expect that after not seeing you for a few days, Brother Heng and you almost gave me a fright.”

Compared to selling ink, reselling Zhuge Locks could only be considered a small business that could be done in a short period. Chu Xing’s excitement had almost been extinguished. The two were not on the same level.

He felt gratified and happy.

Then, he opened another bag. Inside was a money bag.

“Sister-in-law, other than that, I’m also here to give you money.”

“During this period, I sold a total of 706 Zhuge Lock, earning 294 taels of silver and a few hundred copper coins.”

“The cost was about 59 taels.”

“We’ll split the profit equally. Each of us will get 117 taels and a half..”

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