Poison God's Heritage-Chapter 570 Golden City

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Chapter 570 Golden City

The passage led me to a new tunnel, this one looked far less stable than the one I was in before, but the good thing was it wasn't crumbling.

There were several fractures you could see as you would be moving through it.

I dove down and continued moving, the collapse from the main tunnel wasn't limited to it, it actually began affecting this makeshift spatiotemporal tunnel and was chasing me.

I pressed the board to move as fast as it could and it answered with a roar as its engine began overloading, using up every ounce of the Qi that was within it propelling me forward faster and faster.

Before the tunnel would completely collapse, I was able to leave into a vast open area.

The area in question was… well space I guess.

However, it wasn't just empty space.

The tunnel behind me crumbled upon itself, and closed down, leaving me all alone here.

Well, alone is a far-fetched statement, since I was pulled here by that voice, and now it's time to find where that person is.

Looking around I saw what filled this empty space.

There were no stars, none to begin with, it was eerie, it looked like an endless void that didn't seem to belong to existence itself.

There were no suns or moons, no planets nor faraway galaxies. It was pitch black. The stuff of nightmares.

A person takes their position depending on the positions of stars. You get to know distance, and how far you are from something, but without the stars, there is no point of reference to distance or location. So I'm lost in emptiness or would have been if not for this thing in front of me.

Ahead of me, were tens of thousands of pieces of stone, rocks, and boulders. Parts of a whole.

These pieces of land were familiar to me, they were the same pieces of land that were in the lost Celestial City where Zhang Tian was trapped.

The rocks looked like brown gold, and there were enough of them, to make several dozen cities worth of land.

They floated compacted to each other, finding nothing else in this gigantic empty space to pull them aside, their own weight, created a gravitational force that kept them together never to be separated.

It was the only thing here and didn't seem to be anything else besides it.

I had no reason not to go, unless if I wanted to stay in this darkness.

"Come! Hurry! Or they'll get you!"

Once again the owner of the voice spoke to me, deep within my own mind.

What is it talking about? I thought.

And the answer came too damn fast for me to react.

A bone-chilling screech echoed behind me. Like the critters of crawling bugs but cranked up to eleven. The voice sounded behind me and seemed to be getting closer and closer, it sounded awfully similar to bones being grated and ground, coupled with the sound of nails dragged across a blackboard.

Teeth rattling and back shrilling sounds echoed and echoed, louder and louder, 'harbinging' the approach of something I had no power to fight against.

I focused my eyes on the floating rocks and moved toward them as fast as I could.

The faster I approached the louder the voices sounded behind me, as if they were catching up to me faster than I could escape.

Just as I landed on the first piece of massive rock, a loud crash happened behind me, I turned to look at it, it was darkness itself, shaped to that of a man on all fours, it had red eyes all over its shadow like body, and all the eyes seemed to focus on me.

The eyes wiggled and shuddered, then jaws comparable to those of a shark appeared all over this humanoid shadow and began grating against each other, drooling in welcome to a meal long overdue.

I couldn't estimate this creature's level, it had no Qi signature nor did it seem powerful. But I knew for a fact that if anything looked like that, and you were to underestimate it, you'd be the first to die.

So I turned and legged it.

The stone formations looked different and there were a couple of things I noticed.

The moment the creature landed on the rock I was on, its 'arms' and feet seemed to sizzle as if the rock was rejecting it. Burning it, however, it wasn't enough for the creature to back off completely and it still chased after me even through the pain.

More of this creature seemed to slam on the rocks, 

It scurried forward on all four like a crab, approaching far faster than it should, but I wasn't about to let myself be eaten or worse here.

In front of me were many more pieces of this golden-brown land, it was brighter, as if it had more energy to it than the one at the periphery of this formation.

The brighter lands didn't seem to have any of these creatures on them so I figured that these creatures cannot live on brighter land or at least the damage they'll incur will be far more than what they can support.

Or at least I hypothesized.

So I hurried toward the brighter areas of the lands, while hordes and hordes of these creatures seemed to come in droves after me.

I pulled up Creeping Demise and began slicing away at them, only to find out that the sword would pass harmlessly through them.

I cursed inwardly as I dodged as much as I could using the board before one of the fuckers landed its claws on it.

I tried to kick him away only for my feet to sink into its body. The teeth seemed to focus on my foot wanting to rip it out, but thankfully I still had enough calmness in me to pull my foot out before the teeth would lock onto it.

'How are they able to be physical and none physical at will! This is annoying!' I cursed as I tried my best to shake off the bastard from the board. But he wasn't letting go anytime soon.

"Go into the light!" said the voice.

And with that, I moved the board toward the brighter-lit pieces of land, and just as I arrived at a slightly brighter one I pushed down on the board making the creature skid against the ground, burning its body in the process. The pain was enough for the creature to let go and fall to the ground further burning. 

The hundreds of monsters that were chasing me stopped before touching the brighter land, and I thought that I would be slightly safer with them off my back but an even bigger fucking one showed up behind the bunch of creatures that stopped.

What he did was pretty smart, but very unfortunate for me. Ha clumped up the creatures like a ball, against their squirming and crying and threw them forward. Many of them fell on the ground and he used their bodies to step on them and run toward me, faster than my board could maneuver or outrun.

I pulled my revolver and began shooting every type of bullet I had on me, poison, explosive, Qi, anti-Qi, and incendiary, not a damn bullet worked as they easily passed through him.

But I wasn't going to be done in like that.

While the creature was still jumping on top of the sprawled-up and crying bodies of its comrades, I pulled up an explosive canister. Instead of throwing it at him however, I threw it on the ground.

The explosion came at a surprise to the creature, of course, it wouldn't harm him, but my goal wasn't him, but the ground itself.

The explosion shattered the ground and caused debris to spray all over the place. This debris was enough to act as bullets, piercing into the body of the creature, and causing it to stumble, and wail as it fell on the ground, its body and 'flesh?' melting rapidly in the process.

The beast decided against chasing after me and scurried back to the darkness.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I managed to escape the horde and soon was able to enter the centermost area of the whole of this wreckage.

There was an entire city built here…

A city that looked awfully like the one that trapped Zhang Tian. And that wasn't the most impressive thing about this whole area…

The whole city was surrounded by these creatures, so many of them it was absurd. They were like a moat around a fortress, grasping desperately at the walls of the city trying to get inside and the only source of light seemed to be from this very city itself… and it looked to be a dying light, like a candle on its last breath.

"Come! Inside before they see you!" I heard.

I couldn't help but curst since they already did notice me, and the distance between me and the city wasn't small.


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