Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability-Chapter 1328 - : What Can the Zhanling Emperor Do?

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Chapter 1328: What Can the Zhanling Emperor Do?

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If they wanted to leave, they had to give him all their possessions.

“Let’s go back quickly! Let’s go without stopping.”

However, he never anticipated Jia City to be covered in Zhanling Empire flags when they returned to the border. The Yueming army had already retreated to Pingyang City.

“They’ve finally left!” As soon as Ming Fucheng and the others left, Wei Na told An Jiuyue, who was resting.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with his brain. He can’t even see through such a simple diversion trick.” She shook her head as she took out a few fruits from her space, hugging them in her arms.

“He probably realized it long ago.” Qian Jiyun took an apple and began peeling it.

“That’s right. He knew something would happen to the military camp, but he still couldn’t resist his desire for good things,” An Jiuyue said.

She peeled an orange, split off a slice, and fed it to Qian Jiyun while sighing.

The Yueming Empire must have been unlucky for 80 generations to have an emperor and a prince like that.

“Logically speaking, he wouldn’t have given up so quickly, right? Jiyun, what do you think he’s thinking?” she asked.

“What can Ming Fucheng be thinking?” Qian Jiyun looked up at her in amusement. freewebnove l.com

“He’ll be sending people to wait for us at the portal to Huayan Peak. But it depends on whether he’s lucky enough to live until then,” he said. “I thought you weren’t going to kill him?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“There’s a difference between assassination and dying on the battlefield,” Qian Jiyun replied.

Of course, Ming Fucheng must not die in an assassination attempt. However, it would be a different story if he died in a battle between the two countries.

“Zhan Beiye should have seized Jia City by now. Yueming Empire would lose many more cities after that. With Ming Fu City’s intelligence, he won’t be able to prevent this.”

“Understood.” An Jiuyue nodded, realizing Qian Jiyun and Zhan Beiye’s intentions.

They wanted to kill Ming Fucheng, but they also wanted to keep the Yueming Emperor from exacting revenge for his foolish son’s death.

Even if the Yueming Emperor doted on his son, he would be disappointed in him after losing several cities, right? He would have no choice but to seek peace to prevent further loss of cities.

Once the Zhanling Empire became the stronger party, the Yueming Emperor would not make things difficult for Zhan Beiye.

“That’s a good plan, but what about the Zhanling Emperor? You know that he doesn’t want his son, Zhan Beiye, to have it easy,” she reminded.

“As long as the captured cities remain under Zhan Beiye’s control, what can the Zhanling Emperor do?” Qian Jiyun asked her.

An Jiuyue was quiet.

Was Zhan Beiye trying to establish himself as the emperor?

“You’re really ruthless! The Zhanling Emperor will vomit blood in rage because of Zhan Beiye, right?”

However, the Zhanling Emperor was muddle-headed to begin with. It was not uncommon for him to vomit blood in rage.

“Maybe.” Qian Jiyun brought the peeled apple to her mouth.

“Since he wants to go solo, I’ll exchange my points for some firearms in the mall and give them to him. Even if it’s just a few cities, as long as the equipment is good enough, no one will be able to do anything to him,” An Jiuyue replied.

“Master, are you not taking your points seriously?” Wei Na almost bit his tongue off when he heard what his master said..

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