Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 1111 Don’t you have any conscience, human?

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Chapter 1111  Don’t you have any conscience, human?

Meanwhile… back in the narrow passage…

Liam panted hoarsely, fully drenched in sweat. However, the other party was in a much worse condition.

In front of him, the elven elder wailed in agony. "Please let me go! Please let me go!"

He was a lofty being who had once roamed the heavens freely but now he was reduced to this?!!! Even though his ego did not allow it, the small sliver of soul couldn't stop itself from wailing and begging. The pain of one's soul shredding was just that unbearable.

"Why must you torture me like this? I let you in. I gave you the inheritance. Now you want my soul?!! Don't you have any conscience, human?"

"Conscience?" Liam's voice was low, a deep rumble echoing through the passage. "You think I can afford to have something as useless as that? I am sorry but this is your own fault. You should not have revealed your weakness."

The elder elf shook, his essence visibly trembling. "Then what? Why do you do this?! What do you even expect from capturing my soul?"

The elven elder did not consider in his wildest dreams that this seemingly ordinary human being would have a soul technique to attack him and now he was screwed.

Liam took a deep breath, and when he spoke, his words held a weight, a gravity that made the very walls of the passage seem to listen intently.

"You higher world beings have always looked down upon us. Always treating us like inferior beings, when in reality we have just not been given the opportunities that you have. And now, I'm supposed to just take the scraps you give me and be thankful?"

The elder elf tried to speak, but Liam silenced him with a wave of his hand. "This isn't about fairness. You expect me to bow and scrape, to be grateful for the little you grant me while the rest of your world enjoys its abundance? It's time to share."

Liam did not let up.

Even though in his current condition it would be impossible for him to forge the soul, he could still forcefully store the soul in the white marble he had purchased that was capable of storing souls and sealing it until he was ready to forge it.

How could he leave behind such a good thing? If he could make six generals from the six powerhouses who died here, then his army would become even more powerful.

Moreover, he would be able to access their memories!

Memories of six powerful beings who were at the same level… No… Liam had a feeling that these men were definitely much stronger than the divine temple high priestess.

If he could somehow access memories of such beings and learn of their strengths and secrets, then he could instantly skyrocket in power.

If he was to survive, then he had to somehow achieve this. Right now, he was standing on a minefield. He couldn't afford to be grateful to someone who helped him out on a whim.

This same soul fragment could have finished him off if his mood had been a little off. Why should he feel gratitude for someone like that?

That was a luxury he couldn't afford when his family, his friends, and his guild were waiting for him. Who knew how their condition was? He had left them behind with Crawford.

Even if his world somehow survived, they would still be doomed because of that damned old man.

Liam's heart ached. He was once again in the same place where he was in his last life. Helpless and powerless. But not for long.

Mustering his willpower, he again commanded whatever was left of the soul fragment and forced it to submit and enter the white marble.

He failed again and again, but he did not care because every time he failed he managed to chip away a little of the soul into the marble.

By the time he was done, the elven elder would probably have completely disintegrated but once again he did not care. Even if there was a small chance for him to access the memories of the elder, he was going to take it.

Liam rested for a while and then continued again. This continued on for several hours.

And when he rested, he did not remain idle. He practiced his newly acquired sword technique, the arcane sword slash. He also practiced his fire slash, his spirit slash, and his spirit wrath techniques, hoping to gain something from the effort.

To the elven elder's dismay, Liam did end up gaining something.

[Ding! You have obtained Dao seed of Sharpness]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

[Ding! You have leveled up!]

Liam received another dao seed, the dao seed of sharpness. Unlike the dao seeds before, this time he only received 15 levels which meant that this was not as powerful as the dao seed of mana manipulation or nether manipulation or the ice element.

But it was still something as it pushed his levels by 15 which was a considerable development. It also gave him another 60 stat points for him to allocate freely.

Liam did not hesitate as he immediately added this to his vitality as well, quickly bringing up his health. Right now he was using these stat points but he had a feeling that there was more to these so-called dao seeds than simple level bump and stat bump.

As he wondered out loud what a dao seed was, the elven elder started laughing maniacally at this point.

Who was this damned human being? How was he able to gain a dao seed from just practicing a few techniques inside a cave for some odd hours!

Had he finally lost his mind? Perhaps this was all an illusion? How could someone like this exist in the lower realms?

A few hours and several agonizing screams later… Liam finally managed to completely suck the soul into the white marble. Now the location of the inheritance was truly empty.