Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 990: He has never been the same since then

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"This guy?" Liam raised his brow. It looked like Madan wanted some help. However, that was not all the message from the hunter. There were still some sentences below which he quickly read.

To Liam's surprise, the guy seemed to know things about him already.

"Bro, I know about your injury. I also know that you are the one who has been clearing all the hives. If I am correct, then we can help each other out. Please, please, please message me!"

Now Liam was curious. He immediately replied to Madan.

And as if the other party was diligently waiting for him to answer, a reply quickly chimed in.

"Bro, can you get to this magic shop? We discovered a special dungeon near here. It is a nether affinity dungeon. With this, you should be able to heal yourself?" Madan sent over the coordinates.

Liam stared at the message, but he did not respond immediately. "A nether affinity dungeon…" He pondered. This might or might not help him. However, there was another thing to consider.

Could this be a trap?

The dungeon was located in the northern part of India, while the red zone itself was located in the southern part. If there was any trap, it should probably not involve the isons.

While he was still thinking, another message quickly came in.

"Brother, please. Don't think too much. I am not trying to cheat you. I am really desperate here. My family is in trouble, and you are the only person who can help."

After a while, Liam decided to head to the magic shop to take a look. Even if he did not go to the dungeon, he could always go to the region and survey things first.

Besides, he already had an idea of what he needed to do next. Giving Tilia a nod, Liam then took the teleportation portal and headed to the northern part of India.

As soon as he stepped out of the teleportation hall and into the main space of the shop, Liam immediately ran into the person who had invited him, except that the person whom he had met in the game and the person in front of him were very different.

The guy seemed to have lost all of his jovial senses and looked extremely serious at the moment. He was also physically injured in several places and looked like he had gone through hell.

But this was not something that was new. This was simply the 'apocalypse' look.

"How are you doing?" Liam gave a knowing smile.

"I am barely surviving, brother." Madan smiled in return. However, his smile was only sad and lonely. The guy looked like he was really in trouble. Liam doubted if anyone could fake something like this.

"Tell me everything."

The two of them sat down and talked for a while. Madan explained how he had been surviving since the apocalypse started until now. He had gathered some of his friends and made his own group and had somehow come out on top after the first wave.

It was when the second wave hit that everything had gone completely out of their control. In the beginning, the group was apparently still managing things, but as the isons evolved, everything came crashing down.

"Liam, I already lost my mother and my father. I only have my brother left. Right now, they are stuck somewhere near the red zone area. I have no way to contact him, and the insects are beginning to spread slowly."

"I am sorry to ask this of you, but only you can rescue him. I am not asking you to fight the isons directly. If I am correct, my brother should be stuck in another beast's territory, the Naga Lord."

"This was why they had gone there in the first place, to hunt down the Naga Lord. But the hive and the insects changed everything. Our huge party was split, and now I am here, and he is there."

"Those idiots online do not have any brain. I know you are the one who is taking out all the hive hills. Only you are strong enough to do this. Please help me."

Madan's eyes reddened as he pleaded with Liam with everything he had. He also told him about the dungeon that they had discovered.

"Brother, these are the dungeon coordinates. Some of the floors are undead, and some of the floors are demonic. There might be something inside that could help you."

Madan then paused and added, "I… please do not think that I was withholding this information just so that I could trade with you when I needed."

"We only recently found this out when the guild was upgraded, and teleportation channels got open."

Liam nodded. "I understand."

"Ummm… Also, brother, there is another reason why I said that the dungeon might help you."

"Kouske is also looking for an undead dungeon in this area. He messaged me sometime before I messaged you and asked me if I knew of any such dungeon's whereabouts."

"I didn't give him any answer. Right now, only I and a few others know about this dungeon, so the news is not yet leaked. You should go there fast before he gets there."

"If Kouske is looking for it, then I am sure that there is something special about that dungeon."

Liam once again nodded as he listened patiently. He then looked at Madan and asked, "How come you did not ask him for help? Weren't you guys teammates once? Wouldn't he help you?"

Madan immediately shook his head. "No, he won't. In fact, I am pretty sure that the moment I step foot in front of him, he would kill me immediately without thinking twice."


"Bro, they never forgave me for quitting that team, and I am pretty sure Anya is already dead or maybe worse."

"Oh?" This was shocking for Liam as he did not know that the Oracle was this ruthless.

But Madan immediately corrected him. "It's not the Oracle, bro. It's Kouske. After that day, when we followed you into the necromancer's cave and we ambushed you, he started changing bit by bit."

"He has never been the same since then."


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