Re: Evolution Online-Chapter 995 In Or Out?

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Chapter 995 In Or Out?

Meanwhile… a new wave of chaos and commotion swept across the rest of the world. The various guilds and the guild chat were abuzz with activity about a new development, a joint endeavor to take care of the isons.

In the midst of the chaotic guild chatter, a series of official announcements chimed in, confirming everyone's suspicions.

pǎпdǎ Йᴏνê1,сòМ United Nations Survivors Camp 1 (Territory 1): [THIS IS AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT MESSAGE] War Call! Every guild is requested to participate in the upcoming war against the insects that have invaded our planet. We have to stand firm and protect what is ours. Let's fight together and win together. Please confirm your participation and please assemble at the red zone in Africa in 2 days' time.

United Nations Survivors Camp 2 (Territory 2): [THIS IS AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT MESSAGE] War Call…

United Nations Survivors Camp 3 (Territory 3): [THIS IS AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT MESSAGE] War Call…

For a few minutes, the usually noisy and ruckus-filled guild chat suddenly froze. No one dared to say anything. Unlike the normal gossip or discussion, this was different. 

Before, it was just the government taking out hive hills, but suddenly all the guilds were required to participate? This made people very uncomfortable, especially because of how strong the isons were. 

By now, everyone understood the seriousness of the situation and the threat that isons posed. However, it merely remained a conversation topic until today when the first concrete step towards it had been made.

And now everything was suddenly real. This war effort was an actual war effort. If they participated in it, then there was really a chance for them to die in combat. 

Just like back in the old world, when not many people were willing to enlist in the military for their country voluntarily, right now as well, it was inevitable that everyone hesitated to jump in with both their feet, that too participate in a battle of this scale.

But the old world was different from the new world. Now things were no longer optional. If they hesitated here right now, then they might all truly perish.

Besides, after the first series of government messages, soon another series of messages chimed in. 

These mentioned that everyone's teleportation costs would be covered, and every guild would receive generous rewards and skill books for participation. However, this was on a first-come, first-serve basis since the resources were limited.

Everyone understood that this was going to be a massive operation, so they were tempted to assume that maybe the risks involved wouldn't be too great, and if the costs were also covered and additional rewards were provided, then it was definitely a win-win situation. 

But this was still not enough to make people take the leap. Though it was enough to make all the guilds contact the United Nations guilds privately. They messaged for more information and confirmed many things from the United Nation guilds.

Apart from the reward, everyone heard that an elite group of thousand fighters, all Level 50, will be tasked with fighting the stronger isons. 

The various guilds participating only had to deal with clearing the weaker isons that were around Level 20. Since these Level 20 isons were too many in number, the army needed a similar number of fighters to face them. 

This was why the recruitment was being made in the first place. If the other guilds helped deal with the pesky weaker isons, then the United Nations would be free to deal with the truly dangerous life-threatening threat.

The guild representatives from the United Nations guilds patiently explained this to all the other guilds through both private and public channels. They also promised that the guilds could keep the mana cores from their kills.


And after several negotiations later…

Saviors of the World: We have to stand firm and protect what is ours. Fight together and win together! We, Saviors of the World, will participate with a thousand members!

"The Justice League will participate with five thousand members! Fight together and win together!"

"The Blood Brothers will participate with three thousand members! Fight together and win together!"

"The Supreme Elites will participate with three thousand members! Fight together and win together!"

The first of the guilds started accepting the war call, and soon this snowballed into several guilds coming out of the woodwork to do the same. 

It almost took an entire day for this to happen, but once it started, everyone chucked away their reservations and gave into mob mentality.

Some registered because of the rewards, some did because the other guilds were participating and they did not want to miss out, and there were also some guilds who genuinely believed in the cause and wanted to fight this thing together.

After the first 24 hours, the atmosphere quickly changed, and most of the guilds were now participating in the war termed Great War I.

And soon, those who did not participate were called out and shamed, and forced into participation. They were bombarded with guild war challenges until the other party relented and eventually joined the combined forces.

The two days flew by in the blink of an eye. Only six more hours were left for the grand assembly, and everyone was making the appropriate preparations hurriedly.

Last-minute dungeon runs were conducted. The drops from these runs were distributed among the various fighters. Water, food, first aid, and all the necessary supplies were gathered.

And the various guilds' higher-ups went a step above this and actually used all the mana cores they had been saving so far. It didn't matter if it was the most basic skill book, they did not spare any effort and made themselves as strong as possible.

Secretly, some guilds already received private compensations from the United Nations guilds, which helped them buy some more skill books. Not just that, but these guilds also received equipment and military weapons, thereby enhancing their survival rate even more.

If one looked closely, these guilds were the ones who had the loudest voice in the guild chat, and they were also the ones who sent out guild war challenges and forced everyone into submission.

They made sure that every single guild registered with the shop was present for this grand event, the Great War!

And their efforts were not in vain. In fact, they were extremely commendable. 

At this point, even powerful guilds that were not aligned with the government, like Assassin's Alliance, Chaos Knights, and Galaxy Guardians, had already joined the war effort. 

In a few hours, almost every single human being who was alive on the planet and had evolved using mana was going to assemble on the same battlefield! 

Anyone and everyone on the face of the earth who had leveled up, who could fight and use mana, was going to unite!

This was a grand war for the survival of humanity!

Fear turned into pride, and all the fighters were now brimmed with fighting spirit and a righteous determination to protect their world and their loved ones. The adrenaline rush and the excitement of the upcoming battle was palpable in the air.

Of course, there was one exception. While most of the other guilds were busy in war preparations, there was one guild that still hadn't made a single move, Crimson Abyss!

Currently, the magic shop in the Crimson Abyss guild base was extremely crowded. After back-to-back dungeon runs, the main guild teams had all assembled in the magic shop after hearing about the shocking news. 

Along with them, the other main administrative heads of the guild were also present, as no one could ignore this world-changing event.

"How many challenges do we have now?" Alex spat out in annoyance.

"Ummm… We have 23 guild war challenges so far, sis." Rey mumbled in response.

"These bastards. They are all doing this because of that stupid rumor. Will these idiots never learn? How could Liam possibly be injured?!"

"Ah…" Rey did not know what to say. 

The thing was… he actually was of the opinion that Liam was indeed injured, not because of the rumors but because of adding up all of the recent events. 

The other guilds were probably just trying to take advantage of this fact and picking on them like vultures. But with this much smoke, he doubted that there wasn't any fire to begin with.

However, Rey didn't dare to share his thoughts with his sister. She might really kill him in a fit of anger and worry if he said something preposterous like this.

Thankfully for him, Granny Ning broke the silence. "Did you hear anything from him yet?" She asked with a pensive look on her face.

"No, Master Ning. There hasn't been any news from Liam for the past two days." Alex shook her head.

"Ahhhh! Brother is the worst when keeping in touch!" Mei Mei sighed.

"Ummm. That is not fair." A gentle voice sounded. "We don't know what he is doing. The guild leader takes all of the burdens onto himself, so it is natural that he is occupied with something or the other all of the time."

Everyone immediately turned to look at the person talking from the back as all of Liam's major supporters were lined up in the front of the group.

Lily, Derek's sister, cleared her throat awkwardly as she was not used to getting this much attention. "I mean, I just hope that the guild leader is not injured." She added in embarrassment.

"Ugh. Huh. I guess that is true." Mei Mei nodded in contemplation. 

Alex narrowed her eyes and gave her an odd look while Shen Yue smiled politely at her concern.

"Anyways…" Rey sighed and broke up the party. "Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Are we going to participate in this thing or not?"