Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!-Chapter 3087 - : The Xia Family Is Protecting Her

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Chapter 3087: The Xia Family Is Protecting Her

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However, such conversations were very warm. They were so warm that as someone who had always walked in a cold world and his only source of light was his uncle and grandfather, he was envious.

As it turned out, a family could chat so easily and humorously.

This was such a warm family. His cousin would definitely not suffer grievances after marrying into it. The Xia family would love her and not let her suffer any grievances.

The Xia family had the ability to protect his cousin. Even if the mastermind who harmed his aunt appeared, he would have to think twice!

Demon King Li Jinnian was even more satisfied with his future cousin-in-law.

It had to be said that the Xia family was a godly help!

Outside, Ye Jian’s heart pounded a few times when she heard the old madam’s question. After a while, she felt relieved. She looked at the old madam’s kind and wise eyes that were smiling. Ye Jian smiled and said, “Grandma, why would Uncle make things difficult for me? Don’t worry about me. Although Uncle looks very serious, just like the first time I saw Commander Xia, he doesn’t speak loudly. Actually, Uncle looks serious but he’s very kind!”

Her tone was very intimate, and there was a hint of coquettishness in it. Old Madam Xia felt good about it. She smiled until the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes deepened. “Yes, yes, yes. I knew that you were smart. Look, you hit the nail on the head. That’s right. Your uncle is just like your father. He looks serious on the surface, but he’s not like that in private.”

That was right!

That was right!

They were a family. There was no need to be polite.

A family should be intimate. They should say whatever they wanted to say. The words they said couldn’t hurt their self-esteem or harmony. The ones listening had to listen amiably. They were a family with the same bloodline, so they shouldn’t have so many scruples or thoughts.

She liked Little Ye!

She had to protect such a good granddaughter-in-law. However, Little Ye needed to change a little too.

She overthought things.

Overthinking at a young age was not good. It would hurt her foundation. She needed to change this.

She couldn’t be blamed for this, though. After listening to what had happened to her in the past, it was already impressive that she was able to come back to life. It was normal for her to be more cautious when she grew up in that environment.

Now, it was different. With the Xia family protecting her, the ghosts of the past and the future could not get close to her anymore.

It was easy to stop her from having such thoughts. The old madam needed to let her know that the Xia family was her warm home. Her family could stand up for her and also make fun of her. As time passed, Ye Jian would experience he warmth of the family and their interactions. Naturally, her thoughts wouldn’t be heavy anymore.

Ye Jian made Old Madam Xia smile. It was the same for the other elders.

Xia Jinyuan was the happiest. Just now, he could tell from Ye Jian’s tone that she was acting coquettishly to Grandma. She wasn’t as distant as before. Today… Old Xia did the right thing!

“Little Six, sit with Grandma for a while. We’ll go visit Old Master Fu.” Commander Xia’s eyes were filled with smiles as he reminded his son to take good care of Old Madam Xia. Then, he said to Ye Jian, “Little Ye, accompany us in to visit Old Master Fu. We’ll leave after sitting for a while. We won’t disturb Old Master Fu’s rest.”

Old Master Fu was very happy that the Xia family was here. Commander Xia, Minister Xia, and Xia Jiaze, stayed in the ward for about ten minutes before leaving.

The old man instructed his grandson, Li Jinnian, to send him off. This was the Fu family’s etiquette. The three elders asked Li Jinnian to send them to the entrance of the inpatient department before asking him to go back and take care of the old man..

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