Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!-Chapter 3090 - : Family

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Chapter 3090: Family

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Commander Xia shook his head and smiled. “I’m afraid there’s not enough time. Old Fu can’t do without someone to take care of him. Little Ye is a filial child. She won’t go anywvhere to take care of Old Fu.

“I’ll ask Little Six to stay and help. I can’t let Little Ye tire herself out.”

“We have to meet. We’re a family, so we should know about each other’s troubles. It’s inconvenient during this period of time, so let’s do it next time.

You have to worry more about Old Fu. You should arrange for two more guards to come over. There’ll only be two guards guarding during the day. What about at night? Won’t Little Ye and Chief Engineer Fu have to worry?

“The Fu and Xia families will be family in the future. Old Master and Old Fu have known each other for decades. The Fu family’s business is our Xia family’s business. Put in more effort and let Little Ye know that our Xia family and

Little Six can be trusted.”

Grandpa Xia, who was still in the ward, said the same thing to Old Master Fu. “Rest in peace. Your business is our family’s business. You can’t be separated from our family just because you’re afraid of troubling us.

“It’s the same if Little Ye comes to our house in the future. We’re one family.

There’s no need to be too polite. If you’re too polite, you’ll seem distant.”

Xia Jinyuan and Ye Jian stood beside the bed. Xia Jinyuan accompanied Grandpa Xia while Ye Jian accompanied Old Madam Xia. Li Jinnian, who was smiling slightly, peeled the fruits quickly as he listened. There were already four small pears peeled on the fruit plate in front of him.

Hearing this, Ye Jian smiled and said, “Grandpa Xia, I’m really not being polite

with you. Grandma Xia told me just now that we can’t be polite as we’re all a

family. I’ll remember it!”

Old Madam Xia, whose white hair was combed neatly, patted Ye Jian’s hand gently and nodded with a smile. “That’s right. Little Ye has already remembered what I said. Don’t stand on ceremony with our Xia family.”

“Hahaha, that’s right, that’s right.” Grandpa Xia laughed loudly. Seeing that his good friend was a little tired after chatting for the entire morning, Grandpa Xia rubbed the corner of his good friend’s blanket. He said with a relaxed expression, “Rest well. After you recover, we’ll play a few rounds of chess together.

“It’s getting late. Have a good rest. I’ll come and see you tomorrow. I’ll chat with you and relieve your boredom.”

Old Master Fu was indeed a little tired, but he was still energetic. The smile on his kind face never fell. “Don’t come tomorrow. It’s hard for an old man like you. Sister-in-law Rong, persuade him not to come again tomorrow.

“I just need your Little Six here. Since you’re so generous, I won’t stand on ceremony with you. My grandson, Jinnian, will be returning to the team in the afternoon. Jian and her father will be the only ones here.

“I fell at the wrong time. I have to ask Jian to accompany me in the hospital now. I can’t even walk around. I’ve troubled them.”

“Grandpa, after you recover, I’ll accompany you wherever you want to go.” Ye Jian didn’t want the old master to feel burdened. Taking care of the old man was the filial duty of a child and descendant. How could she be troubled?

Xia Jinyuan was used to coaxing the elderly. Hearing that, he smiled and said, “You can’t say that you’re troubling us. I’m even worried that you won’t agree to let me stay. I’ll only feel at ease if you let me stay. Otherwise, I’ll wonder if you’re not satisfied with me and want to find another grandson-in-law..”

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