Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!-Chapter 3490 - : Military Orders

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Chapter 3490: Military Orders

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Commander Xia didn’t know how to answer Ye Jian. It didn’t matter if she knew about the mission if she was part of it, but she was not. Even though she and Captain Xia were in the same military unit, they had to keep it a secret from her.

“You don’t have to worry about him. Nothing will happen. If you’re worried, go to Jin City to relax. I just met your father and heard him mention that he’ll be going to Jin City for a meeting in the afternoon. Do you want to go with him? It’s an exchange meeting. You guys can go together. Our military has accompanying clerks. You can act as a clerk too.”

Ye Jian didn’t have the mood to be a clerk. She didn’t want to go to the exchange meeting.

Mr. Fu, who hadn’t left, reminded Commander Xia in a low voice, “Order her to go over directly. She won’t dare to disobey.” A military order was a must. She would have to go even if she didn’t want to. Mr. Fu wanted to bring his daughter along too. If anything happened, he would be able to notice it in time. 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

Ever since he knew that the mastermind behind his wife’s death was Li Chuhai, Mr. Fu couldn’t accept it.

The Fu family and the Li family were in-laws. However, he didn’t expect that the person who caused his wife to be separated from him and almost made him not know about his daughter’s existence was actually from the Li family. Jinnian even called him Uncle.

He wanted to ask Li Chuhai what grudges the Fu family had against him that made him try so hard to harm his entire family!

Now, he wanted to find Li Chuhai as soon as possible and question him personally. However, he was worried about his daughter, Ye Jian, too—especially since she knew about it long ago. However, in order not to make her sad or make things difficult for Jinnian, he specially begged Commander Xia not to tell Ye Jian for the time being unless he had no other choice.

The night before last, the military finally called him and asked him to go to the military headquarters. From the night before last to today, almost 48 hours had passed. He had been paying attention to the progress of the entire matter in the military headquarters. He knew that his daughter, Ye Jian, came to the military headquarters. It was just that at the time… he was with the person who killed his wife, so he didn’t come over to meet his daughter.

Mr. Fu, who hadn’t been home for almost 48 hours, heard Ye Jian’s trembling voice coming from the landline phone. He was afraid that something would happen to Ye Jian if she got too worried.

In the end, Ye Jian had to go to Jin City’s military unit to participate in the exchange. She also had to go to Jin City’s military port to observe the navy base. It would last for three days. She would only return to the capital city three days later.

Mr. Fu needed to come back and pack his luggage. Ye Jian accompanied the old man for a while before returning to Dan Gui Garden with the guards.

Not long after she received the call, her expression changed slightly. When she mentioned the military, the old man knew that something had happened to his granddaughter. It was Ye Jian who insisted on accompanying him for a while before returning to Dan Gui Garden.

Ye Jian didn’t tell the old man about her worries. On the way home, she even chatted and laughed with the old man. She didn’t dare to let the old man notice something off as that would make him worry.

Mr. Fu returned home early. When he saw that Ye Jian didn’t look too good, he sighed with heartache and teased her, “Why do you look so sad as if you’re going to cry? Alas, I was hoping to go on a business trip with my daughter. I didn’t expect you to despise me so much. I’m really sad.”

Ye Jian was sad, and Mr. Fu was most worried about her. He could only use another method to make Ye Jian laugh.

The old man smiled too. “Hurry up and go do your work. I can have two days of peace and quiet too.”