Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman-Chapter 1547 : Elder Mong's Life Experience

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Chapter 1547 1547: Elder Mong's Life Experience

"Elder Mong, how do you feel lately?" Yu Qi asked.

"I am feeling great." Elder Mong stated.

Elder Mong began to smile more and more. He was unlike his old gloomy self.

"I am happy to hear that." Yu Qi also smiled.

"It is thank to you." Elder Mong remembered it.

"No. It is because of you. You make your own choice. That is why you are here, feeling better and it will be even better." Yu Qi replied.

Elder Mong looked up at the blue sky. He recalled the pain that he faced in the past.

"It was like a dream." Elder Mong suddenly said it.

"What?" Yu Qi responded.

"This kind of day. No more suffering and torture." Elder Mong uttered. 

Seeing Elder Mong like this, Yu Qi kept silent. 

"I was kidnapped from a village when I was 6 years old. I already don't remember where the village was. Well, it was probably because I was still young. 

We, I mean, other children and I were gathered at some kind of building. A man appeared and came to us telling us that we would be living there. They also told us that we needed to show some outstanding results if we wanted to live longer. 

They forced and trained us to become killers. In the process, a lot of us lost our life. The training was a torturing process for us. 

One day, a new man appeared. He made the new rules. We needed to fight each other. The loser would be following him. I fought my friend and lost. 

Then, from that day, the new suffering and torturing began. The man brought us to some kind of laboratory. A group of men came and injected us with something. Of course, it was not a medicine. They began to observe and record our bodies' reactions. 

It was hell. Every day, they injected something into our bodies. I don't know what it was. Until one day, I heard some guys talking that we were test subjects for their research. 

At that time, I was already 23 years old. I kind of understood the situation. I tried to run away. However, every time I tried, they caught me back. 

To prevent me to run away since I tried so many times, they cut my right leg. After that, I gave up on the thought of running away. 

I let them do whatever they wanted to my body. Until one day, they wanted to transfer me to another location. But they got ambushed by the authorities. I didn't care that I had been saved by the authorised. There was nothing that I could do at this age. I only wanted to die. Until I was sent to your hospital and met you. And here I am." 

Elder Mong looked at the bird who landed on the tree and flew.

Yu Qi held back her tears. 

"This is the first time I told others my story. Thank you for listening to me." Elder Mong turned to Yu Qi.

"Thank you for telling me." Yu Qi smiled. "If you have a chance to meet with your family, do you want to meet them?" 

Remembering his family, Elder Mong smiled sadly. "I do have an older brother and younger sister. They must have their own family. Probably they already have their own grandchildren." 

"I will try to find them for you." Yu Qi made a promise.

"You don't have to, Doctor Yu Qi." Elder Mong did not want to trouble Yu Qi.

"It's okay." Yu Qi just smiled.

She looked at the sky. It was changing colour. 

"Let's go inside now." Yu Qi said.

"Hmm..." Elder Mong nodded.

Yu Qi began to push the wheelchair to Elder Mong's room. 

"Elder Mong, do you mind if I tell others about your story?" Yu Qi asked when they arrived at Elder Mong's room.

"I don't mind. I think the authority probably wants to know it." Elder Mong stated.

"Thank you, Elder Mong." Yu Qi nodded. 

She saw Liang Xiurong entering the room. "Take care of Elder Mong." 

"Yes, Doctor Yu Qi." Liang Xiurong nodded.

She noticed that Yu Qi's mood was generally out of sorts. She did not ponder much about it.

Yu Qi took a deep breath. Elder Mong's story really hit her mood. She felt that her life was already miserable enough but Elder Mong's life was more tragic. 

One more thing, the reason why Yu Qi asked if it was okay for her to tell someone else about his story was because as Elder Mong suspected, the authority wanted to know about it. 

The authority asked her and Professor Song Shan to dig more into Elder Mong's story. She and Professor Song Shan agreed but they did not want to force Elder Mong to do so. Elder Mong needed to tell them by his own will. The authorised agreed with that condition. 

Yu Qi called the authority and the people who knew about Elder Mong. They were gathered in one meeting room. Her uncles, Tang Jung Wen and Tang Jang Qin were also there.

Yu Qi began to tell them what Elder Mong told her earlier. The more they listened to the story, the grimmer their faces were. They did not expect to listen to such inhumane things.

"They kidnapped children to train them into killers. The loser became a test subject. What a cruel thing to do." 

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