Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman-Chapter 1664 1664: Daughter Of The Second Madam

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Chapter 1664 1664: Daughter Of The Second Madam

"Your daughter?" The woman was shocked.

"Yes, she is my daughter." Su Xiao admitted. She looked at the woman. "Then, let me ask you. Who are you?"

"I am a girlfriend of Shen Ruihi. He is talking with his friend over there." The woman said.

Right now, she was feeling scared. She already insulted the daughter of Second Madam Tang. Well, she did not know that Second Madam Tang had a young daughter.

"Shen Ruihi?" Su Xiao did not recognise the name.

Tang Jang Qin approached his wife and daughter. Upon seeing her father, Tang Heng Nuo shouted happily.

"Papa." Tang Heng Nuo called her father.

Tang Jang Qin smiled. He became a fool for his daughter.

"Heng Nuo!" Tang Jang Qin took his daughter from Su Xiao. He looked at Su Xiao and asked. "What is going on here?"

"This woman insulted our daughter by calling her illegitimate daughter." Su Xiao said.

Tang Jang Qin spoiled his daughter so much. Knowing someone insulted his daughter made him so angry.

"I..." The woman wanted to explain.

"Get out." Tang Jang Qin said.

His voice was so loud making everyone looked at them. Everyone wondered what was going on over there.

The man quickly approached them and stood beside the woman. It must be Shen Ruihi.

"What's happened?'' Shen Ruihi asked.

"Your accompanied insult my daughter. So, I am asking her to leave." Tang Jang Qin said.

"What? She insults Heng Nuo?" Grandpa Tang who just arrived heard that and became instantly angry.

"She insults our little princess?" Tang Jin Wei glared at the woman.

Tang Qin Hao also stared at the woman.

Yu Qi and Tang Han Lee just arrived. Yu Qi asked the nanny. The nanny whispered to Yu Qi.

Once she heard what happened, she also became angry. A Tang had been insulted at the party that the Tang Family held.

"Jung Shiyu? What did you do?" Shen Ruihi glared at Jung Shiyu. It was the woman's name.

"I made a mistake. I don't know." Jung Shiyu was about to cry.

"Even though if you don't know about that, you can not say something like that. You even want to ruin another girl's reputation." Yu Qi said.

"I am not." Jung Shiyu shook her head.

"You just say to the girl that she cheated with someone's husband and gave birth to my little sister." Yu Qi said.

"I..." Jung Shiyu wanted to defend herself.

"Just leave the party." Grandpa Tang started. He looked at Shen Ruihi. "You too."

Shen Ruihi grinned. Of course, he did not want to leave. But he did not want to embarrass himself anymore.

He needed to apologise first before leaving. "I am sorry for everything." He bowed.

After that, he walked away leaving the party. Jung Shiyu saw that and rushed to follow Shen Ruihi.

She managed to get closer to Shen Ruihi. Shen Ruihi stopped and turned around facing Jung Shiyu.

"Ruihi..." Jung Shiyu called him.

Pang! Shen Ruihi slapped Jung Shiyu.

"Why did you do something stupid like that? Do you know how embarrassed I am just now?" Shen Ruihi shouted angrily at Jung Shiyu.

Jung Shiyu cried. It was not her attention. She was just angry because Tang Heng Nuo bumped into her.

"Do you know how much I do to get an invitation to the party? That party has a lot of powerful people coming. It would be a perfect chance for me to get more of them. But you ruined the chance for me." Shen Ruihi said.

He wanted to make friends with powerful people in the industry. Now, people would remember him for having a stupid girlfriend.

"I am done with you." Shen Ruihi made a decision.

"Ruihi, what do you mean by that?" Jung Shiyu was panicked.

"You should understand. I am breaking up with you." Shen Ruihi did not want to waste his time here anymore.

Jung Shiyu was shocked and rushed to chase Shen Ruihi. However, Shen Ruihi already got into his car and drove off.

Jung Shiyu fell on her knee. She regretted not controlling her mouth.

The party continued as it was. Grandpa Tang and his family were on the stage. Tang Heng Nuo and Tang Bo Lin were also on the stage. Tang Heng Nuo was being held by her father. While Tang Bo Lin was being held by her mother.

"Welcome to my birthday party. I don't want to hold such a party. But it was my family's wish. So, here I am. Thank you for coming to my party. I would like to take this chance to introduce my new family members which are my new grandson and granddaughter. Tang Bo Lin and Tang Heng Nuo. Their parent are my second son and his wife. I hope people would not mistake them for someone else." Grandpa Tang gave his chance.

Grandpa Tang was still angry about earlier. He introduced them to the public. Tang Jang Qin and Su Xiao did not tell others about their new children. Only a few people knew that they gave birth to a pair of a boy and a girl.

The people were surprised when they heard this matter. They did not expect the second daughter-in-law to be pregnant at such an age. Pregnancy at such an age would have a lot of risks. They really went through the pregnancy and even successfully gave birth to a boy and a girl.

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