Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (WN)-Chapter 3078 - Ride on Another Man’s Coattails

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3078 Ride on Another Man’s Coattails

Nevertheless he was reluctant to quit, so he said, “Leng Xiaoyao, no wonder you asked to end the engagement with me. It turns out that you’ve ridden on another man’s coattails.”

“I ended the engagement with you because I rode on another man’s coattails? Ridiculous.” Hearing that, Leng Xiaoyao felt amused. “Chu Jianan, you’re the most shameless person I’ve ever seen. Didn’t you think I’m arrogant and stupid with a plain face? You fell in love with Leng Yuqi and had an affair behind my back. In order to be together with her publicly, you forced me to end the engagement.”

Chu Jianan was even more displeased, because Leng Xiaoyao was right, but now he refused to believe it. He insisted on saying that Leng Xiaoyao agreed to end their engagement because she rode on another man’s coattails.

“There is no relationship between us right now. It’s none of your business no matter who I’m with. You have no position or right to criticize me,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“You…” After being lectured by Leng Xiaoyao, Chu Jianan felt greatly embarrassed. However, Leng Xiaoyao was right, so he didn’t know how to retort.

After that, Leng Xiaoyao said nothing else. She sneered at him, then walked away.

She deliberately let Chu Jianan see her stunning side, so that he would always regret leaving her.

She wanted to see him filled with regret, but she couldn’t care less about his feelings right now. She disdained and disliked him.

From the beginning to the end, Li Mochen was like a guardian, following beside Leng Xiaoyao. He said nothing about her behavior, and didn’t think it was wrong.

Instead, he felt Chu Jianan didn’t deserve Leng Xiaoyao. It was a good decision for Leng Xiaoyao to end their engagement.

Given Leng Xiaoyao’s quality, whether inside or outside, she deserved a better man, but he knew it wasn’t easy to find a good man, and it was up to destiny.

Looking at Leng Xiaoyao’s back, Chu Jianan and the others didn’t come back to their senses until she disappeared from their sight.

“I told you Leng Xiaoyao has delicate features. Once she dresses up, she can be very pretty and might be even prettier than Leng Yuqi. Did you see her? She’s really prettier than Leng Yuqi. Jianan, don’t you regret it at all? After she became stunning, the man next to her is also much more handsome. Wait a moment, isn’t that man the one who put out the fire with Leng Xiaoyao that day? I remember that his car is a Maybach worth several million yuan. It seems he’s very rich,” Qiu Zhenyu commented. He was too excited to care about Chu Jianan’s feelings.

Hearing Qiu Zhenyu’s words, Chu Jianan became more and more unhappy. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any longer and lost his temper. “Enough! Aren’t you my friend? Why did you compliment Leng Xiaoyao like that in front of my face? Do you want to embarrass me? Will you laugh at me if I regret dumping her? Tell you what, I’ll never regret it. I don’t regret it at all. I don’t like her, and it won’t change even if she’s beautiful now.”

Saying that, Chu Jianan quickly walked out, leaving them behind.

He didn’t regret it at all? He was lying. He wasn’t loyal and was actually quite shallow.

In the past, Leng Xiaoyao was ugly, bad at studying, and stupid, so he hated her and turned to Leng Yuqi who was pretty, gentle and an excellent student, but now Leng Xiaoyao was completely different, so it was impossible for him to not regret it. However, he wouldn’t allow anyone to know that, otherwise he would be humiliated.

Qiu Zhenyu realized that Chu Jianan was embarrassed when he said that, so he wasn’t mad when Chu Jianan shouted at him.

“Um, I didn’t mean to offend him.” Qiu Zhenyu turned to look at Fang Haoming and Yu Shaoquan and said resignedly. He had just been surprised, so he didn’t think much about what he was saying.

Fang Haoming said nothing. He only gave Qiu Zhenyu a glance, then walked out.

Because Fang Haoming had a grudge against Leng Xiaoyao, he disliked that Qiu Zhenyu complimented Leng Xiaoyao.

“Alright, we’re close brothers. He won’t really blame you. He’ll be fine after his anger goes away.” Yu Shaoquan patted Qiu Zhenyu’s shoulder and comforted him.

He felt the same as Qiu Zhenyu. There was no grudge between him and Leng Xiaoyao, so he didn’t lose his calm when Leng Xiaoyao became so outstanding. After all, it had nothing to do with them.

“Fine, I guess they won’t go drinking tonight. We can go! I asked your dream girl out,” Qiu Zhenyu said. He didn’t cancel his plan just because Fang Haoming and Chu Jianan were in no mood for fun.

They were close friends, but they were individuals too. They could make decisions on their own about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do.

“Of course,” Yu Shaoquan said. He had the closest relationship with Qiu Zhenyu among them, so he wouldn’t stay home just because Fang Haoming and Chu Jianan couldn’t join them.

After Leng Xiaoyao and Li Mochen walked away, Li Mochen offered to send Leng Xiaoyao home. Leng Xiaoyao declined, because she still needed to help An Chenmeng out. It would cause a worse result if it was delayed.

As a cultivator, she had to do something once she ran into ghosts or monsters.

Since she needed to deal with something else, Li Mochen didn’t ask more and left before her.

Then Leng Xiaoyao took a taxi to An Chenmeng’s home. In the car, she continued to collect the information she needed.

Chu Jianan went straight back to his apartment after leaving his friends. He didn’t want to go home, he simply wanted to be alone for a while.

On the way, Leng Yuqi sent him a message, but he ignored her.

Now he couldn’t help comparing Leng Yuqi with Leng Xiaoyao, and concluded that Leng Yuqi was in no way comparable to Leng Xiaoyao.

Leng Yuqi wasn’t prettier nor was she sexier than Leng Xiaoyao. She was slightly taller than Leng Xiaoyao, but was far worse than Leng Xiaoyao at studying and other things.

If Leng Xiaoyao had been so outstanding in the past, he wouldn’t have ended the engagement with her. However, he didn’t think he didn’t deserve Leng Xiaoyao.

In his eyes, it was Leng Xiaoyao’s honor that he was interested in her. Leng Xiaoyao should feel grateful, and wasn’t allowed to disdain him.

Chu Jianan was really a self-centered man.