Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3492 - – Crazed Green God Corporation

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Chapter 566 – Crazed Green God Corporation

Silver Frost City, City Lord’s Manor:

The City Lord’s Manor was situated on a floating island hovering three thousand meters above Silver Frost City. Currently, Xiao Quan stood atop the stadium-sized manor’s rooftop, inhaling the Singular Energy surrounding him as he gazed over the city.

After taking a few rhythmic breaths of the Singular Energy that was several times denser than what was available in the city, Xiao Quan took off his coat and jumped into the rooftop swimming pool. The swimming pool was filled with Frost Water, and Xiao Quan’s mind experienced unprecedented clarity when he meditated in it.

After soaking for more than ten minutes, Xiao Quan suddenly opened his eyes. At the same time, his aura underwent a qualitative transformation, and his tall figure started to shrink a little. If before he was a mighty tiger, now he was only a nimble leopard.

When Xiao Quan’s transformation concluded, a young woman in her twenties approached him. The woman had an attractive face and devilish figure, and she wore a light blue skirt highlighting her long legs.

“Congratulations on becoming a two-star limit grandmaster, Vice Commander Xiao Quan. With this, it will be time for Commander Nangong to step down from his position,” the woman said with a playful smile. She looked at Xiao Quan as if she were looking at a toy, her face lacking any traces of reverence or respect for the young master of Silver Frost City.

“How rare of you to visit me, Cang Sha,” Xiao Quan said as he looked at the devilish woman, a hint of indifference in his voice. “Could she have more instructions for me?”

“Her Highness is very busy. It is already rare that she would have me contact you even once. How could she possibly have the time to care about the trivial matters here?” the devilish woman named Cang Sha said, laughing. “I am only here to inform you that that person from the Green God Corporation’s black ops has arrived.”

“Isn’t that to be expected?” Xiao Quan nonchalantly responded. “The Green God Corporation is currently on the brink of being purged from Silver Frost City, and many of its partners from the various third-tier cities have already announced the withdrawal of their investments. If the Green God Corporation’s main headquarters still remained silent, do you think it can still keep its branch in Silver Frost City?”

Because of Xia Qingying’s stunt during the talent fair, the Green God Corporation offended not only many of its partnered powers but also Silver Frost City’s City Lord. If the corporation didn’t do anything about Xia Qingying, there would be no end to this matter.

However, as Xia Qingying was a Senior Vice President of the Green God Corporation, not just anyone could be sent to deal with her. Only the corporation’s black ops, which operated directly under the Green God Corporation’s Chairman, would be qualified to do so.

“Or are you here to tell me that the Green God Corporation is looking to negotiate with me?” Xiao Quan suddenly chuckled. “If they want to negotiate, sure. Have Xia Qingying kneel in front of my door for a day and bring me that Shi Feng. If they can do that, I might just reconsider.” Please visit f𝙧ee𝙬ℯ𝐛𝓃𝐨𝚟𝒆𝘭. c𝒐𝓂

The Green God Corporation was only a second-rate corporation in the Greater World. It wasn’t even qualified to expand into a first-tier city. In fact, it was entirely due to a stroke of luck that it even managed to expand into Silver Frost City in the first place.

If the Green God Corporation were to be removed from Silver Frost City, its status and influence in the Greater World would take a huge hit. At that time, it might even risk losing its branch headquarters in other second-tier cities. After all, competition within second-tier cities was incredibly intense. Should any party show even a moment of weakness, the other powers in the city would definitely capitalize on the situation and gang up on it.

“No, that’s not the case,” Cang Sha said, shaking her head. Then, she playfully grinned and continued, “Less than ten minutes after the VIP arrived, he left the Green God Corporation’s building without expressing anything. Xia Qingying is still sitting in the position of Senior Vice President as we speak.”


Cang Sha’s revelation stunned Xiao Quan.

A corporation would only ever mobilize its black ops during critical times. Not to mention, the Green God Corporation had gone as far as to mobilize that three-star grandmaster this time. Even his father would have to treat that person as an equal. So, it wouldn’t even be surprising if that person crippled Xia Qingying on the spot.

Yet, he was now being told that Xia Qingying had suffered no consequences for her actions…

Seeing the shock on Xiao Quan’s face, Cang Sha’s smile widened as she continued, “Oh, the Green God Corporation also announced that it would not withdraw from Silver Frost City. On the contrary, the Green God Corporation has stated that if you and the various powers’ executives do not apologize to Guild Leader Shi Feng, it will cease all transactions with Silver Frost City and the various powers!”

“Have the people at Green God Corporation lost their minds?!” Xiao Quan burst into a peal of angry laughter. “They want me to apologize? And they want to cut off all transactions with Silver Frost City? I want to see just who will be the first to surrender!”

Silver Frost City controlled all trades within the region it occupied. Once Silver Frost City announced the termination of trade with a particular power, none of the mobile towns and cities within the region would dare to continue doing trade with said power. At that time, nobody would even dare approach the Green God Corporation’s building, let alone assist its development in Silver Frost City.

“Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the Green God Corporation.” Suddenly, Cang Sha spoke in a serious tone, “Don’t forget Her Highness’s task. If you fail to complete it, I will take over for you. Don’t say I never reminded you. You only have this one chance.”

“Your concerns are unnecessary!” Xiao Quan coldly said. “Since that bastard dares to ruin my plans, I will make him regret ever setting foot into Silver Frost City! I will even make Star Lake City’s City Lord kick him out!”

Star Lake City was one of the third-tier cities operating within Silver Frost City’s territory. So long as he gave the word, he could immediately have ten or more third-tier cities initiate a simulation war with Star Lake City.

Would Star Lake City dare face ten third-tier cities?

So long as Star Lake City dared to do so, it would immediately be cut off from its energy resources. Star Lake City’s City Lord would never take such a risk unless he were a fool.

Meanwhile, on a large supersonic passenger plane departing Silver Frost City…

The plane that could normally accommodate hundreds of passengers was currently occupied by only several dozen people from the Green God Corporation. As a result, the plane’s interior felt quite empty.

“Elder Xinwu, didn’t you have something important to discuss with Miss Xia?” a beautiful and intellectual woman asked as she looked at the white-robed old man beside her. “Why would you suddenly drag a pitiful alchemist like me out all of a sudden? Did I do something wrong? Also, this isn’t the way to the main headquarters.”

“Can you stop teasing this old man, little girl? You are our world’s only Great Grandmaster Alchemist, so why do you still behave like a child?” Xinwu said as he rolled his eyes at the woman. “As for where we’re headed, it isn’t the main headquarters, but I assure you it is somewhere nice.”

“Somewhere nice? Where are we going?” the woman asked, her curiosity piqued.

“Star Lake City!” Xinwu said, chuckling as he stroked his beard.

“Star Lake City?” The woman tried to recall the names of the various cities of this region. Then, she asked in confusion, “Isn’t that a third-tier city? Moreover, isn’t that the city where Zero Wing is based? Why are you taking me there?”

“Yes, that is the city where Zero Wing is based. As for why we are headed there…” Xinwu nodded. “On behalf of the Green God Corporation, I ask that you join Zero Wing, Silent Wonder!”

“You want me to join Zero Wing? Are you joking with me, Elder Xinwu?” Silent Wonder couldn’t help but look at the old man next to her as if the other party had gone senile.

It should be known that the Green God Corporation had originally arranged for her to join the Galaxy Conglomerate. She had only been staying in Silver Frost City because the conglomerate had a recruitment point set up there, and she was waiting for the conglomerate to start recruitment.

“I am not joking, and neither have I gone senile,” Xinwu said, his gaze turning solemn as he recalled the item Xia Qingying had previously shown him in private. Even as a three-star mental strength grandmaster, seeing that item for the first time still gave him goosebumps. “This is, without a doubt, the best path for you!”