Scandal Supermodel-Chapter 2057 - : jing luochen’s concern

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Chapter 2057: jing luochen’s concern

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As they spoke, an Xiaowan and Huo Shen couldn’t help but get more and more excited, and they simply fell into their fantasy.

the scene was already in his mind.

in the end, an xiaowan accidentally fell asleep in huo shen’s arms while laughing.

In her dreams, all her worries had disappeared, and the scenery of the countryside was beautiful beyond words. The next morning, her phone vibrated.

It was a message from Lu bei.

an xiaowan was in a good mood, so she immediately replied.

seeing that she replied within seconds and that her message was quite long, lu bei knew that she was free. therefore, he made a video call to her.

as soon as the call went through, an xiaowan saw the beautiful castle scenery on lu bei’s side and couldn’t help but exclaim in her heart.

it’s been a long time. How have you been? ” Lu bei laughed heartily. “Not bad, I guess.” An Xiaowan shrugged and said cheerfully.

“eh? You look like you have something on your mind. quickly tell me!”

An Xiaowan hesitated for two seconds before helplessly saying, ” “it’s nothing much. i was just wronged, so i’m not in a good mood.”

“Oh, who would dare to accuse you?” Lu bei’s expression was strange. I’m afraid she doesn’t want to live anymore.

an xiaowan immediately rolled her eyes. she didn’t want to say more, but she suddenly thought of her doubts. “right, i have a question for you,” he casually asked.

“go ahead,”

“A small object suddenly appeared in the lampshade in the room. However, after checking all the surveillance cameras, we didn’t find anything unusual. What other possibilities do you think there are?”

Although Lu bei didn’t like to think much, he had read too much gossip and had a wide network of information. Therefore, he might be able to provide some clues by asking him about this kind of thing.

lu bei was stunned when he heard this.

“Lampshades? Is it possible that it’s the person who cleaned it up?”

an xiaowan shook her head. ” those who can enter the master bedroom to clean are all considerate people. from the surveillance camera, they didn’t lift the lampshade. ‘

“then, i’ll think about it.” lu bei raised his eyebrows. ” i’ll tell you when i think of it. ”

“Alright,” he said. an xiaowan didn’t have much hope and just casually discussed it, so she casually skipped the topic.

after chatting for a while more, lu bei hung up the phone.

When he turned around, he was shocked. fre(e)

At some point, the slender figure that had been appearing and disappearing unpredictably recently had appeared behind him again.

Her face was so beautiful that it would make people lose their minds every time they looked at it. Lu bei was in a daze for a second before he suddenly took a step back. when did you arrive? ‘

Jing luochen’s eyes first looked at Lu bei and then fell on his cell phone.

“I’m on the phone with an Xiaowan.”

Jing luochen didn’t respond.

“are you curious about what we were discussing just now, yingluo?” Lu bei made another guess.

this time, jing luochen had a little reaction, but his attitude was still not very satisfied.

“Ran ran, do you want to know why an Xiaowan was wrongly accused?” Lu bei guessed a few more times before he finally pointed out the point that he felt was impossible.

After all, Jing luochen and an Xiaowan weren’t very familiar with each other, so how could he be curious about other people’s troubles?

even when lu bei talked about his troubles in front of jing luochen for a long time, jing luochen never gave him any reaction. he would even drive him away.

however, the most impossible answer was jing luochen’s reaction.

his beautiful eyes flickered with a faint light.

Qianqian! Lu bei widened his eyes.

after a long while, he snorted and unwillingly said, ” “i’m guessing that the lampshade she mentioned was the matter of being wronged.. Oh, Yingluo, you want to ask who wronged her?”

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