Splitting the Heavens-Chapter 648: Fate Dipper Essence and Essence Crystals

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Chapter 648: Fate Dipper Essence and Essence Crystals

Shang Xia didn’t think that someone else would arrive to try to make a deal with him before his turn to try to make a trade with someone else.

Splitting his focus, a trace of his consciousness entered the jade coin connected to his fishing pole. He heard a thick voice coming from the talisman fish down below. “I have a strand of Howling Lightning Wind Tearing Fate Dipper Essence. What do you wish to trade it for?”

Shang Xia was slightly taken aback by his sudden revelation. However, he muttered apologetically the next moment. “I’m sorry. I do not need the Howling Lightning Wind Tearing Fate Dipper Essence. I wonder if you have any others?”

“Hmph, of course not. What a waste of my time!” The talisman fish snorted before swimming away. It disappeared into the Cloud Sea the next second.

Shang Xia didn’t think that their exchange would be so brief. After all, the other party barely exchanged 2 sentences before leaving.

The cultivator on the other end seemed extremely impatient, but that might be intentional.

Shang Xia could only shake his head helplessly. He once heard Kou Chongxue talking about the Howling Lightning Wind Tearing Fate Dipper Essence, and he knew that it possessed great power. However, it was also extremely tyrannical and it would be difficult to turn it into an Origin Dipper.

Well, whatever. Shang Xia didn’t need a fate dipper essence of the lightning element when breaking through. As such, there was no point in getting it.

When Shang Xia was still feeling a slight sense of disappointment, his consciousness in the talisman fish trembled.

Quickly turning his attention back to the fish, Shang Xia noticed that he wasn’t beside the ball of light any longer. Instead, he was back in the Cloud Sea.

Shang Xia found it a little strange, but he quickly understood what was going on. It seemed as though the fish before him completed the deal and was fished up by the fisherman. Since the other fishes couldn’t feel the presence of the jade coin, they left.

It seemed as though he wasn’t having a great start at the moment!

Helpless, he could only release a bitter chuckle. Calming down slightly, he continued to wait patiently.

A moment later, the talisman fish felt another trace of attraction and started to swim in another direction.

Shang Xia might be feeling a little anxious, but he could only wait as the talisman fish slowly swam to its destination.

Once again, he approached a ball of red light. It looked the same as before and Shang Xia felt as though he had returned to the same place as before.

However, he quickly discovered that that wasn’t the case. After all, the jade coins from the various cultivators from the middle and top rings of the pagoda also emitted the same type of red light.

As his talisman fish approached another ball of red light, he noticed a fish swimming away from it. Soon after, another fish entered the range covered by the ball of light and there was another in line.

Taking the chance when he was waiting, Shang Xia’s consciousness went back to his fishing pole only to discover that it was all quiet back on his side.

Because his divine perception was unable to reach over to the other platforms, he couldn’t tell how many people already completed their deals. He could only see people reeling in fish from time to time.

Looking around him, he noticed that Liu Qinglan and Yun Yichen hadn’t pulled up any fish. It seemed as though they hadn’t gained anything either.

This time, Shang Xia seemed to have gotten lucky. The fish before his talisman fish swam away from the ball of red light and his turn eventually came.

When he finally entered the region covered by light, the fish tapped on the jade coin and a loud chime rang in his ears. “I need a high-grade heavy weapon!”

Shang Xia’s divine perception was also no longer limited to the talisman fish and he quickly replied, “I have a high-grade jade axe. What do you think?”

“How big is it? How is it built? Are there any restrictions to its use?” A surprised voice came from the other side.

Shang Xia described the jade axe he obtained from an expert from Su Jinyuan of the Spirit Abundance World after killing him back on the Manyu Continent. He even mentioned the feeling he had when wielding the axe before asking once again, “What is your offer?”

The person on the other side didn’t respond immediately. They seemed to think for a moment before a somewhat distorted voice came from above. “300 essence crystals. Are you agreeable?”

Shang Xia burst out laughing. “Fellow cultivator, you must be joking. There have been people trying to purchase high-grade weapons outside the pagoda for 500 essence crystals. Not to mention the fact that my jade axe is superior, even among other high-grade weapons.”

“Alright, 500 essence crystals then!” The reply came quickly this time.

Shang Xia felt a trace of annoyance at the response. “Fellow cultivator, if you are sincere in buying the weapon, please give me a reasonable price. Otherwise, I’m going to look for the next person.”

After a short pause, a voice came again. “What do you have in mind?”

“Do you have any fate dipper essence or rank five spiritual treasures?” Shang Xia asked.

The fisherman ignored Shang Xia’s question completely and gave another offer. “600 essence crystals!”

Shang Xia was naturally unwilling to give up just like that. He tried again. “If you have fate dipper essence or rank five spiritual treasures, I am willing to lower the value of my weapon and make the trade.”

Unfortunately, the response he was waiting for didn’t come. Instead, the fisherman insisted, “600 essence crystals. If you’re unwilling to make the trade, feel free to leave.”

Shang Xia thought about it for a second. According to the prices that had been set in the Three Unity Island, 500 essence crystals was more than enough to buy an ordinary high-grade weapon.

However, the jade axe he was in possession of was far superior to any high-grade weapon in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Obviously, the other party was also someone who knew his stuff. After Shang Xia rejected his offer, he immediately raised it to 600 essence crystals in a show of his sincerity.

Shang Xia might have been a little disappointed that the other party wasn’t willing to divulge if he was in possession of any fate dipper essence or rank five spiritual treasures, but that didn’t matter. He eventually made up his mind and gave a final counteroffer. “I want 700 essence crystals for my axe.”

The price might seem a little overkill for the Jade Axe, but Shang Xia could tell that the other party was truly interested and they really wanted the weapon. As such, Shang Xia wasn’t in a hurry for an answer. Instead, he patiently waited as his Talisman Fish swam around the jade coin freely.

After some time, a soft sigh rang in Shang Xia’s mind. “Fine. 700 essence crystals it is. However, I want to see the weapon for myself first.”

“Sure.” With a slight intention, Shang Xia realized that he was able to compel the Talisman Fish to bite onto the jade coin, but that was all the control he had over it. As it swallowed the jade coin, a strong force pulled it upwards. Another powerful restriction landed on his divine perception the moment he was pulled out of the water and he was unable to see nor feel anything. That should be the real restrictions of the Three Unity Pagoda.

All he could feel was the Talisman Fish spitting out the jade axe the fish swallowed previously.

Even though he couldn’t hear or see what was going on outside, he could hear a muffled praise. “Nice! This is a great weapon! Here’s 700 essence crystals!”

7 mid-grade essence crystals appeared on the platform and Shang Xia didn’t have to do anything. The Talisman Fish twisted its body to swallow the crystals.

“Go!” The voice came again, and the next thing Shang Xia knew, he was falling back into the Cloud Sea.

On his platform, Shang Xia opened his eyes suddenly and pulled on his fishing pole. A lively fish returned.

“Oh? Did you get something you need?” Someone on the Tongyou Platform quickly noticed his actions and asked.

“Nope. However, I did make a deal to trade a high-grade weapon for 700 essence crystals.” Shang Xia chuckled and tapped the Talisman Fish once. 700 essence crystals spilled out from its belly.

“High-grade weapon?! 700 essence crystals?!” Chu Jia screamed. She even managed to attract the attention of Liu Qinglan and the rest.

Raising an eyebrow, Liu Qinglan wanted to say something. However, she decided against it eventually.

Even the Tongyou Institution didn’t have too many high-grade weapons. Despite their recent advancement, there were many Martial Extermination Realm experts who wielded mid to low-grade weapons.

Naturally, Yun Jing wanted to ask why Shang Xia didn’t trade the weapon with the institution directly, but the weapon was his at the end of the day. He obtained it with his own strength, and they couldn’t dictate how he used it.

The sky-high price of 700 essence crystals he managed to get for the weapon shocked Chu Jia and the rest.

One had to know that before entering the Three Unity Pagoda, someone tried to sell a high-grade weapon for 500 essence crystals. There were many who felt that the price was too high. Who would have thought that Shang Xia would be able to sell his for 700 essence crystals the moment the trade fair started?

Originally, Shang Xia had 3300 essence crystals. He ‘carefully retrieved’ a mid-grade essence crystal from Zheng Chang earlier and got 7 more of them in exchange for his Jade Axe. Even though he hadn’t bought a single fate dipper essence or rank five spiritual treasure, he amassed a fortune of 4100 essence crystals.

An envious look could be seen in Chu Jia’s eyes as she stared at him.

Casually reaching out, Shang Xia wanted to hand her the fishing pole. “Do you want to give it a shot?”

Chu Jia was truly tempted by the offer. However, she shook her head eventually. “I’ll use Instructor Liu’s fishing pole in a bit. She said that you should be making full use of your time and none of us should trouble you. I’ll continue watching for now.”

Shang Xia nodded and kept his essence crystals. Reaching into his sleeves, he pulled out a jade pendant and gave it to the Talisman Fish before sending it back into the Cloud Sea.

“What’s the jade pendant for?” Chu Jia asked with her brows locked tightly together.

“Do you remember your suggestion back on the Tongyou Island for me to toss my fate dipper essence into the Nine Blossom Jade Formation Disc?” Shang Xia chuckled.

Nodding, Chu Jia muttered, “You sealed it in that jade pendant?”

Grunting once, Shang Xia explained, “Patriarch Kou said that the fate dipper essence is called the Dark Void Life Extermination Evasion Fate Dipper Essence…”

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