Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home-Chapter 971 - : Out

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Chapter 971: Out

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Qiao Xuan shook her head and firmly declined. “No, there’s no need. I will wait for you here. The Tian Family won’t act recklessly at this moment, with the entire situation blown up and everyone watching!”

“You’re not an ordinary person. You hold the position of Primus, and the Tian Family won’t confront you openly. We shouldn’t worry too much. I will wait here for you, and then we’ll leave the capital together.” f𝗿𝐞ewebno𝚟𝚎𝗹.𝗰𝐨m

“You’re just being overly concerned. I can handle it!”

Moreover, Shao Yunduan would be attending the banquet, and she had no fear of anyone causing trouble.

If the Tian Family dared to make a move, she wouldn’t mind teaching them a lesson.

Unable to persuade Qiao Xuan, Shao Yunduan tried to convince himself that her reasoning was sound; he was simply overly worried.

The next morning, Butler Tian returned.

He sought Shao Yunduan for an answer.

However, he was unsuccessful as Shao Yunduan had taken Qiao Xuan out for a walk.

Only Liqiu and Lixia remained at home.

Butler Tian sneered. “The Primus is in such a carefree mood, going for a stroll. It seems he has already made his choice and is completely unconcerned.”

He must be consoling Ms. Qiao for her position as the official wife. That must be the case.

Butler Tian wasn’t particularly pleased. He felt that Shao Yunduan was excessively indulgent towards Qiao Xuan, and if he happened to encounter someone who knew him, they might speak ill of Miss Qiao.

He lacked discernment. Butler Tian needed to report this to the Old Master and Madame so they could provide guidance and keep him company, or else it would bring disgrace upon the Tian Family.

As for Ms. Qiao, it seemed that Mr. Primus held affection for her, so they couldn’t keep her any longer. When she was sent back to the Qiao Family, they could handle her as they pleased.

When the Primus and Elder Miss were married, they would surely grow fond of each other, and they would no longer remember Ms. Qiao.

Butler Tian began to contemplate the future.

Meanwhile, Shao Yunduan and Qiao Xuan embarked on a boat trip, enjoyed a lakeside lunch, and went fishing.

Luckily, they managed to catch a few fish.

For dinner, they found a small restaurant and requested the owner to cook the fish. Alongside two home-cooked dishes, they shared a meal together.

Only when the sky darkened did they return home, contented.

The capital was vast, and regardless of the Tian Family’s influence, it was impossible to locate two individuals amidst the sea of people.

Upon their arrival home, Butler Tian, who had been waiting for quite some time, grew increasingly irritated, his face darkening.

“Mr. Primus, you seem to be in quite a good mood! Where have you been? What took you so long?” he exclaimed.

Shao Yunduan cast a composed glance at him and smiled. “Butler Tian, you certainly carry an air of authority!”

However, his tone held a hint of reproach.

Butler Tian stiffened, realizing that Mr. Primus would soon become his son-in-law. He inwardly sighed, acknowledging his impatience. “I was too hasty. Mr. Primus, I seek an answer from you.”

He glanced disdainfully at Qiao Xuan.

Shao Yunduan grasped Qiao Xuan’s hands and spoke slowly, “I am merely a humble boy from the countryside. I am unworthy of Elder Miss Tian!”