Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 1290 Go in, you will find Vulpiana inside.

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Chapter 1290 Go in, you will find Vulpiana inside.

1290 Go in, you will find Vulpiana inside.

"You are quite cautious, it is a good thing.

Your cloning ability is quite envious."

The voice spoke, realizing that it was only Nux's clone and not his real self. The more it spoke, the graver Nux's expression turned.

He felt like the owner of the voice could read him like an open book and he couldn't hide any secrets in front of it.

And as if the voice could sense this fear of his as well, it chuckled,

"You are quite bold for someone who panics so easily. What? Were you not expecting to get caught? Well, I do have to admit, the technique you use to hide your presence is quite strong. It erases your complete 'existence', even the Mana doesn't react to you. I doubt there are many who could actually sense your presence. You aren't exactly wrong for blindly trusting this technique of yours."

"..." Nux was speechless, the only thing he could do here was to stare into the dark space in silence.

His only source of relief was that it wasn't his real self that was stuck here, it was merely a clone. So even if he gets killed here, he could get all the information he could gather and stay alive. No matter what, it was still a win on his part.

Or... that was what he thought until the voice said its next words.

"You just learned this lesson, did you not?"

Nux frowned.

"Blindly trusting your techniques is foolish, no matter how strong or full of tricks you are, you will always find someone stronger, someone trickier. It is a vast world, there are many things that you still do not know.

Things that you cannot even begin to fathom."

The more the voice spoke, the deeper Nux's frown became.

Knowing that he couldn't understand its words, the voice continued,

"The ability to create clones, every Incubus can do it.

Think about it, if it was as strong of an ability as you think it to be, would the Incubi have the same status that they have today? They aren't even counted in one of the five strongest Demon Races let alone have any advantage over other races.

Why do you that is?

Do you think it is because they do not know how to create clones of themselves?

Or is it because their Bloodline is simply too impure for them to be able to do anything?"

The voice questioned and suddenly, Nux's expression turned heavier.

"What are you trying to say?" It was the first time he had spoken ever since he came here, his tone was full of caution.

The voice, however, had a completely opposite tone as it chuckled,

"I merely want you to introspect, Nux Leander.

Are your clones really as impressive as you think them to be... or... are they a double-sided sword that, in the future, could be used against you?"

The voice questioned and Nux had no answer for the question.

Ever since he had learned how to create his clones, he had pretty much become invincible, he now had the galls to brazenly barge into places where the previous him would think 100s of times before entering.

After all, even if something happened, only his clone would be destroyed, his real self would always remain safe and sound. He was never at any type of risk throughout the ordeal.

The voice, however, seemed to be implying something else, something that Nux couldn't understand.

However, it seemed that the Voice wasn't planning on giving Nux time to ponder things over, after planting a seed of doubt in his head, the voice changed the direction in which their conversation was headed into, "So, what are you doing here?" The Voice questioned and before Nux could answer, it warned, "Make sure you satisfy me with your answer, you barged into my property without my permission, I wouldn't be in the wrong if something were to happen to you in this place."

Nux took the warning seriously, the voice was intimidating as it was, it was already clear that it wasn't the level of existence the current Nux could take on, and if an existence of such a level was warning him, Nux would be a fool to not take it seriously.

Thinking about it, Nux came up with an answer,

"I came here to meet a friend."

"A friend...?" The voice questioned and Nux nodded,

"That is correct. I told the Fox Hero Vulpiana that if she doesn't come to visit me soon, I will come visit her instead, I am merely keeping my promise."

"It is quite a rude way to meet your friend, don't you think? You could have asked for a formal meeting instead of crudely barging into our House."

"I apologize for that. It is just that the friendship the two of us had built is quite strange, we do not like to do things the normal way and have somewhat started barging into each other's personal space.

Just a few weeks ago, I caught Vulpiana trying to barge into my Clan and now... well, I was the one who got caught."

"You caught Vulpiana...?" The voice seemed surprised.

It was clear that Vulpiana hadn't reported the incident after she returned.

"It was more of a coincidence than catching her."

Nux however, was quick to react and covered for the Fox Hero.

"And how did that happen?" The voice questioned further and Nux continued his bullshit further as well.

"It was Lady Vyriana who caught her. She sensed her presence and told me she was there, I was the one who reacted later."

"Is that so..."

The voice seemed to be pondering something.

"Alright, since it was Vulpiana who made the mistake first, I will excuse you just for today. From the next time, if you wish to meet her, request an official meeting, is that clear?"

"I understand." Nux nodded.

Then suddenly, inside the pitch-black place, a door was formed, when the door was opened, the light coming from the other side blinded Nux momentarily as he heard the voice, "Go in, you will find Vulpiana inside."

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