Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 729: Your System, We are going to abuse it to the limits.

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"Nux, there is something we all wish to talk about,"

Astaria spoke with a serious look on her face.

Seeing her expression, Nux glanced at his other wives and noticed that all had similar expressions on their faces.

His expression turned serious as well, and then,

He sat on the bed next to them and questioned,

"What is it?"

"We will be forming a Clan, correct?"

Astaria questioned.


Nux answered.

He had already tested it in front of Eisheth,

He can use the Telepathic Signal from the [Harem Seal] and Eisheth didn't detect anything.

Yes, while he was standing in front of her, he was talking to his wives, if Eisheth could hear them she would have definitely reacted.

Of course, there is a chance that she was actually acting ignorant but was listening to everything, however, the chances of that were low.

Nux and his wives were still careful while using the connection, however, Nux strongly believed that Eisheth couldn't hear them.

Anyways, he has already informed his wives about the Clan, and seeing their serious faces, he knew that they had a little chat with each other as well.

"We agree to form a clan, however,

We have a condition."

Astaria spoke with a serious look on her face.

"What condition?"

Nux first used [Noise] to create a barrier around them, and then, he questioned.

Astaria's expression turned even solemn and then, she started,

"If, in the future, something happens to any one of us,

You are not allowed to harm yourself."


Nux's expression changed.

"What the hell are you all talking about?"

"We are being serious here, Nux."

Amaya joined in as well.

"This is not a small continent like ours,

There are beings a lot stronger than us here,

They can defeat us and even kill us anytime they wish,

We are weak, yes.

However, we refuse to become your weakness."

Amaya's black eyes turned even darker as she said those words.

"So promise us, Nux.

If, something happens to us, then rather than hurting yourself, you will hide, plan, grow, and you will make sure to get avenge us once you are strong enough,

And once you have successfully avenged us, you will continue with your life and will not grieve over what you have lost."

"Something like that wouldn't happ-"

"We know that already, Nux.

Something like that wouldn't happen.

We all will work hard to make sure it doesn't, trust us, no one here wishes to die and be separated from you,

Did you know what we see in that illusion Queen Eisheth showed us?"

Amaya abruptly questioned.

"What was it?"

"In that dream, we didn't die,

We were captured by the enemy.

The enemy then used us to threaten you, and forced you to do things that… that you would normally not do.

That was our worse nightmare, Nux.

So promise us,

You will not let that nightmare come true,


Promise us, that if we are captured,

You will run away, and rescue us in the future, if we are killed, you will avenge us in the future, and if you are captured with us, then, then we would just end everything by killing ourselves.

However, in no situation, we should be turned into your weakness,

That, for us, is a fate worse than death."

Amaya spoke with an absolutely serious look on her face.

And she was not alone, all his wives had the same look in their eyes as well.

Whatever they saw, Nux knew it was traumatizing.

He placed himself in a hypothetical situation, and he soon realized it as well. Being forced to see his wives being manipulated into doing something they would never do because the enemy had his lives in their palms, for 27 years at that…

He now realized why his wives were acting like that.

And seeing their expressions, he knew he couldn't back out of this now.

With a serious expression on his face, Nux spoke,

"I give you my word.

No one, absolutely no one, will use or treat you as my weakness.

If such a situation arises, I…

I will…

We will all die together."

"That is not what we have agreed on, Nux."

Amaya replied.

"If only one of us is captured, will you still want the rest of us to die as well?"

"Haah? Who said we are going to die?

If any one of you is captured, I am storming in and saving you."

"What if the enemy is too strong?"

"Heh, don't I just need to sleep with a stronger woman?

Don't forget, it is up to me how quickly I wish to grow.

I am a freak,

A being far stronger and stranger than anyone else in this world."

"You will sleep with a woman who you do not love?"

Amaya narrowed her eyes.

"If it is to save you guys,

Then I can fall to the limits that would even surprise me."

Nux replied with a dark look on his face.

Amaya didn't like that expression, and this feeling was shared by his other wives as well. Nux sensed that, a playful smile appeared on his face and he replied,

"So if you don't want your husband to go around fucking any random strong woman he finds,

You all better not get captured, is that clear?"

"Trust me, I won't give you the opportunity."

Amaya was the first one to reply.

She absolutely hated Nux's idea, however, she also knew that this time, she was absolutely serious about this.

"Alright, now that it has come to this,

We are changing the plans now."

Amaya spoke up.

"What do you mean?"

Nux frowned.

"We will not be forming a Clan. Well, at least not now."

"What do you mean?"

Nux frowned.

"Queen Eisheth told you what she would have done in your position.

However, she is not you.

Neither does she know about you.

Forming a clan might be a good idea,

However, you have something that no one in this world has."

"What do you mean?"

"System, Nux.

Your System.

We are going to abuse it to the limits."

Then, with a confident smile on her face,

Amaya spoke up.

"Get ready Nux,

We are going to earn System Points.

Lots of them."