Supreme Tamer-Chapter 265: 144: White-clothed Guard, Dominant Main Pet

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Chapter 265: 144: White-clothed Guard, Dominant Main Pet

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“Elder, on account of my face, please go easy on him. Young people will occasionally make mistakes. Let Chu Yue apologize to Chu Qian, and let’s just leave it at that,” said Chu Yang reasonably.

Seeing his teacher speak up on his behalf, Chu Yue quickly nodded, rushed to Chu Qian’s side, and repeatedly apologized. He severely berated Chu Jia, placing full responsibility on her.

Chu Qian looked at the apologetic Chu Yue. Chu Yue had always had an arrogant and aloof attitude; she never thought the man would actually lower his head and apologize in front of her…

Chu Mu liked to deal with matters thoroughly, removing the root to avoid future troubles. However, this was the Great Chu Noble Family, and many matters had to be dealt with according to their rules. Chu Mu knew that with Chu Yang’s intervention, Chu Yue wouldn’t truly be harmed. Thus, the lightest punishment was chosen.

Though this was the lightest punishment, being denied access to the family’s resources and rewards for a year was still a heavy blow to Chu Yue. In a short time, those Chu Family disciples who had surpassed him in strength would surpass him in ranking as well.

The bet between Chu Mu and Chu Yue quickly spread throughout the entire

Great Chil Noble Family like a storm- Many young experts in the family started

to inquire about the person who defeated Chu Yue. Even those with certain influence within the family began subtly to guess what Elder Tu was playing at, bringing in two such strong young experts.

Maintaining his mystery, Chu Mu went on to defeat a seeded player with the strength to reach the top three in the following battles. During this fight, Chu Mu didn’t make use of MO Ye’s strength but rather relied on Ye Qingzi to win, earning admiration and sparking curiosity and various thoughts from everyone towards the beautiful woman.

As a matter of fact, the internal competition within the Great Chu Noble Family had been thoroughly disrupted this time. Those young experts who were originally able to secure spots within the top seven were all eliminated. Among the three teams most likely to secure the top three places, two were defeated by Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi and the Little Princess’s subordinates.

The focus of the family’s internal competition soon became the magnificent battle for the top three spots.

The Great Chu Noble Family was the leading power in the entire West Region. The pinnacle of competition within the family, therefore, meant the strongest competition among the young generation in the West Region. Particularly, clear factions had emerged among the top three in this competition!

The faction led by the Little Princess of the Nightmare Demon Palace was undeniably formidable, slaughtering their way into the top three without any hindrances. Chu Ke and Chu Dian, two veteran experts of the Great Chu Noble Family, were undoubtedly the champions. However, with the intervention of the Little Princess this year, it was difficult to determine who would take the title of the strongest.

As for the dark horse duo of Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi, although everyone was still speculating about their real identities, they lacked momentum compared to the two strong factions of Chu Ke and the Little Princess. Thus, not many held high expectations for them.

In reality, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi making it to the top three had already sent shivers down the spines of all members of the Great Chu Noble Family. After all, no one had anticipated that such a mysterious team would emerge.

The final showdown began with the battle between the Little Princess’s team and the strongest team of the Great Chu Noble Family. This fight determined the strongest and the second strongest. When the battle was held at the highest mountain peak battlefield in Chu Mountain, countless people had gathered, anxiously awaiting the commencement of the fight.

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were also present, seated among the elder factions. From here, they could clearly see the vast and slightly oppressive Chu Mountain battlefield.

As the battle was held among Chu Mountain, most of the spectators were members of the Chu Family. However, since this battle was so important, nearly every member of the Chu Family attended.

Two main seats were taken by the family heads, welcoming the Little Princess who also sat in a main seat. Beneath the main seats were the four elders and their disciples.

Apart from Elder Tu’s faction, the disciples of the other three elders had been eliminated from the top three and were now fighting for other rankings.

Next were the prestigious, high-ranking, and powerful core members of the family, followed by the young members of the family who had the qualifications to watch the battle in the arena.

“Is she the Little Princess of Nightmare Demon Palace?” asked Ye Qingzi, sitting next to Chu Mu and pointing at the noble woman on the high seat.

Chu Mu followed her gaze and met Princess Jinrou’s beautiful eyes. Her eyes were like a calm lake, occasionally rippling with emotion…

Princess Jinrou was still wearing her veil, maintaining the mystery of her enchanting face, which no one could behold. Chu Mu had briefly seen Jinrou’s profile when he took her hostage. Her beauty was such that it attacked one’s soul, making it the stuff of dreams.

Her gaze contained a touch of perplexity. When their eyes met, Chu Mu quickly looked away.

In fact, Princess Jinrou had already discovered Chu Mu disguised as Chu Chen. It could be said that she had been suspecting that Chu Mu had arrived ever since his battle with Chu Yue.

“Princess Jinrou, are your subordinates ready?” asked the family head of the Great Chu Noble Family, Chu Lieming.

Princess Jinrou finally withdrew her gaze and nodded slightly.

The man dressed in snow-white clothes beside Princess Jinrou gave a slight bow to the princess before slowly walking toward the mountain peak battlefield.

“Princess Jinrou, your subordinate seems very confident. Does he plan to fight alone again?” Family Head Chu Lieming saw that only one person from the princess’s faction walked into the battlefield and revealed an interested smile on his face.

“Yes.” Princess Jinrou simply nodded.


Still solo against a duo, the personal guard by Princess Jinrou astonishingly faced the battle against the top experts of West Region Chu Ke and Chu Dian by himself, intending to fight two opponents alone!

“What’s going on?” Seeing that only the princess’s personal guard entered the battle, Chu Mu was also surprised.

“Young Master, you have been focusing on your cultivation these days and did not pay attention to the others’ battles. In fact, during the battles of the princess faction, this young man has always been fighting one against two, defeating many top experts of the Great Chu Noble Family. I originally thought that in this final battle, the princess faction would bring out another expert, but this guy still chooses to fight Chu Ke and Chu Dian alone, truly arrogant to the extreme!” Elder Tu immediately interjected.

Chu Mu furrowed his eyebrows; there were also many top experts within the Great Chu Noble Family who could fight one against two and rank in the top three, which was already an indication of the extraordinary strength of the princess’s guard. And now, this guy dares to fight the strongest team of Chu Ke of the Great Chu Noble Family one on two; his strength is truly incredible.

“This is too insulting. We have to teach this guy a lesson and show him how powerful we are!” Seeing the opponent enter the battle alone, Chu Dian’s face revealed a slight anger.

Their attitude was clearly contemptuous of the entire young generation of experts of the Great Chu Noble Family, and anyone would find it hard to swallow!

“You rest, let me handle this.” As the top young expert in West Region, how could Chu Ke stand this insult? He asked Chu Dian to leave the battlefield and single-handedly fought against the unknown royal guard of the princess!

The white-clothed guard stood there quietly, not caring about whether his opponents were one or two people. He just faced the strong wind blowing from the mountain by himself, waiting for the referee’s command.

“Summon your Soul Pet!”

The referee shouted loudly.

Chu Ke and the white-clothed guard chanted their spells almost simultaneously.

In a duel between Soul Pet Masters, the speed of summoning a Soul Pet is also a crucial factor. If one is confident enough in the complementary attributes of their Soul Pets, summoning them first can seize the initiative in battle.

Chu Ke’s summoning speed was slightly slower than the white-clothed guard. Strangely, blue demon flames burned from the guard’s body, and the azure blue flames swayed along with the blowing wind!

The demonic flame pattern burned on the ground, becoming increasingly intense. Within the flickering demon flames, one could clearly see a charming figure slowly emerging from the flames, carrying a strong dark aura and sinister power, causing the temperature inside and outside the battlefield to drop sharply and souls to tremble slightly.

“A seventh rank, sixth stage strengthened Blue Nightmare Demon…” Chu Mu immediately furrowed his eyebrows.

This Blue Nightmare Demon of the white-clothed guard had obviously undergone various strengthenings. The terrifying Ghostly Demon Flame was enough to make people feel the chill of the soul. Facing an opponent like Chu Yue, this Soul Pet was still able to fight one against three!

“No wonder they could challenge the strongest experts of the Great Chu Noble Family with a single person’s strength. This Blue Nightmare Demon alone could give the Chu Family experts a headache.” Ye Qingzi was also very surprised.

The Blue Nightmare Demon was inherently a Commander-level Overlord. Under the same stage, it had almost no opponents. After various strengthenings, it could almost disdain all opponents at the same level. At the moment, the white-clothed guard’s summoned Main Pet could suppress all the Soul Pets of the younger generation present!

The first Soul Pet Chu Ke summoned was a seventh rank, fifth stage Bright Horned Beast. This Bright Horned Beast also went through strengthening, and its horned armor was stronger than ordinary ones at the seventh rank. Its defense could probably be close to level eight.

However, in terms of momentum, the Bright Horned Beast was always inferior to the seventh rank, sixth stage Commander-level Blue Nightmare Demon!

Chanting the spell again, the white-clothed guard went for a Double Summon. His stretched -out arm had two brilliant patterns, transforming into a dark pattern and an intense fire pattern.

The beastly bloody breath swept through like a frenzy, flying sand and rocks, amidst the awe-inspiring beast pattern, a terrifying Dire Wolf covered in black fur emerged, its ferocious blood-red claw blades deep in the ground, and its terrifying fierce fangs completely exposed to the air!

Seventh rank, fourth stage Bloodthirsty Dire Wolf!

The Bloodthirsty Dire Wolf is the Dire Wolf’s imperial clan, its greatest feature being whether it kills or not, the claw blades are always soaked in blood; the emergence of the Bloodthirsty Dire Wolf once again startled everyone in and outside the arena. No one had expected that the Soul Pets previously summoned by the white-clothed guard were not his main pets at all!

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