Taking the Mafia to the Magic World-Chapter 721 5th Stage Blacksmith

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Chapter 721 5th Stage Blacksmith

721 5th Stage Blacksmith

With his fifth skill, Vicente would now have several options at his disposal.It was only one power, but when used in different ways, it could produce different effects.

Vicente's newest power was Atomic Manipulation, something that would give him the ability to change the structure of atoms.

He could use this power to create or destroy materials, manipulate mana, could, with his fourth power, stimulate self-regeneration or healing, manipulate temperature, alter physical properties, and ultimately create artificial intelligence life.

How could he do all this? He could destabilize atoms to disintegrate a body or object. Conversely, he could assemble the components of atoms and create materials, or even change the properties of existing materials.

He could already transmute metals on a small scale. But by combining this ability of his first essence with his fifth essence, he could surely take this power to a new extreme.

Self-regeneration or healing, combining the fifth and fourth pentagrams, was also a way of manipulating atoms to produce the effect of self-regeneration or healing.

Different effects could be produced by subtle differences in the way something was manipulated.

By manipulating atoms, he could create special phenomena capable of attracting or repelling mana, or even creating organisms different from those already in existence, technically creating new life forms.

As simple as it seemed, his newest ability had an infinite range of possibilities. The outcome of his actions on the fifth pentagram would be more influenced by the boundaries of Vicente's imagination rather than the limits of his newfound power.

But besides his new pentagram, by developing his second pentagram to the cyan grade, he gained a new power related to his electromagnetic field!

By qualitatively evolving it, Vicente gained a new power, interference, something that would allow him to intercept, send or block signals from communication artifacts or even mental communications. With this new feature of his powers, he could more easily spy on communications in his vicinity!

Waking up to the good feeling caused by all his new abilities and traits, Vicente smiled in satisfaction as his senses increased their range by over five times.

His mana cultivation was still at the beginning of the 5th stage, and had changed little with the addition of the pentagrams. Nevertheless, all of his abilities had improved, a sign that he could finally be considered a true Paragon after completing his 5 pentagrams.

He moved his mana and released his pentagrams, causing them to appear one by one, while Onyx watched in awe as the most awe-inspiring scene on the continent unfolded before him.

'Green, cyan, green, cyan and cyan!'

The creature was thrilled and couldn't help but grab the rocks beneath him with his claws and destroy them with glee.

At 22, Vicente was already near the top of the continent and had become a monster among magicians!

Of course, he couldn't flaunt his powers casually, but now he had reached a level where it would be harder for anyone to threaten him.

As Onyx watched his master, Vicente understood some theories about the 5th stage for blacksmiths and felt his understanding at a much deeper level.

Without realizing it, he attracted all the metals around the cave, causing the robotic armor of his companions and the metal objects on their bodies to disintegrate.

He moved his hands, manipulating the large amount of atoms coming from the metal artifacts in his grasp, shaping them in a way that differed completely from what existed in nature.

This happened quickly, and within a few seconds, Onyx could feel the small particles controlled by his master absorbing mana as if they were living beings!

Gradually, the disintegrated objects, which for a moment became a cloud of dust surrounding Vicente, took shape, but now with much more subtle lines and much more powerful auras.

From the armor and magical artifacts that were in the cave moments ago, 5 new armor and 7 new artifacts emerged, all of them now showing magical fluctuations and the sensation not of 5th grade items, but of 5th stage living beings!

For a moment, these 12 items absorbed all the mana in the area, making even Vicente's companions, who were meditating, feel that something was wrong.

He acted, and 2 seconds later, the mana outside the cave moved and concentrated in that place under Vicente's manipulation, making the place even richer than before.

This phenomenon caused the 5 magicians to continue cultivating in peace, pursuing their breakthroughs, while Vicente looked at his creations next to Onyx.


The objects moved by themselves, surprising Onyx, who was the only one watching this special moment in Vicente's journey.

Vicente looked at the five armors and said. "From now on, you will advise my friends Lina, Layla, Sarah, Rory and Casey. Your mission is to protect their lives and advise them in any situation."

The five armors quickly accepted Vicente's order, seeing these five as their 'young masters', those below only Vice.

"As for you, combine your powers with theirs as best you can," Vicente said to the seven artifacts, including defensive and offensive items.

What was the crucial difference between Vicente's creations and what they were before? Starting with the simplest, they were all more resilient than the previous items, even considering those that were already 5th grade items. But the most important thing was that they had all gained consciousness and the ability to cultivate mana!

They couldn't increase their level through cultivation like an ordinary being. Only Vicente could strengthen them. But they could cultivate their own mana to use in battle without relying on a magician, and they could cultivate to recover the mana they used after battle.

Previously, items made by Vicente could use the mana in the atmosphere for some basic functions. However, it was an inefficient process that caused beings of a certain quality to have powers below their level.

Now, these items could function as if they were 5th stage beings, meaning that they had plenty of mana to activate high level spells and could restore themselves over time.

They had also evolved to the point of them gaining individual consciousness, which made them capable of learning things and advising their users!

They were artificial life, so as long as their structures weren't destroyed, they could theoretically live forever!

This was the most important fact about Vicente's first creations after he became a 5th-stage blacksmith!

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