The Apple of the Ruthless CEO’s Eye: My Sweet Wife Is so Adorable-Chapter 544 - : Countdown to the Competition (2)

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Chapter 544: Countdown to the Competition (2)

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The beautiful model smiled and shook hands with Qiao Mu. ” Just call me Xuanxuan.

At this moment, Ning Tongtong arrived in front of Qiao Mu and sized up Xuanxuan before smiling. ‘”‘ Qiao Mu, your model’s overall qualities are pretty good. I just don’t know what kind of work you can design and whether you’ll let such a good model down. ”

Qiao Mu couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on Ning Tongtong and answered, “”Your model is not bad either.”

An Ting said, ” Qiao Mu, I didn’t expect us to use the same model. I heard that you went to the sponsor and chose a bunch of outdated fabrics. Don’t tell me you’re thinking of turning trash into a legend? ‘

Ning Tongtong was surprised. ” Oh? There was such a thing? I’m really curious about the clothes you designed. Why don’t you show them to us now?”

Qiao Mu completely ignored their obvious sarcasm. Before Qiao Mu could say anything, Baby Guan, who was behind her, could no longer hold her temper.

“Why should I show it to you? If you bring out your work before the competition, we’re still worried that your work will be plagiarized!”

An Ting looked at Baby Guan unhappily. ” You seem to be here to help Qiao Mu, right? ” As expected of a university student. Even the helper he found is an inexperienced university student.”

Chi Xia smiled. ” That’s right. Not only do we have no experience, we’re not even in the fashion design major. Yo, why are you so shocked? ” This way, it can prove that Qiao Mu’s work was personally made by her, and it’s different from you so-called experienced designers. Perhaps your design drafts have been modified by many professionals, and we don’t even know if it’s your own work!”

“You … What are you two amateurs doing here! It’s useless to be stubborn now. On the day of the competition, the judges will decide whose work is outstanding!” An Ting choked and her expression turned ugly.

“That’s right!” Qiao Mu raised her chin and said indifferently, ” The results of the competition will prove everything, so it’s too early to say anything now. In order to prevent myself from slapping you in the face, Senior, it’s better to keep a low profile for now. ”

An Ting was so angry that her expression changed again and again. She did not expect Qiao Mu to be so sharp-tongued. Even if these people were a motley crew, they could only be arrogant now!

As Qiao Mu left the competition venue, Baby Guan was still gritting her teeth in anger. ” Who are your competitors? They’re simply too infuriating. I really want to go up and kick her so that she’ll eat dog shit. ”

Qiao Mu was helpless. ” Can force solve the problem? Why are you acting like a little bandit all day? Your Lu Jingzhi didn’t discipline you properly.”

“What do you mean by my Lu Jingzhi? If you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll reward you with this kick first!”

Qiao Mu feigned fear. ” Spare me, Heroine! ”

Chi Xia couldn’t help but laugh. ” Mu Mu, even I’m pissed off, let alone a baby.

That Ning Tongtong is the stepdaughter of the sponsor of the competition? fr eewebn

Looks like she’s not your only enemy.”

Qiao Mu didn’t think much of it. ” After the competition ends, I’ll use my strength to shut them up.

Xuanxuan, wait a minute. ‘

Xuanxuan turned around and saw Ning Tongtong. She asked in confusion, “What’s the matter?”

“This is my name card.” Ning Tongtong handed her name card to Xuanxuan and said with a smile, “I want to invite you to be the spokesperson for my brand.”

The models that the competition arranged for the contestants were all new models who had just debuted without any achievements. It would be strange if they were unhappy to suddenly be given such a good opportunity.

Xuanxuan was pleasantly surprised. ” Why are you looking for me? ‘

“I think your aptitude is not bad and fits my brand image very well, but …” At this point, Ning Tongtong felt a little awkward..

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