The Black Beast’s Useless Concubine-Chapter 626: A nosebleed! A nosebleed!

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Chapter 626: A nosebleed! A nosebleed!

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C‘ ! “Bai Ye was so shocked that he raised his eyes. His long eyelashes fluttered, and his eyes were filled with ripples of shock. He was like a frightened little rabbit that jumped into the Imperial nine layered Heart Lake, causing his heart to be moved.

xiaojiao! his blood was boiling, and he was so hot that he lost his senses. All he could see was the soft and alluring woman in his arms.

“Oh .

He pounced on those red and tender lips.

“Yes …”

He snatched her soft tongue.

He seized Jiaojiao’s body.

Yu Jiuchong couldn’t control himself at all. That sweet taste, that beautiful touch … It was as if his body was about to explode, and he was about to fly into the sky. Then …

That would be a tragedy.

“Little nine! Little nine! Your nose is bleeding!” Bai Ye, who had been simmered and teased by him until she was dizzy, was awakened by the hot liquid that dripped drop by drop on her face, waiting for her to come back to her senses!

She saw Yu xiaojiu’s nose bleeding, and the speed of the bleeding was not slow at all, which scared her! She was completely jolted awake and quickly hugged the man who was touching her. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t do it at this time.

ye ‘er wailing! Yu Jiuchong had yet to recover his senses, and he couldn’t help but want to continue wailing.

Bai Ye did not dare to let him do as he pleased. He quickly turned over nimbly and held the man’s hands firmly. However, he broke free of his grip and was about to be pushed back!

“Little nine!” Bai Ye was quick-witted and bit the man’s lips ruthlessly. He would only wake up when he was in pain.

SSSS-” Yu Jiuchong recovered slightly from the pain, and Bai Ye quickly fed him a golden pill. At the same time, he cut his finger and forced the blood out to his mouth.

Yu Jiuchong suddenly stood up and pushed her away. He quickly sat down and adjusted his breathing. His face was red, but no one knew if it was caused by the violent God Power or embarrassment.

He actually had a nosebleed, sob sob.

Yu Jiuchong really had a nosebleed in front of her. He didn’t dare to think about it anymore. He quickly restrained all his desires and focused on suppressing the God Power.

By the time Yu Jiuchong had calmed down, half a day had already passed. The moment he opened his eyes, Bai Ye, who was not far away, woke up with a start and opened his eyes.

“Aww, aww,” their eyes met for a while.

Bai Ye got up and went closer to ask, ” how is it? ” Even if her medical skills were not bad, it was not appropriate for her to intervene in his condition. She could only ask him himself.

However, Yu Jiuchong didn’t reply. He only pulled her back when she got close! He flipped over and pressed down on her, his movements smooth and fast! It’s clearly not a big deal, Yingluo.

f * Ck you! Bai Ye instinctively reached out to press against his chest, but the man who was about to ” wash away his shame ” had already pressed himself on him domineeringly, a little rough! He wanted to kiss her.

Bai Ye suddenly dodged and opened his mouth to talk to him, but Yu little nine did not want to hear it. Whenever he saw her, he was reminded of his ” embarrassment ” from not long ago. How embarrassing.

Wherever he ” fell “, he had to get up. He was not able to breathe until his nose was bleeding, and he had completely lost consciousness. He almost slipped away in a daze.

Wu … Bai Ye got away with it, and the more he struggled, the more excited he became. His bad habit was acting up again. He was so angry that she tore off his hand with force!

“Si la si si”

Yu xiaojiu’s robe was brutally and simply torn apart by Bai Ye.

shua shua. Yu xiaojiu’s strong and masculine body was like a strong Jade, exuding a sexy and alluring luster. He appeared in front of Bai Ye all of a sudden..

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