The Bloodline System (Web Novel)-Chapter 1415 The Abduction

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Chapter 1415 The Abduction

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"The fuck is a Foral project?" E.E. had a more confused look on his face.

"I'm still checking..." Damien's face went from intrigue to awe and then to confusion again.

"This is..." After some minutes had gone by, the expression on his face had changed to disbelief.

"What is it?" E.E questioned.

Damien still had an incredibly bothered look on his face when Endric spoke from the other end.

"He is going after my brother." "Eh? Your brother? Who is that?"

"Damn it!" E.E wanted to berate Endric but now wasn't the time.

"Going after Gustav? Why?" E.E inquired.

'Eh? Why is he calling Gustav his brother?' Damien was still confused.

"Because even though the research is completed, he made a deal," Endric threw a paperback diary to E.E.

E.E. caught the book and stared at its contents hastily. A sense of foreboding filled the lab tunnelway as E.E. read.

"Fuck me," He voiced the moment he came across a sentence.

< "...The last bit is to give the clone what it wants... Gustav's brain..." >

E.E. subconsciously dropped the book and made a gesture with his fingers.

"We're leaving, now!" He yelled while opening a vortex.

The moment the vortex opened up, they jumped in. The trio instantly arrived at E.E.'s apartment and scanned the surroundings.

The whole place was in shambles.

"Gustav!" E.E. yelled while sprinting towards the passageway that led to one of the rooms.

Endric on the other hand moved around and headed towards the balcony area.

Damien stood still in shock as he tried to make sense of everything that was transpiring in front of him.

'Why are they calling for Gustav? Why did the other younger dude call him brother? A clone? Why is this place trashed? What does his grandfather want with Gustav's brain?' freewe

He was in so much confusion at the moment so he just looked around. That was when he spotted a trail of blood.

He followed the trail and spotted what looked like bloodied feminine legs underneath a wrecked table. He couldn't see the rest of the body since she seemed buried underneath the rubble but the stench of blood had gotten much thicker.

"There is someone here!" Damien yelled.

E.E. and Endric instantly appeared beside him the moment they heard this.

The rubble lifted into the air without anyone making physical contact while E.E. moved to grab the injured figure underneath.

"It's Sersi... and she is badly wounded," E.E. announced with a grave tone after spotting the fist-sized hole in her right chest area.

Blood was oozing out profusely and everything was still looking relatively fresh so E.E. could tell that whatever happened there must have occurred no more than an hour ago.

Endric swiftly reached his storage space and plucked a healing med from there.

"Who could have done this?" Damien asked with intense concern as he watched them cater to the unconscious Sersi.

"I can't put it past your grandfather," Endric voiced with a tone of annoyance.

"How? It's not..." Damien was about to refute when E.E. interrupted.

"Gustav was here... and now he is not anymore. This girl is someone he cherishes, you can already guess what happened," E.E. lifted Sersi after pushing the med into her mouth and placed her on one of the sofas that was still intact.

Everything else in the vicinity either had holes in them or was completely shredded.

Damien tried to put two and two together and realized that it truly seemed like his grandfather was responsible for the chaos before them. "But how would he even be able to pull something like this off?" Damien couldn't quite grasp how someone like Gustav would be taken easily.

"Gustav is injured. He is not at his full strength... somehow your grandfather must have found out and also located this place," Endric gritted his teeth in regret.

'I should have stayed here with him,' He blamed himself for the current turn of events.

"How is he even here? Last I remembered, he wreaked havoc on Aribia city and got caught by the authorities," Damien was still very much confused.

"That wasn't him and those idiots are lying. They didn't catch him because Gustav caught that fake himself," Endric voiced in response.

"What?" Damien realized that the more he heard, the greater his confusion.

Although he had skimmed through the Foral Project write-ups, he still didn't know about the clone. All he knew was the fact that his grandfather used Gustav's cells for that. A lot was still very unclear to him.

"*Koorhh! Korrhh!*" Sersi's cough suddenly attracted their attention to her.

"She's regaining consciousness," Endric whispered.

The place instantly quietened as they watched Sersi slowly open her eyes.

"Father!" The moment her vision returned, she yelled while lunging forward. "Father?" Damien was met with another round of confusion as he watched E.E. hold her down in place.

"Relax, you were pretty injured, let the healing be completed before you move around like that," E.E. said with a tone of caution. "But..."

"Shush... relax first," E.E. had her lay back down.

"Now slowly recount what happened to you," Endric said with a tone of concern.

"A man... a very big man came..." The moment she began speaking, Damien confirmed that his grandfather was truly the culprit.


[One Hour Ago]

"I heard you've been looking for me," A twelve-foot tall man with six feet long dark hair sat in place with light rays reflecting off his glasses.

Anyone who witnessed the sight would have jumped back in fright but Gustav was the recipient. "Hmm, thank you for delivering yourself to my doorstep... Zil," Gustav voiced with an unfazed tone as he stepped forward. "Is that a bluff? Because I just so happen to be aware that you're not at full strength right now," Sir Zil responded with a hint of confidence.

"It matters not... the strength I have would be enough to shatter all the bones in your body and have you regretting replicating my cells for the rest of your days," Gustav's energy began to rise as he arrived before Scientist Zil with a very frosty gaze.

"Wait..." Sir Zil raised his hand rather calmly.

Gustav paused while raising a brow.

"Wouldn't you like to know why I did it?" Sir Zil questioned.

"I don't give a damn. You deceived me... you did the one thing I have always been wary of. All you scientists are the same. Selfish, vicious, ambitious... you never care about anything or anyone so long as you accomplish your goals," Gustav shook his head slightly while speaking.

"I was wrong to think you were any different,"

Scientist Zil had a visibly disturbed look upon hearing all of these, "I am sorry... I just had to. When you hear why I did it, you will understand."

"Enough... I am unwilling to listen to the nonsense you have to say. It almost seems like y'all grow even more selfish with age," Gustav reached out and grabbed Scientist Zil by the throat.

"Ghrrhh! We...ait..." He gurgled while holding onto Gustav's arm.

"Wh-at abo...out Da-a-mien... he lo...oks u-up to you bu...t he wo... don't for-give yo...u f-or th--his..." "I don't care," Gustav stated as his killing intent rose.

"I am sorry..." Sir Zil suddenly stopped struggling. "...For this," A small purplish circular item appeared in Sir Zil's grasp the moment he let out the words.

At first, Gustav thought he was still apologizing for what he did, till he noticed the item.


Before he could react, Sir Zil had tapped the button in the center of the item.


It suddenly emitted a high-pitched wave of light that blasted across the surroundings.

"Hngh!" Gustav suddenly felt an immense headache as he subconsciously let go of Scientist Zil.


In the next seconds, space in the surroundings contrasted and ripped apart. Holes were burrowed into Gustav's spatial storage and they began to integrate with the real world.

While Gustav was holding his head in pain, one of the spatial worlds getting ripped open, turned out to be where the clone was kept.

The hole continued to grow till it was wide enough for a person to walk through, then the clone stepped out.

The space had fallen apart and it had gotten freed.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bang!

The sound of multiple items colliding with the floor rang out intensely as lot of things Gustav's stored in his spatial storage fell out.

Gustav clenched his fist and reduced the sensitivity of his brain to accommodate the high-pitched whirring. The moment he managed to regain a bit of clarity, he spotted the clone standing right before him.


Two palms slammed into his face from the left and right at the same time.

Blood gushed out of Gustav's eyes, nose, and ears as visibility became another issue. 'I got fooled... again!' Gustav yelled internally as he staggered backward.

His vision had been completely blinded by blood at that moment but he could sense a fist hurling at his chest.


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