The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 125 - : 125. Excellent Vomit, Heaven-made

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Chapter 125: 125. Excellent Vomit, Heaven-made

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Ning Jing and Su Liang returned to the mansion given by Duanmu Chen, deep into the night.

Many things had happened today, and she had not had time to take a close look at this new home, nor had she checked the items Duanmu Chen had given according to the contract.

Initially, the black and white contract with red fingerprints specified items like “a mansion in the capital city, the mansion must have a garden and a pond, ten different kinds of fruit trees and flowers planted; one hundred ancient books; two BMWs; one catty of Tribute Dahongpao tea; five rare types of wood; seven rare types of jade stones; nine precious types of cloth, etc.”

Ning Jing who was in charge of moving had checked and said, the fruit trees were there, whether they could bear fruit would only be known by spring and summer. There were quite a few types of flowers given, but only two kinds had already bloomed.

There were exactly one hundred ancient books in the study, not one more, not one less.

The two horses that could be barely considered as BMWs were in the stables.

However, there was no Tribute Dahongpao tea.

The wood, jade stones and cloth were all available.

The other furniture, daily necessities, were all very complete.

“Do you still want the Dahongpao tea?” Su Liang asked.

Presently, the biggest tea trader in Qian Country is Ning Jing herself, and the Tribute Dahongpao tea supplied to the royal family also comes from the Ning Family.

Ning Jing nodded, “Yes. If he can’t provide it, one condition can be waived today.”

Su Liang’s lips slightly curved, “Very well. I need to look for Duanmu Chen tonight, otherwise knowing his temperament, I’m afraid he’ll deny it tomorrow.”

A little time was left before midnight. Su Liang took another careful look at the items in the mansion, there were no other major issues.

She changed into men’s clothes and asked Ning Jing if she wanted to come along.

“No.” Ning Jing’s voice drifted from next door.

Though not on the small side in the capital city, the mansion has five courtyards fit to reside in. But Ning Jing chose one closest to the garden with the best scenery, the same courtyard as Su Liang’s, similar to the time in Su Family’s village.

Su Liang also agreed that this was best.

It made things convenient. Both had to teach each other many things. Being separated only by a wall, they could converse without even facing each other.

Also, to keep their secrets, both did not employ any servants. They had to do everything themselves, including cleaning. The courtyards currently not in use could be left idle.

Secondly, it was safer. After the Ning family members in Xunyang were cleared out, the troubles now lay with Su Liang.

As the last scion of the Su Family, she already had an old hatred with the second prince, and new enmities were added today. There would be no peace in the days to come.

Su Liang crossed the garden, left alone through the back door and headed towards the fourth prince’s mansion.

After Su Liang’s departure, Ning Jing got up and silently followed her.

Su Liang’s covert infiltration of the fourth prince’s mansion during the day made Duanmu Chen realize that his security had a huge loophole, so he reconfigured his defenses after returning from the palace.

At this moment, Duanmu Chen had not gone to rest yet, he was still in the study looking at the answer sheets of past imperial examinations.

Duanmu Yi had stated that in this year’s imperial examination, all his adult sons had to take the examination on the same day as the scholars, and he would personally review the prince’s answer sheets to see what their talents were like.

For this reason, Duanmu Chen studied by the night lamp every day after returning to the capital city, barely stepping out when he was free.

Noises came from the window. Startled, Duanmu Chen looked cautiously in that direction, only to see a familiar figure approaching.

Duanmu Chen let out a sigh of relief, but his tone was annoyed, “Su Liang, what are you treating the fourth prince’s mansion as?”

“Just a reminder for His Highness the fourth prince, you need to strengthen your guards, be careful of assassins.” Said Su Liang.

Although Duanmu Chen agreed with Su Liang’s view, he was still a bit upset, “I have done what you asked me to do, as you wished. What are you doing here in the middle of the night? Can’t you say it tomorrow?”

“There’s something that needs to be clarified today.” Su Liang smiled, “Firstly, I would like to thank His Highness the fourth prince for fulfilling the contract, but there might be something you have missed.”

Duanmu Chen furrowed his brows, ‘What?”

“One catty of Tribute Dahongpao tea.” Su Liang said.

Duanmu Chen’s face darkened, “What kind of fine tea would you and Ning Jing want to drink that isn’t available? The entire palace doesn’t even have a catty of Dahongpao now, but it might be available in the Ning Family! And yet you are asking me for it!”

Su Liang laughed lightly, “If the fourth prince admits he really didn’t provide it, then it’s easy to talk. Whether we have it or not has nothing to do with the fact that the fourth prince promised to give it but did not.”

Duanmu Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, “What are you proposing?”

“In our cooperation, the accounts must be cleared, so as to avoid me taking advantage of 1–1is Highness the fourth prince. That wouldn’t be good.” Liang said seriously. “If His Highness the fourth prince cannot provide the Dahongpao, then he can offset it with something else.”

Duanmu Chen snorted lightly, “Offset it with what?”

Duanmu Chen glared at Su Liang, “I knew you had no good intentions coming over in the middle of the night! Must you tally it so clear?”

Su Liang raised an eyebrow, “If your Highness the Fourth Prince is talking about our friendship, then, how about we just cancel all the debts between us? I have no objections.”

Duanmu Chen suddenly had the strong desire to smash his inkstone into Su Liang’s face…

Upon hearing Su Liang’s voice in the room, Chang’an, there for delivering late-night snacks, felt a pang of dread. Because not long ago, Duanmu Chen had said that if Su Liang came by again and acted as if nobody else was present, they’d all be good for nothing…

Upon hearing Duanmu Chen calling, Chang’an walked in with the late-night snacks, only to see Su Liang, dressed in men’s clothing, standing in the room.

She smiled at him, “Sorry for the interruption.”

“Do you want some?” Duanmu Chen asked Su Liang.

Su Liang shook her head, “I dare not to. Lest after I finish eating, the Fourth Prince declares it as a chargeable service, equal to a pound of Da Hong Pao tea, that would be a big loss for me.”

Upon hearing Su Liang’s words, Chang’an saw his master grab his inkstone and hurl it towards her, which gave him a fright!

Su Liang caught the inkstone steadily, placed it on the table next to her, and smiled slightly, “If this is a gift for me, I refuse. I only want Da Hong Pao.”

Chang’an: … He knew the drill now. There was indeed no Da Hong Pao available, and as of this morning, Duanmu Chen proclaimed that he would not be accountable for the tea if Su Liang didn’t find it or didn’t come to claim it by the next day.

“Are you planning to participate in next month’s Military Exam?” Duanmu Chen asked Su Liang, his gaze icy.

Su Liang nodded, “I do intend to.”

“If you spar with Chang’an, I will agree to cancel one condition,” said Duanmu


‘Surely Su Liang will refuse,’ thought Chang’an.

Unexpectedly, she agreed readily, “Very well, I appeal to Guard Chang for his guidance.”

Chang’an coughed lightly, “Actually my last name is Yuan.”

“Alright, Guard Chang’an, please.” Su Liang started moving outside. Chang’an: .

Duanmu Chen, with interests piqued, opened the window, “Fight in the courtyard. Chang’an, if you lose, you can go back home and farm.”

Chang’an steeled himself, asking Su Liang if she required weapons.

Su Liang bent down, drawing two long and slender pointed knives, which glinted with an eerie cold light in the dim night.

Both Duanmu Chen and Chang’an focused intensely.

Chang’an, equipped with a long sword, started sparring soon after.

Duanmu Chen rose from his seat and stepped outside. He stood under the portico, watching intently.

This wasn’t his first time seeing Su Liang in action. However, all previous occasions had been brief, revealing only her daring spirit and brilliant intellect rather than her true capabilities.

As one of Duanmu Chen’s most trusted allies, Chang’an undoubtedly had great martial prowess.

Duanmu Chen knew some boxing and martial arts but was quite mediocre. At first, it seemed to him that Chang’an has the upper hand, with Su Liang constantly on the defensive.

Half a quarter of an hour later, the tables turned. Su Liang switched to offense and her moves were incredibly precise. It was as if she had completely seen through Chang’an’s strategy. Though she held twin blades in her hands, occasionally she used one as a sword, creating diverse and flexible techniques.

The spar lasted a quarter of an hour in total, with Su Liang on the offensive throughout.

“It’s just a spar. I trust the Fourth Prince is satisfied?” Su Liang sheathed her knives and turned to Duanmu Chen.

Duanmu Chen nodded slightly, not insisting on seeing a clear winner, “That’s enough for today.”

“So, my two favors owed to the Fourth Prince are now cleared,” said Su Liang. Duanmu Chen grimaced, ‘What two? We agreed on offsetting only one!”

“The Da Hong Pao tea cancels one out, and just now the Fourth Prince requested I spar with Chang’an, agreeing it would offset one condition. That makes two,” Su Liang asserted.

Duanmu Chen was speechless, “What I meant was, if you spar with Chang’an, I agree to offset one condition with the Da Hong Pao tea!”

Su Liang shook her head, “Either we offset both conditions, or deliver the Da Hong Pao to me before midnight.”

Chang’an could feel his master’s urge to hit Su Liang with the inkstone again…

“Chang’an!” Duanmu Chen growled.

Chang’an immediately responded. freewebnov(e)l

“Go find a red robe!” Duanmu Chen commanded.

Chang’an was left in disbelief.

Su Liang remained calm, “I suppose that would do. However, keep in mind that it must weigh exactly one kilogram, not a fraction more or less. And it has to be bright red, not rose or date red, nor can it contain any other color. There is one quarter of an hour left before midnight; I’ll wait here.”

Feeling Duanmu Chen’s gaze, Chang’an was speechless. Where could he find a purely red robe that weighs exactly a kilogram in just a quarter of an hour? Who would make robes that aren’t of a single crimson color without so much as a hint of other colors? For warding off evil spirits?

Seeing Chang’an hesitant, Duanmu Chen returned to his room with a dark expression, picked up his inkstone, and headed outside only to hurl it at Su Liang once again, “Take it then!”

Su Liang caught it, held it in her hand, nodded and smiled, “Thank you, Fourth Prince, for everything today. I hope our future cooperation will be just as pleasant. I will take my leave.”

Finished speaking, she turned around with the inkstone and left.

Seeing Su Liang’s figure disappear into the night, Duanmu Chen’s anger subsided. He turned to Chang’an, “How is her strength?”

Chang’an replied seriously, “Miss Su’s strength is not to be underestimated.”

Duanmu Chen pondered, “Who exactly taught her martial arts? If she had this kind of strength before she went to the Su village, the Su family would not have had any trouble.”

“Could it be Ning Jing?” Chang’an asked.

Duanmu Chen snorted, “They’ve only known each other for half a year. If Su Liang learned martial arts in just half a year and fought you to a draw, would you still have the face to live?”

Chang’an: … He knew it, he would definitely be scolded in the end. But honestly, he felt that Su Liang’s martial arts couldn’t be judged by ordinary standards. Her skills were not necessarily advanced, but she was, indeed, very strong.

Chang’an reported his feelings to Duanmu Chen. Duanmu Chen turned back to his room, “It’s a pity. I finally made her owe me a favor, actually two at once, but they were cleared immediately. But her weakness is obvious; she values loyalty. She will need my help again in the future.”

When Su Liang returned home with the inkstone, she saw that the light was still on in Ning Jing’s room, as if he had been reading since she left and hadn’t gone to bed.

She went to the door without knocking and simply told Ning Jing what had happened with Duanmu Chen tonight.

“His inkstone is not bad, do you want it?” Su Liang asked.

The door opened a crack, and a slender, fair hand reached out.

Su Liang placed the inkstone on the hand, the hand retracted, and the door closed again.

During her first night in her new home in the capital, Su Liang slept quite well. She woke up early in the morning to train.

The training ground was very large and suitable for horse riding.

After Su Liang ran a few laps, she returned to find that Ning Jing had heated up some water. She bathed, changed clothes, and made breakfast just as the sun was rising.

“I need to visit lady Xing today, are you coming?” Su Liang asked.

“No.” Ning Jing still refused.

Su Liang nodded, “That’s fine then. If you have nothing to do, you can go play with Zhengzheng.”

Ning Jing shook his head, “I have something to do today.”

But he didn’t seem to feel the need to explain.

Su Liang didn’t ask. After clearing up after breakfast and packing the gifts for lady Xing, she rode out alone.

When she arrived at the Marquis Zhong Xin Mansion, the palace maid who had come to present the Imperial Matrimonial Decree, had just left.

Having been instructed by Xing Yusheng, the servants of Xing Mansion were very respectful to Su Liang and took her straight to lady Xing.

Xing Ji and his son Xing Yusheng were both present.

Originally, after giving his greetings, Xing Ji intended to leave, but when he heard that Su Liang had arrived, he sat back down.

“Liang girl, come here!” lady Xing, who was holding the bright yellow Imperial Matrimonial Decree, called Su Liang over with a hearty smile.

Su Liang walked over and paid respects to Xing Ji.

“No need for formalities, I should thank you for your help to the Xing family and for your care towards Yusheng.” Xing Ji was very courteous. His eyes looked at Su Liang with a hint of scrutiny.

lady Xing pulled Su Liang to sit by her side and told Xing Ji to do his own thing. She criticized, “What’s with you, even as an elder, haven’t even prepared a gift, only uttering insincere words.”

Xing Ji nodded, “I am sorry for the lack of respect, I will make up for it next time.” With that, he left.

lady Xing sent Xing Yusheng away, then asked Su Liang for help in making a match for Xing Yusheng and Lin Xueqing, to create opportunities for them to cultivate their relationship.

“You know our Yusheng. He never likes to force people. But with matters of fate, if he doesn’t take initiative, I fear he will miss his opportunity. I really like Xueqing, and when she enters our home, she can move out to live with Yusheng if she wants more freedom. I wouldn’t stop her.” lady Xing sighed, “At this age, having seen so much, I’m clear that even families have their disagreements. Forcing people together can constrain their actions but not their hearts. What’s the point? I just wish for the well-being of my children and grandchildren. Everything else is secondary.”

Su Liang nodded, “Children and grandchildren have their own fortunes.”

“That’s exactly right.” lady Xing held Su Liang’s hand, laughing, “I always feel that you’re our Xing family’s lucky star. Also, there’s something I need to explain to you today.”

Su Liang listened as lady Xing brought up the incident when Xing Yusheng had been poisoned.

“I only have one son. He was willful and loved to have fun in his younger years, often going out. He first met Miao’s daughter who is now his concubine. She’s a minor official’s daughter and a distant relative of the Nian family. The former emperor arranged a marriage for Ji, and he didn’t have a choice but to accept. He was meant to break it off with Miao’s daughter, letting her find someone else to marry, but she was set on Ji. She didn’t cry or make a fuss, she just refused to marry anyone else, insisting on keeping herself for Ji.” lady Xing looked wistful.

“My daughter-in-law, Qin Xiang, is a high-born girl. She married afar into our family and was always good in every aspect, I liked her. But just after her marriage, she found out from gossiping servants that Ji had a previous lover. Being someone with a lot of pride, she’s had a thorn in her side ever since then. ”

“When Ji married Qin Xiang, he promised his father-in-law and brother-in-law that if Qin Xiang had a son within five years, he would never take a concubine in his life. I was unhappy about this, but since Ji had promised Qin family, and knowing his temperament, I had no choice but to accept it. Qin family made that request because they knew exactly what kind of person Qin Xiang is.”

“I hoped that Ji would forget Miao’s daughter and live happily with Qin Xiang. In the initial two years, Ji didn’t look for Miao’s daughter, and she didn’t look for him. He and Qin Xiang got along very well, and she became pregnant with

Yusheng. ”

“I’ve always hoped that Miao’s daughter would hurry up and marry, so there won’t be complications. But she hasn’t done anything wrong, she just doesn’t want to get married. Her family sees this as a way to climb up to Ji, so they let her be. I can’t force her to marry someone.”

“In that year there was a prolonged and heavy rain in the north of Qian

Country. Miss Miao went out to pray and her carriage rolled off the mountain, Miss Miao disappeared. Instead of going to find her, Miao’s family went to Xing Ji.

“After three days, Xing Ji managed to rescue Miss Miao. I was thinking back then, if Qin Xiang quarrels with Xing Ji, I would be the bad person and find another place for Miss Miao as soon as possible.”

“But Xing Ji and Miss Miao didn’t have anything going on, and he didn’t plan to take Miss Miao as his concubine. Nevertheless, Qin Xiang insisted on letting Miss Miao enter the household. Qin Xiang considered herself as the one who ruined the union between Xing Ji and Miss Miao, and after giving birth to Yuyu, she no longer let Xing Ji touch her.”

“Between the three of them, each one was more stubborn in character than the last. Many things happened, and it’s unclear who was right and who was wrong. Yuyu believes that his father had done his mother wrong, that’s why he is still sulking.”

“As for the matters when Yuyu was poisoned, I figured out after my return, it had something to do with Miss Miao, but it wasn’t her doing it, it was a cunning maid by her side who was instructed by her family members.”

“I’ve dealt with all those people. After all these years, although I’ve always disliked Miss Miao, I’ve come to understand her. In her heart, there’s only Xing Ji, she’s timid, bull-headed, but she’s not a bad person. Otherwise, when Yuyu was sick for so long, I would have suspected her already. She doesn’t like Yuyu, but she really doesn’t have the guts to harm him.”

Lady Xing let out a deep sigh, “I’m not trying to whitewash Miss Miao, perhaps she’s just very good at hiding things, which I failed to notice. We conducted thorough investigations back then, and Xing Ji did not spare her any face, affirming that if she was involved he would kill her himself. But charges can’t be fabricated without any evidence. She doesn’t get along with Yuyu, so they should just live their separate lives in the future. Xing Family’s descendants don’t have to worry about promotions anymore, it’s not a bad thing that there’s no kingdom for them to fight over.”

Su Liang did not distrust Lady Xing’s words. At this point, there’s no need to cover up for anyone. If Miss Miao really were a wicked woman, how could Lady Xing, being as clever as she is, allow her to stay by Xing Ji’s side and raise her granddaughter and grandson?

As for the tangled relationships between Xing Ji, Qin Xiang and Miss Miao, one could only say that fate is unpredictable.

In Su Liang’s view, most weddings dictated by imperial decrees do not end well.

Even outsiders could say that Qin Xiang was sent by the court to monitor Xing

Ji. They had contradictions right from the start of their marriage.

Young Miss Qin from the capital city. It was only natural that he would fall in love with a gentle and attentive girl who was infatuated with him in his youth.

The subsequent complications, whether of feelings or responsibilities, once certain things happened, there was no turning back.

“I’ve unconsciously ended up chatting for so long. I’m aware that the Lin family must feel that the Xing family is complicated and fear that Xueqing will be wronged when she marries in. Regarding this, please reassure them. As long as I’m alive, I’ll have the final say in the Xing family.” Lady Xing said with a serious expression.

She mentioned so many past incidents of the Xing family to Su Liang, essentially only wanting to tell Su Liang that although Xing family might be more complicated than Lin family, they weren’t that scary.

Lady Xing knew that the Lin Family trusted Su Liang very much. This marital arrangement was facilitated by Su Liang, but still, there were variables. She didn’t want Xing Yu Sheng to miss out on Lin Xueqing.

“Lady Xing, don’t worry. I will explain these situations clearly to the Lin family.” Su Liang nodded, “Xueqing often goes to visit Yu Jin. The crown prince Xing should accompany Old Master Qin more often.”

Upon hearing this, Lady Xing immediately smiled. Lin Xueqing went to the Qin family, allowing Xing Yusheng to go along too, allowing both to have more contact with each other and develop feelings.

In this world, there are plenty of blind and mute marriages. The Xing family receiving a matrimonial decree and being willing to give Lin family a choice was indeed a significant advantage in the eyes of the Lin family.

After Lady Xing invited Su Liang for lunch, she left the Marquis Zhong Xin Mansion and went to Duke Qin’s Mansion to give Old Master Qin acupuncture.

Duanmu Chen went to the palace again to report the assault on Second Prince Duanmu Ao at Huguo Temple.

“Has the real culprit been found?” Duanmu Yi asked.

Duanmu Chen didn’t nod, “I have only found the person with the greatest suspicion, but there is no direct evidence. If the Second Prince has any clues, maybe we can confirm whether this person is the real culprit.”

“Who?” Duanmu Yi asked.

Duanmu Chen respectfully replied, “Fourth miss of the Nian Family, Nian


Duanmu Yi’s eyes slightly narrowed, ‘What evidence is there?”

Duanmu Chen explained, “The crown prince of the Marquis Zhong Xin’s Mansion saw Nian Ruxue coming out of the back mountain of Huguo Temple by herself, appearing uneasy, his subordinate also saw it. The young mistress of the Qin Family, Qin Yujin along with Miss Lin Xueqing was searching for a girl they lost. They also saw Miss Nian, she said she went to the back of the mountain alone to see the scenery and did not encounter anyone.” Actually, this did not count as evidence, but Duanmu Chen stopped talking here.

He knew that Duanmu Yi had once had a private meeting with Nian Ruxue alone. However, this was a secret, Duanmu Ao surely didn’t know about it, otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to tease Nian Ruxue at the Huguo Temple.

Duanmu Chen conjectured that Nian Ruxue and Duanmu Yi didn’t really have a

relationship, otherwise, Nian Ruxue would have entered the palace by now.

But despite the cancellation of Nian Ruxue’s marriage contract with the crown prince, it indicated Duanmu Yi’s intention to have her.

Now, Duanmu Chen didn’t actually say anything, yet he left enough room for imagination.

Duanmu Ao was well-known to be a lustful person.

Nian Ruxue was a beautiful and lone young lady.

If the two of them were alone on Huguo Temple’s back mountain, what could happen?

If nothing happened, why would Nian Ruxue attack Duanmu Ao?

Even if Duanmu Ao just touched Nian Ruxue once, in Duanmu Yi’s eyes, she would be considered dirty.

Even if the event of “Nian Ruxue hitting Duanmu Ao” indicated Nian Ruxue’s loyalty towards Duanmu Yi.

“Your Majesty, I haven’t yet asked Miss Nian about this matter, shall I summon her to the palace now? The clues are very vague, it may just be a misunderstanding, and the person who injured the Second Prince might be someone else. But I’m thinking, if someone intended to harm the Second Prince, the culprit left him alive even when the Second Prince was unconscious, which is rather strange.” Duanmu Chen said with a serious expression.

Emperor Duanmu Yi’s expression was as cold as ice, “No need to inquire further. This issue ends here.”

Duanmu Chen nodded, “Yes.”

“Draft a decree, Nian Ruxue will be given to the second son as a side consort. Go to the Nian family’s residence today and deliver the matrimonial decree.” Duanmu Yi said in a cold voice.

Duanmu Chen looked surprised, then said soberly, “Yes, Your Majesty..”

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