The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 230 - : 230. Responsive Brand

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Chapter 230: 230. Responsive Brand

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Su Liang’s body flipped, rolling off the bed with the momentum, but before she could make intimate contact with the floor, someone grabbed her clothes and threw her back on the bed.

Of course, she did not fall.

While lying on the bed, Su Liang’s head was still in a daze, staring blankly at Gu Ling, who had changed positions with her and was now standing beside the bed. At this moment, his true face showed, and because he had just woken up, there was a faint blush on his cool face, stunningly beautiful.

Su Liang lowered her head and saw Gu Ling’s feet.

Gu Ling’s gaze moved away from Su Liang’s round eyes and his thin lips opened slightly. “After returning last night, I took a bath.”

Su Liang blinked. “Oh, I’m not saying you’re dirty… No, whether you’re dirty or not, you shouldn’t sleep on my bed!”

Gu Ling’s expression was calm. “Where’s my bedding?”

Su Liang hesitated for a moment before she realized. The things originally in the next room belonged to “Ning Jing” and had always been kept as they were. She had been too busy these days, and Lin Xueqing and Xing Yusheng, out of kindness, had packed up and put away the bedding and other items in the neighboring room, hoping that Su Liang could move on…

This was not solely their decision, as they had asked Su Liang beforehand if it was okay.

At that time, Su Liang was busy researching antidotes and didn’t take it to heart, so she perfunctorily nodded her head, and they went ahead with it.

Now Su Liang could recall the scene of Xing Yusheng directing Qi Yan and Qi Jun to carry the boxes out. Still, she had no time to worry about it and was wholeheartedly trying to detoxify Gao Jiabao.

As a result, Gu Ling went through the trouble of finding the antidote, only to find his bed reduced to a bare plank when he returned… Nothing was left.

Su Liang coughed awkwardly. “Xing Yusheng and Xueqing were afraid I’d be constantly reminded, so they moved them to the warehouse.”

It wasn’t that the couple were meddling in her affairs.

Normally, after someone died in the room next door, it would be considered a house with a bad omen. Anyone else would not continue to live in Su Liang’s courtyard; they would definitely choose to move to a different place.

Not only did Su Liang stay, but it was also as if nothing had happened. To Lin Xueqing, it appeared Su Liang seemed unwilling to accept that Ning Jing was gone…

The direct reason for Lin Xueqing’s suggestion to clean up the room was that Xing Yusheng opened the door to the neighboring room and wanted to see what it was like, only to find a neatly laid out set of bedding on the bed!

For them, this was a little shocking. Because no one was living there, after the body had been removed, the bed’s surface had been soaked in blood, and they had only just cleaned it. When Su Liang first returned, there would have been no bedding on it. That meant she had arranged it specifically.

As a result, they both thought that Su Liang only appeared calm on the surface, but her heart was actually immersed in pain, unable to break free. She was still waiting for “Ning Jing” to return, which was not a good sign.

So, this situation occurred now.

“I was too tired last night and had no place to go,” Gu Ling explained why he slept in Su Liang’s bed.

Su Liang quickly nodded. “Don’t stand on ceremony. I was too busy in the past few days and didn’t pay attention to them fussing about. If you hadn’t come back with the antidote in time last night, Great God, I really don’t know what to do. It’s just sleeping in my bed, you can ask anything of me now, and I definitely won’t have any hesitation!”

Seeing Su Liang’s earnest expression, Gu Ling fell silent for a moment before speaking. “Alright, give me a voucher that says you’ll fulfill any request, I might need it one day.”

Su Liang touched her forehead. The reason Gu Ling could say such a “forward” phrase was, of course, because she had mentioned something similar in the past.

“Okay, I’ll give it to you today, ” Su Liang said solemnly. This time, Gu Ling truly solved her critical problem and saved her once again.

As she finished speaking, Su Liang suddenly realized something was wrong. “Great God, have you grown wings?

Otherwise, it would be impossible to travel from Qian Country to Yin Country in just six days!

Gu Ling bent down, picked up his shoes and socks from beside the bed, walked to a table not far away, and sat down to put them on. He answered Su Liang’s question, “I didn’t go to Yin Country.”

Su Liang sat up and frowned. “Then where did the antidote come from? Did you happen to meet Man Ya here in Qian Country?”

Gu Ling shook his head slightly. “Not Man Ya. I know someone who is a Poison Master. I was afraid that going to Yin Country would take too long, so I went to find that person first. Since I didn’t know if I would find him or if I could get the antidote, I didn’t say anything in advance.”

Su Liang suddenly realized, “That makes sense. I was wondering if you, Great God, could have flown to Yin Country. How come you’ve never mentioned that you have such an incredible friend?”

Gu Ling shook his head again. “I know him, but we are not friends.”

Su Liang’s expression became serious. “What were his conditions for giving you the antidote?”

Gu Ling looked up at Su Liang, “Me.”

Su Liang’s expression was astonished, “A homosexual? Have you taken a fancy to Great God?”

Gu Ling’s brows furrowed, “Woman.”

“Ah?” Su Liang was stunned for a moment, ‘Your friend… oh, no, the poison master you know, is a woman? That was my misunderstanding. If it’s a woman and she takes a fancy to Great God, it’s reasonable. Did you get the antidote by agreeing to marry her?”

Gu Ling looked at Su Liang, who was asking seriously, and stood up, walking to the bedside.

Su Liang instinctively lay down and pulled the quilt over herself, “Great God, I am just curious, you don’t have to hit me, do you?”

Gu Ling stood by the bed, looking down at Su Liang, “Do you think I would sell myself to save Gao Jiabao?”

Su Liang immediately shook her head, “That’s impossible! To save anyone, Great God would never do such a thing! So how did you get the antidote? Did you beat up the woman? Did you snatch it?”

“No,” Gu Ling shook his head, “I just said that she’s not good enough for me, and told her not to indulge in wishful thinking.”

Su Liang stretched out a hand from under the quilt, thumbs up, ‘Great God, you truly are divine! But hearing those words, the poison master should be grateful she didn’t kill you with poison, and she still gave you the antidote.


“Reverse psychology,” Gu Ling said indifferently, “When she heard my words, she laid a bet with me. If one day I get married, she’ll come to snatch the bride, compete with her, and if she wins, I’ll marry her. If she loses, we shall owe each other nothing.”

Su Liang thought for a moment, “Such a bet is not unfair, after all, you provoked her first, and she’s being reasonable. But whoever marries you in the future will be miserable, won’t they? There’s a risk of being replaced on the wedding day.”

“Is it my fault?” Gu Ling asked.

Su Liang looked serious, “No, it’s all my fault. The fact that Great God has gotten into this situation is because he’s trying to help me. If trouble comes because of this, I will do my duty to help you solve it!”

“Bear in mind your_words.” Gu Ling turned around and said, “Sleep now.”

In the blink of an eye, Gu Ling’s figure had disappeared.

She heaved a long sigh of relief, both mind and body relaxed. Suddenly realizing that Gu Ling had slept on this bed last night, but it wasn’t the first time they shared a bed. They had before at the Ping’an Temple outside Xuanbei City.

Since they were close friends and buddies, it didn’t matter. Su Liang thought about it, sleepiness overcame her, she closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

When Xing Yusheng and Lin Xueqing came again today and heard from Qi Jun about the dangerous events last night, they both sighed with relief upon learning that Gao Jiabao had been detoxified.

“Was the antidote made by Sister Su?” Lin Xueqing asked.

Qi Jun shook his head, “It seems to be brought by Miss Su’s friend. She said that she had asked a friend to find the antidote, but I did not see it clearly.”

Xing Yusheng hesitated for a moment, “Su Liang’s friend?” To outsiders, Su Liang was very mysterious. But Xing Yusheng met Su Liang in Bei’an County, knowing that her social circle was rather narrow and her life was simple. He knew most of Su Liang’s friends.

“Maybe it’s Sister Su’s master, a reclusive master who secretly protects Sister Su,” Lin Xueqing began to fantasize. She always believed that Su Liang had a profound and unfathomable master.

Xing Yusheng thought for a while and instructed Qi Jun not to spread the news about the incident. If anyone asked, he should just say that Su Liang saved Gao Jiabao.

He knew that the royal family didn’t like their subjects having secrets, and the mysterious person around Su Liang might also want to stay hidden. So it’s safer this way.

“Yes, master. I won’t tell anyone about this matter. Gao Jiabao’s father was there at the time, but he didn’t see it,” Qi Jun said.

When they learned that Su Liang had only gone to rest in the early morning, they didn’t disturb her. Lin Xueqing went to prepare something for Su Liang to eat, and Xing Yusheng checked on Gao Jiabao.

Su Liang slept very deeply this time. When she woke up, it was already approaching noon.

She changed clothes and went out, only to see Qin Yujin and Lin Xueqing sitting by the stone table under the tree arranging flowers. The beautiful flowers of various colors were arranged on the table, and the valuable antique vases that Su Liang had never seen before were there as well.

“Sister Liang,” Qin Yujin greeted with a gentle smile.

Lin Xueqing immediately dropped the flowers in her hands, got up, ran over, and hugged Su Liang’s arm, “Sister Su, are you awake? Did you sleep well? Are you hungry? Thirsty? I made lotus root and pork rib soup for you again.”

Su Liang smiled, “That’s great, I’m starving.”

After washing up, she asked if Gao Jiabao was awake yet.

“Not yet! Master just went to check on him again. The old physician from the Gao Family took his pulse and said he’s fine, just weak and still asleep.” Lin Xueqing said.

Su Liang breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good to hear.”

As she enjoyed the delicious Lotus Root and Pork Rib Soup, Su Liang wondered where Gu Ling was at the moment, having no home, no bedding, and unable to eat three meals a day.

Lin Xueqing noticed Su Liang was lost in thought, “Sister Su, what are you thinking about?”

Su Liang lightly laughed, “I was just thinking, this lotus root is so delicious, is there any more?”

Lin Xueqing laughed too, “Of course! We didn’t use all the ingredients we brought today. What would you like me to cook for you, Sister Su?”

Su Liang shook her head, “You all have taken good care of me these past few days, fortunately, there were no serious issues. Now that I’m fine, Xueqing and Yu Jin should look after your husbands more, otherwise, they’ll hate me.” “They wouldn’t!” Qin Yujin and Lin Xueqing said in unison.

Lin Xueqing couldn’t help but giggle, “Actually, my husband did get jealous, saying that in my heart, you are much more important than him.” “What did you say to him?” Su Liang asked.

Lin Xueqing slightly raised her chin, “I told him that without Sister Su, I wouldn’t have met him and married him in the first place!”

Su Liang chuckled, although not entirely true, she didn’t need to quibble about the couple’s sweet nothings.

Qin Yujin joked, “Since our cousin got married, he’s been living the good life, I can tell he’s even gained weight.”

Lin Xueqing couldn’t help but smile, “Actually, it’s because I love cooking, and he always finishes what I make. So, he’s been eating more than he used to. Doesn’t Second Brother do the same? He loves whatever his second sister-in-law cooks too.”

Su Liang: …Why do they have to feed her dog food when she’s enjoying the delicious Pork Rib Soup? And it’s even double-served with extra sugar.

After Su Liang finished her bowl of soup, Qin Yujin and Lin Xueqing’s flower arrangement was done.

Lin Xueqing explained to Su Liang, “These flowers are from the Zhong Xin

Marquis Mansion’s garden, and the vase was a gift from grandmother to you. She specially asked us to cut the best ones for Sister Su after learning Gao

Jiabao is alright, just to console you and cheer you up.”

Su Liang admired the vibrant bouquet and nodded, “They are beautiful, I like them. Thank you to Granny Xing, I’ll visit her in a few days.”

Afterward, when Su Liang wanted to go see Gao Jiabao, Qin Yujin and Lin Xueqing left her side. Lin Xueqing invited Su Liang to have dinner at her house before leaving, but Su Liang politely declined, saying she would go another day.

When Su Liang saw Gao Jiabao, his mother was feeding him congee.

He was originally pale and thin, and now even thinner after being poisoned. His skin was almost translucent, and he looked very weak.

But when Su Liang entered the room, Gao Jiabao still managed a smile.

“How are you feeling?” Su Liang went to Gao Jiabao’s bedside and took his pulse.

“Not bad, just a little tired…” Gao Jiabao’s voice was hoarse and low.

“Nothing serious, just rest well and you’ll recover,” Su Liang said.

Gao Jiabao’s mother looked at Su Liang with gratitude, “Thank you so much,

General Su.”

Su Liang quickly waved her hand, “No need to, Gao Jiabao got involved because of me.”

“No, it’s not your fault,” Gao Jiabao shook his head. “Someone wanted to harm you, and you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Su Liang sighed slightly, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. As long as everyone’s okay, that’s all that matters. Don’t worry, I’ll make those who work against us pay double.”

Though Gao Jiabao still didn’t know who was behind it all, he had a feeling that Su Liang knew.

But to avoid making his mother worry, Gao Jiabao didn’t ask and tried to act relaxed, “After coming back from the Ghost Gate, I’ve realized that peace is the most important thing. I should spend more time with my family, and put off military matters until I’ve recovered.”

Gao Jiabao’s mother was overjoyed to hear this. She was most afraid that after Gao Jiabao’s recovery, he would be determined to join the army and go to war, and they could not bear the fear of losing him again.

“That’s best,” Su Liang nodded.

Gao Jiabao insisted on returning to his own home today, and his parents shared the same idea.

Su Liang did not force them to stay, but instead wrote a prescription for nourishing medicine for Dr. Gao and gave them some good medicine for physical recovery, saying that she would visit the Gao family tomorrow.

After seeing off Gao’s family, Su Liang allowed Qi Jun and Qi Yan to go back and rest as well. They had been a great help in the past few days.

“Master, shall I ask if Miss Su would like me to stay here and follow her from now on?” Qi Jun asked Su Liang.

Upon hearing this, Su Liang chuckled lightly and said, “Having someone as talented as you by my side would be great. However, Xueqing and the others have just moved out to live on their own, and it’s the time when they need your protection the most. Now that we’re so close, I won’t hesitate to ask for your help if I need anything.”

Qi Jun had expected to be rejected, but Su Liang’s words always made him feel comfortable, so he didn’t say anything else and left with Qi Yan.

At night, Lin Xueqing had Qi Jun send dinner to Su Liang, still steaming hot.

When Qi Jun returned to the neighboring Xing Mansion, he told Lin Xueqing that when he went there, Su Liang was making Lotus Root and Pork Rib Soup.

Lin Xueqing was a bit surprised, “Didn’t I just make Lotus Root and Pork Rib Soup for Su Liang at lunch today? She likes it so much! I’ll make it for her again tomorrow.”

At this moment, Su Liang had just scooped out the freshly cooked soup, along with two dishes she made herself, a small pot of sour soup noodles, and the dishes Xueqing sent over. She brought them all into the room.

Gu Ling, who had disappeared somewhere earlier, was already sitting at the table with a different face after his disguise. However, Su Liang was very familiar with this face too.

“Today’s freshly-dug lotus roots from the Lotus Pond in Marquis Zhong Xin’s Mansion, a secret recipe passed down in Xueqing’s family. How about giving it a try, Great God?” Su Liang handed over the spoon.

Gu Ling first took a sip of the soup, then ate a piece of rib, followed by a piece of tender and glutinous lotus root, and slightly nodded, “Not bad.”

“Have you eaten lotus roots from that Lotus Pond before?” Su Liang asked. She suddenly remembered that the current Marquis Zhong Xin’s Mansion was originally the Gu Family’s mansion, Marquis Chang Xin’s Mansion, so Gu Ling should be very familiar with it.

Gu Ling nodded slightly, “I’ve eaten Snow Pear and Lotus Root Juice made by my mother. ”

“Snow Pear and Lotus Root Juice? This is my first time hearing about it, and I don’t know how to make it,” Su Liang shook her head, “By the way, I went to the palace a few days ago and heard from the emperor that your maternal grandfather is coming as a representative of Liang Country to discuss a marriage alliance with Qian Country. Is he coming for you?”

Gu Ling’s expression was indifferent, “No.”

“It seems like you really don’t like him,” Su Liang said, “For now, I don’t want to go back to the army. I’ll teach Mu Ya a lesson the next time we meet. I want to rest at home for a while, and when King Yue of Liang Country arrives, see if your identity can be smoothly restored.”

“What about the thing you owe me?” Gu Ling asked. Su Liang was stunned, then stood up, “I’ll write it now.”

“No need,” Gu Ling said and threw something over.

Su Liang caught it by instinct and found that it was a delicate wooden token with four words carved on it, “Request Granted Unconditionally.”

Su Liang sat back down and laughed, “Did the Great God give this to me? You’re too polite. Then I’ll respectfully…”

Gu Ling’s eyes looked over coldly.

Su Liang became serious, holding the wooden token with both hands and raising it over her head, “Request Granted Unconditionally Token, please accept it, Great God. Whenever and wherever, just show this token, make any request to me, and I’ll fulfill it without hesitation. One chance, use it and it’s vow.

Gu Ling took it, “Good.”

Su Liang complained inwardly, thinking that someone must have too much free time, even carving a token himself, as if afraid that she would renege on the deal. It was a very ceremonious atmosphere, but was it necessary…

“What are you thinking about?” Gu Ling asked in a mysterious tone.

Su Liang immediately smiled and picked up her chopsticks to serve Gu Ling some food, “I was thinking about how to make Snow Pear and Lotus Root


Gu Ling paused for a moment, then nodded and said, “It shouldn’t be difficult.

You can try it tomorrow..”

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