The Doctor’s Three-Time Marriage-Chapter 291 - : 291. Returning Home, Two Masters

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Chapter 291: 291. Returning Home, Two Masters

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No one in Yao City expected that Gu Ling and Su Liang, who were granted marriage by order and had a splendid wedding, would break up not long after the ceremony began and right after paying their respects at the hall.

The reason quickly spread: it had always been Su Liang’s unrequited love, and

Gu Ling agreed to the imperial marriage only to ask Emperor Liang for the Thousand-year Snow Lotus. He never truly intended to marry her, and even worse, he planned to give the Snow Lotus to another woman!

Those who heard the news were shocked and deeply sympathized with Su Liang’s plight, while also condemning Gu Ling’s cold and selfish behavior. They also admired Su Liang’s decisiveness in separating from Gu Ling after learning the truth.

For a time, the whole of Yao City was abuzz with discussion about this matter.

The festivities at Prince Ning’s mansion had long ended, but the bright red wedding decorations hung at the gate made all who saw them sigh.

Su Liang went to the palace, and Ren Dong arranged for the two guards who accompanied Nian Jincheng to eat and rest.

Nian Jincheng also went to bed. He had seen Gu Ling and Su Liang, and the development of the situation was beyond his control. He left it to them. Situ Xie, who hadn’t left yet, saw Gu Ling taking off his wedding clothes and packing his luggage, and sighed deeply, ‘You two had planned this fake marriage beforehand, hadn’t you?”

Gu Ling’s expression was indifferent, “No.” In fact, he felt a bit regretful. This marriage had ended too quickly, and he hadn’t even had the chance to properly see Su Liang in her wedding dress.

Situ Xie shook his head, “Forget it. As long as you know what you’re doing, with Su Liang’s intelligence, she should be able to get through Emperor Liang’s questioning. When she leaves the palace, you two should hurry back to Qian Country to avoid any further complications.”

As Situ Xie was about to leave, he turned back at the door, “Did Emperor Qian send Su Liang here for the Mu Family’s secret scroll? How will you explain yourselves if you return empty-handed?”

Gu Ling countered, “Will you give the secret scroll to me?”

Situ Xie’s expression stiffened, “The secret scroll is with the emperor, and even if I had it, giving it to you would be detrimental to Liang Country. Ling’er, I hope you remember that Emperor Qian will only use and be suspicious of you, never truly trusting you. But Liang Country will always accept you.”

Gu Ling no longer spoke, and Situ Xie sighed repeatedly, “Take care in the future. If you ever need my help, just let me know.” With that, he left.

Gu Ling stared at Situ Xie’s retreating figure, momentarily puzzled about what his real intentions were.

Liang Country’s Imperial Palace.

Having heard Su Liang’s reasons for wanting to annul her marriage with Gu Ling, Situ Han couldn’t reproach her. After all, he knew about Gu Ling’s demand for the Thousand-year Snow Lotus in exchange for the marriage, but he never told Su Liang.

Su Liang was not an ordinary woman. She was famous for winning the Martial Arts Champion title and had gained Emperor Qian’s favor afterwards. Given her temperament, her reaction to being deceived was only natural.

Situ Han tried to console Su Liang, “As you spend more time together, Ling’er will naturally grow fond of you.”

Su Liang’s eyes dimmed, “Does Your Majesty think I chose to give up?”

Situ Han furrowed his brows, only to see Su Liang’s bitter smile, “Today he revealed the truth because he is unwilling to continue with me. After all, he has already obtained the Snow Lotus and fulfilled his promise to you by completing the wedding ceremony with me. However, he is determined not to truly be my husband. In that case, insisting on it would mean losing my self-respect.”

At this point, Su Liang was seen as a victim of a deceitful marriage, and Situ Han, as Gu Ling’s accomplice, couldn’t say more.

However, at this moment, Situ Han doubted whether Su Liang made this decision because Nian Jincheng had brought Duanmu Yi’s intentions.

“I heard that General Nian was sent to deliver Emperor Qian’s edict to you, but something happened?” asked Situ Han.

Su Liang nodded, “The emperor is unwell and ordered me to return to the country as soon as possible. Emperor Liang has fully recovered, and I should have already returned.”

Situ Han understood that his goal of letting Su Liang and Gu Ling marry had only been half accomplished, and he could only leave it at that. He guessed that Duanmu Yi’s real purpose in sending Nian Jincheng was for the secret scroll, so he asked Su Liang when she planned to set out.

“Today,” sighed Su Liang, “I can’t delay any longer.”

Situ Han was surprised. She was leaving today? Was Su Liang not planning to steal the secret scroll? Or was she planning to pretend to leave and then secretly return?

After a series of polite refusals and Situ Han watching Su Liang leave, he sent someone to summon Situ Xie to the palace.

When Su Liang returned to Prince Ning’s mansion, Ren Dong saw her calm appearance and thought she was upset but didn’t want to show it. She could barely contain her indignation, “Marquis Chang Xin is too much! The master has been so good to him, but he deliberately deceived her!”

Su Liang took Ren Dong into her room, and while packing her luggage, she said, “Don’t get agitated. He didn’t deceive me.”

Ren Dong was stunned, and Su Liang smiled, “I knew from the beginning that he agreed to the imperial marriage just for the Snow Lotus. I also planned with him to stay in Yao City to search for the secret scroll by prolonging our time here. Now that the emperor has ordered us to return, it’s time to stop pretending.”

Ren Dong was dumbfounded, “Didn’t the master really want to marry Marquis Gil?”

Su Liang shrugged, “I did before, but in the future, it depends on my mood. As for now, I just want to go home as soon as possible.”

Ren Dong: … Can you really control your emotions so easily? So carefree! I just knew it, my master could never be trapped by feelings!

Seeing Ren Dong’s admiring face, Su Liang told her not to think about those random things and quickly prepare for departure.

Although their marriage had been annulled on the wedding day, Su Liang and Gu Ling, both being subjects of Qian Country, left Yao City together under the watchful eyes of the people. As before, Su Liang rode a horse and Gu Ling sat in the carriage.

As for the many gifts and rewards Su Liang had received, she asked Situ Xie to help send them to Qian Country later, and Situ Xie happily agreed.

Peng Wei and Peng Fan escorted them to the city gate.

“Are you alright?” said Peng Wei. He glared at the carriage carrying Gu Ling, clearly believing that Su Liang had been badly hurt.

Su Liang shook her head, “I’m fine. Don’t worry, Uncle Peng.”

“You’re so good, it’s that brat’s problem! There are plenty of people who like you, right, Peng Fan?” Peng Wei intentionally spoke loudly.

Peng Fan, suddenly mentioned, hesitated for a moment. He admired Su Liang and had once been moved by her, but his father had extinguished that tiny spark in his heart. Upon returning, his grandfather had told him he was unworthy of Su Liang and should give up early; however, to comfort Su Liang today, he had to make his position clear…

Nevertheless, Peng Fan said solemnly, “Yes, I am one of Miss Suls admirers.”

Gu Ling in the carriage: … Su Liang will definitely say thank you.

Su Liang suddenly laughed, “Oh, thank you, Young Master Peng.”

Peng Fan: … Not at all, not surprising…

Nian Jincheng cleared his throat, “It’s getting late.”

Su Liang saluted, “Uncle Peng, hurry back! Farewell, everyone!”

It was not only the Peng family members, but also Situ Jing and Situ Yao who came to see her off. Su Liang had already said goodbye.

Watching them leave, Situ Yao sighed, “The happiest day has turned out like this.”

Situ Jing shook his head, “Little sister, don’t think too much about it. They don’t seem to care much.”

After leaving Yao City, Su Liang knew that Situ Han or Situ Xie would definitely send someone to monitor their movements, suspecting that they would sneak back to steal the secret scroll.

As for this, Su Liang didn’t care. Let them watch, she wouldn’t return to Yao City to steal the secret scroll, there was no need.

That night, they rested in another city closest to Yao City.

The guards arranged by Duanmu Yi for Nian Jincheng found it strange that Su Liang and Gu Ling could eat at the same table as if nothing had happened, but their only duty was to report back to Duanmu Yi everything they saw and heard, without thinking too much.

When they set out the next day, Gu Ling also rode a horse.

Without the carriage, the speed of the team was much faster. In fact, neither Gu Ling nor Su Liang needed to rush back day and night; it was all for Nian Jincheng to reunite with his newlywed wife as soon as possible. As there were spies watching, they decided to hurry up and discuss things after returning home.

All the rests were decided by Gu Ling. He had the highest status and the biggest temper, and everyone listened to him.

And Nian Jincheng knew very well that the decision to rest or not, and for how long, actually depended on whether Su Liang was hungry, cold, or tired. Gu Ling did everything to make Su Liang less tired.

Thus, by the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival, they had left Liang Country and returned to Xuanbei City in Qian Country.

By the time they arrived in Xuanbei City, it was already late afternoon. Su Liang and Gu Ling decided to stay here for the night.

“Did Lian Shun go home?” Su Liang asked Xing Ji.

Xing Ji nodded with a smile, “After he went to Liang Country, the Lian family in Jiaye City sent a letter asking him to go home for the New Year. He insisted on leaving after reading the letter, and I didn’t stop him.”

“Both successors the righteous father wants to train have all gone south. What should we do?” Su Liang chuckled.

Xing Ji sighed, “Yes, but if you could help me, I wouldn’t care about those brats at all.”

Su Liang nodded, “I’d be happy to, but the emperor thinks I’m more suitable as an Imperial Physician for now.” Although she had voluntarily resigned as a general, being a general in the capital city didn’t hold much significance. “What about you?” Xing Ji asked with a smile, “What do you like to do?”

Su Liang thought seriously, “Comparatively speaking, rather than going to battle and killing enemies, I prefer to practice medicine and save lives. It’s not as thrilling and heart-stirring, and it suits me as a weak girl.”

Xing Ji burst into laughter, “If you are a weak girl, then wouldn’t Yu Sheng be ashamed to death?”

As for Xing Ji’s habit of teasing his own son while praising her, Su Liang had long become accustomed to it and once again promised to convey his words to Xing Yusheng.

Seeing Su Liang always put Xing Ji in a good mood. After exchanging pleasantries, they got to the main point.

Su Liang told Xing Ji that she planned to return to the capital city and explain everything to Duanmu Yi. She and Gu Ling agreed to Emperor Liang’s forced marriage just to obtain the secret scroll.

“If that’s the case, the emperor shouldn’t blame you.” Xing Ji, knowing that Gu Ling hadn’t intentionally deceived Su Liang, felt relieved. He was also worried that Su Liang would be hurt by loving Gu Ling too much without getting a response.

“As for that secret scroll, it was originally obtained by Situ Xie and then deliberately put up for sale to lure out the head of the Mu Family. The emperor of Liang Country got it unexpectedly.” Su Liang said.

Xing Ji’s expression became serious, “So that’s how it was. But even if it’s only a

half-scroll that’s unusable as you said, the emperor will still want it.”

Su Liang had already made a plan for it, “I will explain it to the emperor.”

Xing Ji nodded, “In that case, I can rest assured.” He didn’t ask further how she planned to explain things to Duanmu Yi.

When Su Liang was about to leave, Xing Ji asked about her real relationship with Gu Ling.

“Not bad, but for now, we’re just friends.” Su Liang said.

“Do you think it could go further?” Xing Ji asked with a smile.

Su Liang clasped her hands together, “Fate is predetermined by the heavens, you should ask the old man under the moon.”

Xing Ji: …

When they set out early the next day, Qi Jun also joined the team heading back to the capital city. Su Liang thought he could have a good career in the army, but Qi Jiang didn’t want his son to become a military commander. Although Qi Jun had such an ambition, he preferred to follow Su Liang at this stage.

“If only I could go with my master to Liang Country.” Qi Jun said with some regret.

Su Liang called Ren Dong, “You tell Qi Jun how cold Liang Country is.”

Ren Dong thought for a moment and said, “I’m not afraid of the cold.”

Qi Jun looked baffled, only to hear Ren Dong say, “Because my name is Ren Dong.”

Qi Jun snorted a laugh, “Ren Dong, you’ve become humorous after going to Liang Country.”

Ren Dong: …That cold joke was told by Su Liang…

Then Su Liang silently rode forward to catch up with Gu Ling, “I’m afraid of the cold. You guys chat.”

Qi Jun asked about some people he knew, such as King Yue Situ Xie, Princess Yaoguang, and the Emperor of Liang Country. Ren Dong only talked about her impressions of those people, summing up her evaluation in two words:


Once again passing by Bei’an County’s Feiyan Town, Su Liang proposed to visit her old home and asked for half a day’s time.

Gu Ling didn’t express his opinion but implicitly agreed. They found an inn, and he went to his room, ordering not to be disturbed.

Nian Jincheng knew that Gu Ling would probably secretly return to Su Village, so he took the two guards to drink alcohol.

Su Liang brought Ren Dong and Qi Jun on horseback to Su Village. The mountains in the village were still covered with un-melted snow. Someone recognized Su Liang and shouted excitedly, “Miss Su is back!”

Soon, Su Liang saw many familiar faces. She greeted them and returned to her home in the village.

Little Tiger and Zhuzi were both at school. Bai Dame hurried over and was overjoyed to see Su Liang, “Liang girl, why did you come back? Are you leaving again?”

Su Liang didn’t need to ask and already knew everything in the village was fine. She explained to Bai Dame that this was just a stop on her way back from Liang Country on an official business and would leave soon.

“Little Tiger and Zhuzi always talk about you.” Bai Dame held Su Liang’s hand and wanted her to come over to eat.

“I came back to find a book, and I’ll be there later.” Su Liang said with a smile.

Bai Dame nodded repeatedly, “Alright, I’ll go cook for you now!” And then she hurriedly left.

Su Liang instructed Ren Dong and Qi Jun to go to the school and check the situation, and to report back to her afterward. The two left together. By the time Su Liang pushed open the door of the room Gu Ling had been staying in, he was already standing inside.

“Great God, how does it feel to be back home?” Su Liang lightly laughed.

Gu Ling turned around and nodded slightly, “It’s nice.”

“That’s a pretty high compliment from you. Your go-to comment is ‘it’s alright.”‘ Su Liang sat down at the table. “Unfortunately, there are no pumpkins or eggplants in the backyard during this season. I’m going to Bai Auntie’s house for dinner later, and you can’t go.”

This was because the Bai Family knew “Ning Jing,” not Gu Ling.

Gu Ling thought to himself that the next time he could eat at the Bai’s house, it would probably be after he and Su Liang got married.

In between, Su Bai visited and chatted with Su Liang for a while. He talked about the situation at the school and some things happening in the village. He also asked about Su Liang’s recent situation.

In this remote village, news wasn’t very up-to-date. Su Liang and Gu Ling’s marriage and separation in Liang Country hadn’t reached them yet.

Su Liang simply said that everything was fine for her.

After Su Bai left, Su Liang went to visit Su Dakuan. He couldn’t help but mention “Ning Jing” and Su Liang comforted him with a few words.

Aunt Bai prepared the most sumptuous peasant meal for Su Liang, Qi Jun, and Ren Dong. Little Tiger and Zhuzi also specially ran back from the school to see Su Liang. They had grown taller since the last time they met.

Su Liang couldn’t stay long, so she left after dinner.

Aunt Bai steamed a basket of steamed buns for her to eat on the road, and Uncle Bai roasted a bunch of small sweet potatoes.

When Su Liang returned to Feiyan Town, it was only then that Nian Jincheng went to knock on Gu Ling’s door, calling him out, saying it was time to leave.

Of those steamed buns and roasted sweet potatoes, Su Liang only gave one to each of the others, saying the rest were all hers, but in reality, she secretly gave them all to Gu Ling.

Qian Country’s capital city.

News of Gu Ling and Su Liang receiving Emperor Liang’s conferment and marriage, but breaking up on the day of their wedding in Liang Country, had already spread far and wide.

Su Liang’s friends had cursed Gu Ling countless times.

Every time Old Master Qin saw Lin Shuzhi, he would sigh. That young master from the Gu Family, even though he looked so pretty and had big eyes, also had a huge and terrible heart! He dared to bully such a good girl like Su Liang! It was unbearable!

Lin Shuzhi, who knew that everything was plotted by Su Liang and Gu Ling, could only cooperate with Old Master Qin, ridicule Gu Ling together, and show pity for Su Liang.

Finally, in the late lunar month, Su Liang and Gu Ling returned to the capital city.

Not long after entering the city, Su Liang saw a familiar hunchbacked old man fall by the roadside. Recognizing it was Old Mu, she hurriedly dismounted and lent him a hand.

“Thank you…Thank you, Dr. Su…” The old man spoke weakly, but there was a sharp glint in his eyes. He stuffed something into Su Liang’s sleeve and whispered, “Take this to finish the task.”

“Master is really kind.” Su Liang whispered while helping Old Mu up, “You should go home now.”

By the time Su Liang headed towards the Imperial Palace, the hunchbacked old man had disappeared into the crowd.

Su Mansion.

By the lakeside, there was a pile of alcohol jars lying around, and a man was lying among them. If you didn’t look closely, you might think it was all just a

pile of rags.

Old Mu walked over, and after kicking the “pile of rags” once, the figure moved. He kicked again, “Drunken fool, you better get up! I told the girl I’d find her a good master, but where am I supposed to put my old face when you’re half-dead like this?”

“What master…apprentice…l…want…to drink…” the “pile of rags” muttered unclearly.

Old Mu huffed angrily, “Drink, drink, drink! You’ll drink yourself to death one of these days! Let’s see how your apprentice treats you when she comes back!”

“App…appr…apprentice…what apprentice…no…none! I don’t have any!” The “pile of rags” giggled foolishly.

Old Mu sat by the lake and sighed, “I carried you back with so much effort, thinking I could please my apprentice and live with her later. But with the way you are now, not even saying a coherent sentence, I don’t even know if you really know poison techniques. We both might be kicked out soon. Guess we’ll have to live at my other disciple’s house.. That boy, even if you drink yourself to death, he can still revive you with his anger!”f𝐫e𝚎𝘄eb𝚗o𝐯𝐞𝐥.𝐜𝚘m