The Extraordinary Urban God of Medicine-Chapter 161 - “Little Friend” (Fourth Update)

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Chapter 161: Chapter 161 “Little Friend” (Fourth Update)

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Chu Tingting lives in an elevator apartment.

It’s quite high up, on the 18th floor.

The two of them are waiting for the elevator on the first floor.

Waiting for quite a while…

This elevator apartment building has 32 floors in total. According to the elevator indicator light, the elevator travels down from the 32nd floor, stopping at nearly every floor for about ten seconds.

31, 30, 29, 28…

The elevator descends very slowly.

“I’m about to pass out,” Chu Tingting looked somewhat unsatisfied. “Must have been some naughty kids playing with the elevator buttons!”

“Hehehe ” Huang Xiaolong chuckled. However, his eyes revealed a strange expression.

Naughty kids?

Dude, aren’t you mistaken? It’s a mischievous ghost, isn’t it!

After all, Chu Tingting works as a teacher, and she cares a lot about children’s education. She starts to talk in her nagging tone, “Kids these days are getting naughtier and naughtier. Parents don’t seem to know how to educate them properly. I mean, what’s fun about randomly pressing elevator buttons?”

The elevator slowly descends, almost reaching the first floor.

“Humph! I’ll see which kid it is! I have to teach them a lesson!” Chu Tingting got excited.

“Um… Miss, I guess you’d better not meddle in. You want to educate it? Hehehe ” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but laugh.


First floor!

The elevator doors open!

Before Chu Tingting could react, a little girl burst out of the elevator!

She was wearing a plaid top with a large pink butterfly bow at the collar and a floral skirt. Her attire was rather fashionable.

“Stop! Whose child are you? Stop for me!” Chu Tingting stretched out her hand to catch the girl.

The little girl giggled and ran off without looking back.

Chu Tingting was so furious that she wanted to chase after the girl.

“Alright, Miss, she is just a child. Let’s not argue with her.” Huang Xiaolong grabbed Chu Tingting’s arm.

‘Hehehe, this little ghost, I can’t believe she doesn’t hide her ghostly body and let the beautiful teacher see her too… She’s full of resentment, though not intense. It seems that she was killed when she was young, her mind was immature, without any strong feelings of love and hate…’

Yes, the little girl who ran out of the elevator was not a human, but – a ghost!

Huang Xiaolong believes that this little ghost should be the one who says “it hurts, it hurts…” in Chu Tingting’s room every night… 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

Huang Xiaolong smelled the scent of that little ghost on Chu Tingting!

“Little Long, it’s not proper for a man to touch a woman’s hand.” Flushed, Chu Tingting glared at Huang Xiaolong when he held her arm.

“Miss, sorry, let’s get in the elevator.” Huang Xiaolong let go of Chu Tingting with a smile.

They stepped into the elevator together.

“Huh ?Why is the elevator so cold?” Chu Tingting furrowed her brows and instinctively hugged her chest.

The elevator reached the 18th floor.

Chu Tingting took the keys out of her bag, opened the door, “Here ?Little Long, this is my place. Please come in.”

The moment the door was opened, a chilly wind wafted out.

Logically, a house that has been inhabited for a long time should have strong yang energy, but Chu Tingting’s rental place was filled with yin energy, which was clearly abnormal.

“Miss, this apartment you rented, it’s indeed not very clean,” laughed Huang Xiaolong.

“Ahhhh!! Little Long, you… don’t scare me…” Chu Tingting was startled.

“Hahaha ?Miss, isn’t that what I’m here for today? To get rid of your troubles? Well, let’s go in.” Huang Xiaolong stepped into the room first.

The room that Chu Tingting rented was a one-bedroom layout about 50-60 square meters. Though small, it was intricately decorated. The room was embellished in a dominant pink theme, exuding a princess-like aura.

If it wasn’t for the palpable yin energy in the room, then the place would have been quite nice.

“Little Long, so there is really something dirty in this room?” Chu Tingting closed the door, walking in with unease.

“Miss, I’ll have a look around first, if you don’t mind?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Not at all, not at all,” Chu Tingting hurriedly reassured him.

Huang Xiaolong leisurely strolled around the rooms.

The place with the most yin energy was Chu Tingting’s bedroom.

As Huang Xiaolong entered the bedroom, he saw a mess of women’s items scattered across the bed–

Um… bras, lacy underwear, and a packet of sanitary pads.

“Oh dear!” Chu Tingting was embarrassed, and she rushed over to tidy up. “Little Long, don’t look…I was in a rush this morning, and I forgot…forgot to clean up…please don’t look!”

“Oh…miss, I’m not looking…” Huang Xiaolong averted his gaze, whispering, “Miss, you like white? White, carrying the reserved demeanor of a virgin and the innocent spirit of a young girl, hoping one day to be able to wear a pure white wedding gown…”

“Little Long, stop it!” Chu Tingting stomped her foot in annoyance. She never thought she would embarrass herself in front of her student today, causing her heart to pound like a deer’s and her milky white and slender neck to blush with a hint of enchanting redness.

With matters thus at an end though, the fear in Chu Tingting’s mind was also considerably diluted and she wasn’t as nervous as before.

Huang Xiaolong stopped teasing Chu Tingting. He walked over to the bedside table and pointed to an exquisitely made doll. “Miss, what’s this?”

Huang Xiaolong had very effortlessly found the source of the yin energy in this apartment!

It came from the doll on the bedside table!

It was a doll dressed in a clean white wedding gown. At first glance, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong. It was quite cute and pretty detailed.


“Oh, this…I bought this bridal doll at ‘Zhou’s’ on my birthday this year.” After tidying up, Chu Tingting came over and explained.

“‘Zhou’s’?” Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly.

“Yes, dolls from ‘Zhou’s’ are famous in Binhai! They’re handmade! They say only a few are made each month, and you have to queue online to get one. I preordered this three years ago.” Chu Tingting continued, “Little Long, this bridal doll is very expensive…it cost me a month’s salary, but…it’s truly beautiful, don’t you think?”

“Um ?Zho’s? Handmade dolls?” A hint of sternness crossed Huang Xiaolong’s eyes!

In his heart, a sliver of killing intent arose!

He felt like killing!

“Miss, I might say something quite scary next.” Huang Xiaolong turned to Chu Tingting. “Would you like to hear it?”