The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady-Chapter 2760

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The Protoss used to be the least number of races, but it was only once. In the five years after the end of the second racial war, the Protoss went from extinction to revival.

Protoss often appear on every continent of the world.

The Protoss has got rid of it, the mystery of the past has gradually entered the line of sight of other races.

In the bright continent, the Protoss appeared especially frequently, and in the ridiculous land, the Protoss has long been a frequent visitor here, often there are Protoss here, and live for a while.

"Mother, this is the fruit of the city of the sky, sweet and sweet." A boy with a pair of golden scorpions, smiling and holding a bag of fruit standing in front of an ordinary old woman, the sacred breath spread from his body It makes people feel very comfortable.

The old woman took a smile and took the arm of the protoss teenager into the room.

The trauma of war has gradually faded from people's minds. Those who have sacrificed their loved ones and their comrades-in-arms have appeared in another kind of race in the past few years, and brought them to their loved ones and friends. one's gift.

People in the ridiculous land never fear death, they live comfortably in the world, waiting for the end of life.

Compared with the creatures in other places, the people in the ridiculous land are undoubtedly the happiest.

Because they will not disappear after they die, and they will be promoted directly to the Protoss and become one of the most noble races.

There is no reason for it, just because their short-necked lords have already taken the first step with their friends to capture the city of the Protoss and become the leader of the Protoss!

and so……

One person has to go to the sky! !

With someone's short character, it is absolutely necessary to bring all the people in the entire ridiculous land to the city of the sky and accompany her to continue to enjoy!

Everyone in the bright continent knows that residents who want to be ridiculous places must reincarnate in a deserted place, and they are hard enough!

It’s really unusual for the Protoss to visit relatives.

In the various cities of the ridiculous land, the figures of the Protoss can be seen, and their neighbors are accompanied by their loved ones and friends.

Everyone has chosen to ignore the practice of someone who has the power to seek sin.

And a certain **** god on the city of the sky is sitting on the temple, with a gloomy face. The upper gods with golden plaits on both sides of the temple are carefully watching a poorly-minded boss, looking subconsciously. Moved to her slightly raised abdomen.

The Lord God she... is pregnant! !

This is the most exciting news after five years of Protoss revival, but such a big news is a bit uncomfortable for a certain **** who is nurturing a new life.

Accurately, it is very uncomfortable!

"I want to see me." Shen Yan Xiao licked the lips and looked at the companions on both sides of the hall.

Yan Yu said with a good temper: "Not in May, not too far."

Shen Yanxiao bit his teeth for more than four months! She has never even seen the palace! Just pregnant, how is this group of bastards, getting nervous than herself! She feels that she is about to be killed soon!

Sit on the side, watching Shen Yan Xiao Yu stunned to the extreme expression, smiled and reached out and licked her little head.

"Tomorrow, I will pick them up."

"Good." Shen Yan Xiao Biaoba eyes, smiled and leaned on the arms of the repair.

The other superior gods in the main hall have been speechless to the extremes of a certain two-day sunshine.

Do you dare to have a little human care?

Do you dare not be so shameless?

In the face of their group of single dogs, so beautiful, really no problem!

Since Shen Yanxiao and Xiucheng married, it has been several years, but this pair, but there is no such thing as a dull period, often in front of their face show love, the abuse of Donnazhi and other people are broken!

If you continue to do this, you have to die!

I really want to find a sister paper love one!