The Heiress Strikes Back-Chapter 766 -

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Chapter 766: Finding Food

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It was already afternoon, and there was still more than a day before the 48 -hour time limit to complete the mission.

However, Sharon and the others had only found the little bitter fruit, a plant that could be used as food, so in less than a day and a half, they had to find five plants to complete the mission.

“Can we find it? Can we complete this mission? I feel that the possibility is very low,” Melissa complained.

Melinda felt that it was fine if this person did not encourage her teammates in such a difficult time, but she even said such deflating words.

“No one will think you’re mute if you don’t speak,” Melinda retorted.

“What’s wrong with me? I’m just stating the facts,” Melissa said indignantly. She did not understand why everyone was targeting her, especially Melinda.

“Alright, save your energy and complete the mission,” Sharon said.

Melissa stopped talking in a fit of pique, and Melinda could not be bothered with her.

It was the hottest time in the afternoon. They had just drank some water by the river, but everyone was a little thirsty.

The sun shone through the forest and shone on the fallen leaves on the ground. The orange-yellow light revealed a healing color. The light and shadow in the forest were mottled and beautiful. Walking in the forest was like walking in a fairy tale, as if they would encounter a fairy from a fairy tale at any time.

The forest was quiet, with the occasional chirping of birds.

“Those flowers are beautiful, ” Melinda said.

Initially, everyone did not talk much to save their energy, but they were suddenly attracted by Melinda’s excited voice.

After Sharon walked closer to the pink flowers and observed them, she suddenly hugged Melinda excitedly.

“Melinda, why are you so awesome!” Sharon shouted excitedly.

” Melinda was a little stunned by Sharon’s sudden enthusiasm and brushed

“The nectar of this flower can be eaten.” Sharon smiled. “We found a second plant that can be eaten.”

Melinda hugged Sharon excitedly and jumped a few times. The discussion in the comments section was also very lively.

[Ah, I’m so excited. I’m even happier than them.]

[Hahaha, Melinda is so cute.]

[Have you guys noticed that Melinda would touch her bangs when she’s nervous or shy? This small action is too cute.]

Sharon squatted down, plucked a small pink flower, and placed it in her mouth. She took a sip and said, “This is really sweet.” 𝗳𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐰𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Especially now that she was thirsty, hungry, and hot, this nectar was simply gold.

Shane also plucked the flower and took a sip of the nectar. “It’s very sweet. Compared to the little bitter fruit, it’s even sweeter.”

Dan took out the little bitter fruit he had picked previously and took a bite. After chewing and swallowing, he took another sip of nectar. The contrast was even more obvious. Dan felt that his mouth was really as sweet as if he had eaten honey. His mouth was filled with a sweet fragrance.

“This is called tasting bitterness before sweetness, ” Dan said with a smile.

Sharon couldn’t help but laugh. This was the first time she had eaten sugar like this since she came to the forest. After eating something sweet, her mood improved. Looking at the surrounding environment, she seemed to feel much better than before.

Although it was getting late and only one-third of the mission had been completed, finding the nectar gave everyone confidence again. Everyone did not seem as anxious as before.

Sharon and the others searched the forest for a while, but they found nothing. It was already late, and everyone was prepared to return to the river to see if any fish had fallen into the net.

To everyone’s surprise, there was indeed a fish in the green net. Moreover, it was not small and looked very fat. Everyone was temporarily immersed in the joy of having fish meat to eat at night and temporarily forgot about the mission that they had yet to complete.

At night, by the bonfire, everyone ate the fragrant grilled fish and planned to walk further to the nearby mountains to find food tomorrow.

There were many mosquitoes in the wild. Although the production team had distributed anti-mosquito drugs to sprinkle near the tent at night, Shane and Melinda were more mosquito-attractive. They were still bitten when they went out to look for food.

Shane’s neck was covered in red marks from the mosquito bites. He reached out to scratch it, but the more he scratched, the more itchy it became.

Melinda’s arm was even worse. There was already a big red bump on it. What was worse was that a mosquito had bitten a part of her finger. It was so uncomfortable that Melinda almost scratched till a wound formed on her finger.

“Don’t scratch it with your hands.” Sharon grabbed a handful of leaves from her backpack. “This leaf can cool and reduce the heat. After boiling it, it can stop the itchiness when rubbed on the body..”