The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler-Chapter 2550 - Side Story 54: Meeting Below the Night Sky

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2550 Side Story 54: Meeting Below the Night Sky
Rong Xiu finally realized later that the two ancestors weren’t as easy to serve as he thought.

He took a deep breath in. Meeting Chu Liuyue’s clear gaze, he still backed down. “…Okay.”

I just have to continue waiting. Anyway… I’m already used to it, thought Rong Xiu expressionlessly.

Chu Liuyue saw that a layer of sweat had formed on his forehead and that his chin was still tense. Her heart ached, and she found it funny.

She jumped over to hug him and lightly rubbed around his neck. “The children’s dad is the best!”

Rong Xiu was speechless. I don’t really want to be praised at such a time. It’s a pity that I have no other choice.

He lightly ruffled her soft hair. When he smelled the familiar fragrance, he suppressed his temper a little. “Rest well. I’ll go out for a while.”

Chu Liuyue looked up at him strangely. “What are you doing?”

Rong Xiu curled his fingers slightly and knocked her forehead. “To find Yun Muchen and the rest to duel with them.”

He was too fiery, and he had to unleash it. Additionally, the two fellows did not give him face.

Rong Xiu felt rather strange.

The gifts Yun Muchen had given previously were probably not enough, and he had to have more.

Rong Xiu knew clearly what he had planned, but he could not let him continue talking inauspiciously.
Chu Liuyue recalled the ‘duel’ between the two and could not help but silently weep sympathy tears for Yun Muchen.

She nodded concernedly. “Be careful. Don’t beat him to death.”

Rong Xiu nodded. “I know.”

Hence, another commotion happened in the Fantasy Divine Palace.

The Emperor and Young Master Yun fought intensely, and it was hard to determine the winner. In the end, to express his gratitude, Young Master Yun found someone to embroider two dresses for the Emperor and Goddess Yue.

Upon hearing this, the others could not sit still.

The first to react was actually Chu Ning. He obtained quite a few threads and soft cloth from the Fantasy Divine Hall. Then, he directly brought them back to his residence and started sewing socks and other items.

When Shangguan You heard this, he hurriedly rushed over to check on the situation.

Originally, he thought that Chu Ning was not very good at such matters. In the end, when Shangguan You saw the pairs of intricate and pretty socks, his entire person was unwell.

Not to mention an entire set of clothing, even with ducks and their pouting mouths!

Chu Ning was holding the second set, which was exactly the same.

Shangguan You widened his eyes in shock, and his hands trembled slightly. “Y-you personally embroidered all of this?!”

Chu Ning then looked up, his expression nonchalant, but he showed a few hints of pride and flaunting. “Mm, it’s me. Why?”

Shangguan You gasped. Since when did Chu Ning have such skills!

However, he didn’t know that Chu Liuyue lost her mother when she was young and was brought up by Chu Ning single-handedly. Thus, he was very good at taking care of girls.

Originally, Shangguan You wanted to find out about his enemy’s situation. In the end, he realized that the other party was too strong and that he had no chances of winning, so he went back defeatedly.

After suffering overnight for three days, other than the dozens of wounds on his hand, there were no improvements.

Shangguan You thought for a moment and finally tried a new method—he started bringing books to read to Chu Liuyue.

He couldn’t do some things, but he could pick the ones he was good at!

However, such good days did not last for long. He quickly realized that many people were fighting with him for this task, including his ancestor.

There was no choice since Chu Liuyue only had so much time in a day, and they could not fight with Rong Xiu or Dugu Mobao. Hence, they could only split the remaining time and take turns.

They felt sour but could not give up fighting!

When one was pregnant, the baby could hear voices. They should speak more and leave a good impression on them. Hence, the prenatal fight had proceeded to a passionate stage.

In such an enthusiastic atmosphere, Eighth Deity and Left Divine General’s wedding date approached.

The day before the wedding, everything was decorated in a lively manner.

Zi Chen and Tuan Zi finally returned to the Fantasy Divine Palace on this day.

Before they reached the Heaven Gate, they heard bustling noises inside. The fireworks bloomed in the skies and were eye-catching.

At this point, it was already evening. The sky was dark, and the stars sparkled brightly.

Wu Yao had already heard of the news and was waiting for them at the Heaven Gate. Hearing the noise, they hurriedly looked up.

He first saw the man standing in front.

A black robe with a tall figure and handsome appearance.

Wu Yao broke into a smile and greeted, “Zi Chen!”

Zi Chen saw him, and his usually cold and nonchalant expression became warmer. He nodded.

“Previously, I heard from Master that you had already recovered, but I didn’t get a chance to see you. I finally saw you now!” As Wu Yao spoke, he walked over and laughed loudly.

Zi Chen was Master’s fiend, and they had gone through life and death together. The Thirteen Yue Guards already treated Zi Chen as family.

Now that he saw Zi Chen safe and sound, he was naturally happy. This was a double happiness.

“Oh right, where’s Tuan Zi?” Wu Yao suddenly thought of something and scratched his head. “Didn’t she come back with you?”

The moment he said that, a head stuck out from behind before Zi Chen could answer.

A playful face entered his view. “Brother Wu Yao!”

Wu Yao was taken aback.

Previously, he knew that someone followed Zi Chen over. However, she seemed like a young lady, and he thought that it was a friend Zi Chen brought back, so he did not pay much attention to her.

However, the lady before him… had such a familiar tone? And that face and the aura…

Wu Yao suddenly widened his eyes. “Tuan Zi?!”

Tuan Zi blinked. “It’s me! Brother Wu Yao, you don’t recognize me?”

Wu Yao held his chest and was in disbelief.

This shock was too sudden, and he could not tolerate it!

In such a short time, how did that fluffy ball turn into such a pretty young lady?

Tuan Zi ran over excitedly. “Where’s A’Yue!? I haven’t seen her in a long time!”

Wu Yao instinctively said, “Master is still at the Fantasy Divine Hall.”

The moment he said that, he felt a gust of wind brush past his ear.

Tuan Zi had disappeared without a trace.

Wu Yao was dazed and hadn’t recovered his senses.

Zi Chen simply explained the situation before he quickly followed.

Wu Yao recovered his senses with much difficulty, turned around, and slapped his thigh. “Aiyo! Our Tuan Zi is so pretty when she’s all grown up!”

The Fantasy Divine Palace was especially crowded today.

The night sky and the fireworks intertwined, and many people came and went.

Zi Chen followed Tuan Zi in.

But before they reached the Fantasy Divine Hall, Zi Chen saw Tuan Zi stop in an alley.

He heaved a sigh of relief and slowly walked forward. “How—”

Before he finished his sentence, he looked up and saw two people leaning extremely close to each other in the dim and narrow area.

One slim man was holding a sword with his back against the wall. He leaned down slightly.

There was a pretty and flirtatious girl before him hooking his neck, going on her toes to kiss him.

The flirtatious aura pierced through the night sky.

Zi Chen’s brows twitched as he immediately raised his hand and covered Tuan Zi’s eyes.