The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 2329 - 2331-Settled

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Chapter 2329: Chapter 2331-Settled

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Qiao Yanyu and Qi Xibei both heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that Jiang Rongguang’s head had fallen off and that there was no possibility of him being resurrected.

He had finally gotten rid of Jiang Rongguang!

They had worked hard for so long and finally solved this big problem in their hearts!

In fact, they had wanted to tell Jiang Rongguang the truth so that he would know how the Jiang family had fallen to such a state.

However, this thought flashed across his mind and was immediately rejected.

As the saying goes, villains die from talking too much.

Whether he was a villain or not, he died from talking too much.

They only wanted Jiang Rongguang to die, not themselves.

If Jiang Rongguang knew that they were here, he would definitely tell others about their origins.

If others knew that they came from another world, they would be in huge trouble.

Therefore, both of them shut their mouths.

However, Jiang Rongguang’s shocked and confused expression before his death made the two of them satisfied.

Letting him die in confusion and anger was another form of revenge.

This matter was actually related to them.

They had put in a lot of effort to help Yueya and Yueyuan acknowledge their ancestors and solve the Jiang family’s problem.

Because of the appearance of the two sisters, the Emperor and Xu Qing Quan began to suspect the identity of the youth who appeared later. After all, compared to that young man, the two sisters were less threatening, and they seemed more real.

After sowing the seeds of doubt in their hearts, things became easier.

In order to lead their suspicions to the Jiang family and Long Jinying, Qi Xibei and Qiao Yanyu had done many things behind their backs.

For example, they had privately informed the Jiang Clan that the youth had something to contact them about. At the same time, they also sent a letter to the young man in the name of the Jiang family.

After that, the Jiang Clan sent someone to contact the youth.

However, they did not expect the Jiang Clan to send Jiang Rongguang.

Although the Jiang Clan was very cautious, how could they hide the things that the Emperor wanted to know?

After all, the emperor was the emperor and controlled the power of the entire country.

Although there were many small movements below, he was not in the mood to pay attention to them. When he really wanted to pay attention to it, no one else could escape.

Very soon, the Emperor found out everything and was furious.

He knew that someone was coveting his throne, but he did not expect them to use such a method!

He actually wanted to find someone to disguise as his child and then give him a ruthless blow!

Not to mention that they were still developing all kinds of terrifying drugs just to control him!


As a result, Prince Long Jinying, who had planned this, and the Jiang family, who had participated in this matter and was the main force, were arrested. Long Jinying had many masters around him, but no matter how many masters he had, they couldn’t compare to the power of the emperor.

As for the Jiang Clan, it was even simpler.

As long as the Emperor gave the order, could they still resist?

After the execution of the Prince and the Jiang Clan, Longfeng Country was also in turmoil.

But now that the Emperor had two daughters, he was in high spirits and was no longer as dispirited as before. He quickly suppressed the turmoil.

As for the Yueya and Yueyuan sisters, they had officially become the princesses of Longfeng Country.

From then on, the two of them had many more guards around them, as well as palace maids and nannies who were in charge of various matters. At the same time, they had many more masters.

Of course, no matter how many masters there were, they could not replace Qi Xibei’s position.

Long Jinxing was very grateful to Qi Xibei for taking care of his two daughters, so he told her to make her request. Qi Xibei’s requirements were not high. He only wanted array techniques..

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