The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old-Chapter 560 - : The calamity of the Twin souls (1)

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Chapter 560: The calamity of the Twin souls (1)

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“He came to me before the new year.”

“He wants to exchange for zhuzhu. Ever since he entered this body, he has been taking care of his stomach and body every day. He has been training his body to become stronger every day.”

“Zhu Zhu’s body is too weak, so weak that she can’t even withstand the wind.

Ah Yin has already helped her recuperate.”

“I’ve also stabilized the Wen family’s power, that’s why I have the time to come and find you.”

“Zhu Zhu, since you’re back, I’m sure the road won’t be difficult. Ah Yin has already laid it out for her. ” Yang pinfeng had seen him get up early to exercise, and big drops of sweat fell from his forehead.

He yearned for the life in the mortal world, he yearned for the warmth of the mortal world.

He hid in the depths of zhuzhu’s consciousness and did not dare to show his face, only looking at everything with desire and envy.

Now that he was truly in control of this body, he did not enjoy it at all. Instead, he tried his best to improve everything for her.

Just to share some of her sister’s burden.

“If I leave zhuzhu behind, I’ll be letting ah Yin down. Ah Yin had never seen this world with his own eyes when he was born, and he was deprived of it. ”

“Leave ah Yin behind, but Zhu Zhu came to this world. This body and all of her life should have belonged to her.” Yang pinfeng grabbed his hair in frustration.

This was also the reason why he had not brought Wen ruyin.

He would drag it out as long as he could.

“Let’s go and take a look first. Ah Yin has come to find me, I’m afraid he is determined to return the body.” Lulu could see the deep longing in his eyes, but there was more determination.

He loved his sister.

From the moment he started paving the way for Wen ruzhu, it could be seen that he naturally did not want his sister to live her life in darkness.

The carriage creaked through the capital.

He headed straight for the newly developed Street.

A Lake had been developed there, and there were many pleasure boats on it.

“I’ve conquered this world for you, and you have everything you need. I’ll Take You There when we have time.” Yang pinfeng didn’t forget to point.

That’s right, the heavenly clothes Pavilion was also his. freewebn(o)

Lu huaijiang was using his own money to buy something for Lulu …

He was really pitiful.

He was poor, but Lulu, this little kid, was rich.

Wen ruyin rarely wore men’s clothes. Ever since he returned to the capital, he had been wearing women’s clothes. He tried his best not to let people leave any evidence for his sister. At this moment, he was wearing men’s clothes, making it difficult to tell if he was male or female.

“Miss Lulu, young master yang, please board the ship.” Wen ruyin said in a deep voice.

Everything on the ship was set up according to the fire that Wen ruzhu had experienced that year.

It was also in that fire that she lost her mother.

The two of them boarded the boat, and the maidservant sent by the Crown Prince stood at the bow.

The boat slowly left the dock and went all the way to the middle of the lake.

“This is for my younger sister to calm her mind. Only by holding this dress can I calm my mind and rest.” Wen ruyin sighed and took out a piece of clothing from her bosom. It was a long skirt. The outer skirt had been burnt black, but it had been washed clean and seemed to be very precious.

Wen ruyin’s eyes were filled with heartache.

“Back then, she and mother were surrounded by fire on the ship. Mother took off her clothes and wrapped them around her before throwing her out of the ship. In the days after that, without this dress, she would not be able to calm down and sleep in peace.” Wen ruyin took a deep breath.

In fact, he was there when the fire started.

At that time, he was still young and would often inadvertently take his sister’s body. As a result, her younger sister’s memory sometimes had gaps, and her family would say that her younger sister was somewhat abnormal. However, his mother seemed to know of his existence..

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