The Sims: I Open the Immortal Path for All Beings-Chapter 280: 217: Gathering Divine Soul, The Path of Refining Spirit – Third Update, Please Subscribe

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Chapter 280: 217: Gathering Divine Soul, The Path of Refining Spirit – Third Update, Please Subscribe

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[Simulation ends, you can choose to keep one of the following rewards.] [First: Obtain the cultivation technique “Divine Soul Refining Skill”.]

[Second: True Qi accumulation at the age of thirty-three.] [Third: Divine Soul cultivated at the age of thirty-three.]

Pei Xuanjing did not hesitate at all and chose the third reward.

For Pei Xuanjing, the second reward, True Qi accumulation, would simply be icing on the cake. After all, given the current circumstances, it would be impossible to break through the Spirit Realm with the Path of Qi Refinement while Heaven and Earth remain dormant.

As for the cultivation technique offered in the first reward, if he could comprehend it from the Netherworld Book during the life simulation, he didn’t believe he couldn’t do it again.

Therefore, the third reward, an already cultivated Divine Soul, was the best choice for Pei Xuanjing.

After making his choice, Pei Xuanjing distinctly felt an indescribable change taking place in his spirit.

In an instant, his originally excited expression calmed down. His eyes half-closed, his heart was as calm as water, and there was no ripple.

Pei Xuanjing’s surroundings fell into silence, as if even time had stopped. At this moment, his consciousness seemed like chaos, and then there was a huge roar, and Heaven and Earth parted.

At this moment, he seemed to see another version of himself sitting on a meditation cushion, his eyes slightly closed, and his true Qi slowly circulating around his body, with heated Blood Qi rising and falling.

After a long while, Pei Xuanjing opened his eyes, his eyes were like lightning, and he exuded an inexplicable aura. Even without using any True Qi or Blood Qi, he still gave people a feeling of extreme oppression.

The Divine Soul is a transformation of spiritual power.

From this moment on, he had a drastically different difference from ordinary martial artists. This was a qualitative change, an evolution of life.

Having just gathered his Divine Soul, Pei Xuanjing was not yet fully in control. After a while, when he fully understands his Divine Soul, he won’t still feel such pressure.

“I never thought that I would be the first to step into the extreme boundary of the Mortal Realm in the Way of Soul Refinement, and glimpse the gate of the Spirit Realm.” Pei Xuanjing murmured with a complex tone.

Whether it was the Path of Qi Refinement or the Way of Essence Refinement, he had cultivated for decades. He didn’t know how many life simulations he had gone through and how much hard cultivation he had done to achieve today’s success.

But even so, he only knew how to break through to the Spirit Realm. The distance from truly opening the gate and stepping into the Spirit Realm was still substantial.

He never thought that just experiencing this life simulation, the unpracticed Path of Soul Refinement, would condense the Divine Soul, reach the extreme of the Mortal Realm in the Path of Soul Refinement, and only one opportunity away from transforming the Divine Soul into the Yin Spirit would allow him to become a true cultivator of the Spirit Realm.

He couldn’t help but sigh, “Yin and Yang are in order, but fate is unpredictable.”

The reason why Pei Xuanjing was able to reach the extreme of the Mortal Realm immediately after condensing his Divine Soul without having ever practiced the Divine Soul Refining Skill, and thus touch the gate of the Spirit Realm, was because of his incredibly powerful martial arts intent.

The martial arts intent is a form of the Path of Soul Refinement. The condensation of martial arts intent happens to be a way for martial artists to showcase their spiritual power.

“The victory of Master Sanfeng over Bhasiba must have been because of this too!” Pei Xuanjing thought to himself.

Now that he had reached this state, he had completely understood what level of cultivation Master Sanfeng had achieved at that time.

Although Heaven and Earth haven’t revived yet, with restrictions and shackles preventing Qi refining martial artists from breaking through, given Master

Sanfeng’s unparalleled talent, he must have also gone far in the Path of Soul Refinement.

Pei Xuanjing guessed that Master Sanfeng, who made a move on Taihe Mountain that day, must have at least condensed his Divine Soul and touched the gate of the Spirit Realm.

Only in this way would the other party say that he had already perceived that realm.

At the time, Pei Xuanjing simply thought the other party had only touched the shackles of the Path of Qi Refinement. Now, thinking about the other party’s last move against him, he realized it was more than that.

Master Sanfeng six hundred years ago, did not only reach the extreme of the Path of Qi Refinement, but also condensed the Divine Soul and touched the gate of the Spirit Realm.

“The only question is, did Master Sanfeng step into the Spirit Realm and cultivate the Yin Spirit back then?” Pei Xuanjing still had unresolved doubts.

At this moment, he no longer has any doubts about the cultivation of the Path of Soul Refinement.

The Path of Soul Refinement can be cultivated like ordinary martial artists at the Mortal Realm stage, or it can not cultivate Qi and blood, physical body, only cultivate spirit, and finally condense the Divine Soul, reaching the ultimate condition of the Mortal Realm.

Transform the Divine Soul into a Yin Spirit, step into the Spirit Realm and become a real cultivator.

Afterwards, the Yin Spirit can transform, leave the body, possess objects, attach to bodies, materialize and other Divine Abilities. After the Yin Spirit is tempered and transformed to the extreme, it can break through the barrier of life and death, possessing the ability to seize and reincarnate.

However, based on the information Pei Xuanjing has, even if the Yin Spirit has the ability to seize, there should be unspeakable restrictions. Otherwise, unlimited seizing and reincarnation would be equivalent to an alternative form of longevity, wouldn’t it?

“Hehe.” Pei Xuanjing stood up, his eyes brilliant, filled with unprecedented

The Path of Soul Refinement came from behind, reached the ultimate condition of Mortal Realm martial artists, and its strength has improved countless times compared to before.

At this moment, he dares to fight against the old Heavenly Master who holds the Dual Swords of Slaying Evil even with an ordinary Thousand Refinement Divine Weapon.

According to his deduction, the final outcome should be nine to one with him having the upper hand.

It can be said that without any accidents, Pei Xuanjing should now be the world’s top martial artist.

After striving hard for more than twenty years, no one can block him when he reaches the top today.

Roaming thousands of miles, who can stop him!

This is Pei Xuanjing’s mentality now. No matter what else is said, this state of mind of superiority, when facing anyone, his strength will not be affected at all. On the contrary, it may even give the opponent a sense of oppression.

When Pei Xuanjing emerged from his solitude, it was already more than two months later.

After such a long time in solitude, the first thing Pei Xuanjing needed to do, of course, was to understand the current situation and find out what had happened in these two months.

He also needed to know whether the plans he had laid down before his solitude had been executed smoothly according to his original plan.

If there was a problem with the plan, has it been solved, or does he need to personally resolve it?

All these matters needed Pei Xuanjing to take care of himself.

“This plan concerns my future cultivation. As long as it can succeed, with the martial arts and cultivation techniques collected by the Great Ming imperial family alone, who knows how much Taoyun it can provide me.” Pei Xuanjing thought.

With such a reward in front of him, which would allow him to start countless life simulations, how could he not care?

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