The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 1876 - Reversal

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Chapter 1876 - Reversal

Lin Yun never expected that he would be summoned by the Peak Master so quickly. He initially wanted to be familiar with the rules here in case his identity was exposed, but he could only see how it goes now.

The Indigo Thunder Hall was located at the summit of the Indigo Thunder Peak, and the hall was forged with purple jadestone with a purple waterfall above it. Even at night, this place was dazzling, and the waterfall looked like it was pouring down from the sky, containing massive lightning-attributed spiritual energy.

When Lin Yun raised his head, he could see several people cultivating within the waterfall.

This made him curious about the cultivation of the Peak Master. He speculated that the Peak Master should be a Quasi-Saint at the bare minimum, making his face grave. After his fight with Tian Xuanzi, his thoughts of the Divine Tortoise Transformation became conservative since he would be forced to undo his disguise under great pressure. This meant that if someone was suspicious of him and made a move, there was a high possibility that his identity would be revealed.

Lin Yun secretly circulated the Divine Tortoise Transformation to make himself look more like Ye Qingtian. After entering the Indigo Thunder Hall, dozens of people were already there. They were all elders of the Indigo Thunder Peak and all at the Nirvana Stage. Aside from that, there were some inner disciples and a few saint disciples there as well. A person was seated at the very top, and his eyes were closed.

“Ye Qingtian, how dare you return! Who allowed you to return!” A purple-clothed old man roared in Lin Yun’s direction.

Lin Yun turned to look at this old man. This person’s cultivation was at the first transformation of the Nirvana Stage. This person should be the Law-Enforcement Elder of the Indigo Thunder Sect.

“It has been a year. So why can’t I come back?” Lin Yun pondered Ye Qingtian’s personality and arrogantly said those words.

“Even if you come back, you should kneel outside the Indigo Thunder Peak for seven days and seven nights for the Peak Master’s forgiveness before entering the peak.” A grey-robed elder reprimanded. “You brought shame to the Indigo Thunder Peak, so who allowed you to step into the peak? Kneel down!”

A terrifying nirvana aura swept out from the grey-robed old man, and all the inner disciples were immediately immobilized by that aura. If it was the original Ye Qingtian, he definitely wouldn’t be able to bear the aura. But Lin Yun didn’t fear it. It had to be the aura of a Quasi-Saint to force him down on his knees, and that was under the condition that he didn’t use his trump cards.

“The sect allowed me to return, so I’m naturally here. Or are you saying that the Indigo Thunder Peak has surpassed the sect?” Lin Yun indifferently asked.

When the grey-robed old man saw that Lin Yun was unfettered under his aura, he was shocked. This included all the elders present in the hall. Although the grey-robed old man didn’t use all his strength, one had to be at least at the Profound Death Stage to withstand his aura. But Ye Qingtian was less than twenty-four years old this year.

This meant that Ye Qingtian had reached the Profound Death Stage at the age of twenty-four. It's no wonder why that fellow dared to return. Was this the reason for his confidence upon returning?

Within the Heavenly Dao Sect, anyone reaching the Profound Death Stage before age twenty-five could become a saint disciple. Saint disciples didn’t mean that they could become the disciple of a saint, but they would listen to the teachings of saints. To become a saint’s disciple, one had to become an outer disciple of a saint at the very least.

Putting it in a nutshell, one had to catch the attention of a saint and be taken in as a disciple. Strictly speaking, only the direct disciples of Saints could be called saint disciples. But as long as one becomes a saint disciple, regardless if they were taken in as a disciple by a saint, they could instantly pull the gap with inner disciples and receive better treatment.

The Indigo Thunder Peak was ranked at the bottom in the Heavenly Dao Sect, and they didn’t have many saint disciples. If Ye Qingtian could become a saint disciple, this would naturally give him the confidence to return.

Just when all the elders fell into deep thoughts, a group of people barged into the Indigo Thunder Peak. The one leading was the chief disciple, Liu Hao. When Liu Hao came in, he coldly looked at Lin Yun, “Ye Qingtian, you have repeatedly violated the Heavenly Dao Sect’s rules, relying on your identity as a descendant of the Ye Clan. Your sheer existence brings shame to the Heavenly Dao Sect, so where did you get the face to come back? Peak Master, I suggest crippling him and throwing him out of the Indigo Thunder Peak. We can’t keep a scumbag like him in the sect.”

The grey-robed old man nodded his head and said, “Liu Hao is right. Not only do we have to expel him from the Indigo Thunder Peak, but we also have to teach him a lesson.”

Liu Hao and all the inner disciples behind him rejoiced upon hearing that. As long as Ye Qingtian was expelled, Liu Hao’s position as the chief disciple would be stabilized.

Liu Hao immediately gave an eye signal to the inner disciples, and they also spoke out, “Peak Master, Ye Qingtian is arrogant and often bullies his fellow disciples and is disrespectful to the elders. We can’t keep him around!”

They immediately all echoed. As for Chen Feng, he wanted to speak out on Lin Yun’s behalf, but the surrounding atmosphere made him cower.

On the contrary, Lin Yun wondered how much hate did Ye Qingtian acquire to be hated by so many people.

The grey-robed old man sneaked a peak at the Peak Master. When he saw that the Peak Master didn’t say a word, he knew that the Peak Master had silently acknowledged their decision. After all, the Peak Master never liked Ye Qingtian. With that, the grey-robed old man charged towards Lin Yun without any hesitation, “Ye Qingtian, I’ll punish you today as a Law-Enforcement Elder!”

The nirvana aura within his body circulated. He wasn’t planning on simply punishing Lin Yun, but crippling his cultivation.

When Lin Yun sensed the killing intent from the grey-robed elder, he squinted his eyes and began to accumulate his dragon origin. This old fellow was probably on the same side as Liu Hao, so they must be behind this matter today.

Otherwise, it would make no sense as to why the Peak Master would be alarmed by his return. To be honest, the grey-robed old man’s cultivation at the first transformation of the Nirvana Stage couldn’t catch Lin Yun’s attention.

Just when everyone felt that Lin Yun would be crippled by the grey-robed old man, Lin Yun suddenly made his move. Not only did he not retreat, but he even sent the grey-robed old man flying with a palm.

When the grey-robed old man landed on the ground, he took three steps back before stabilizing himself. This scene shocked everyone present. Lin Yun had released his aura at the Profound Death Stage along with a powerful sword intent accumulating within his brows. At this moment, Lin Yun looked even more arrogant than before.

“The Profound Death Stage!”

“How is this possible?! How did he reach the Profound Death Stage when he had just reached the Dragon Pulse Realm a year ago?” Everyone was dumbfounded. Although they already had speculations before, they still couldn’t conceal the shock on their faces after witnessing it.

Liu Hao was especially shocked because he planned to teach Ye Qingtian a lesson today. He didn’t come here to watch Ye Qingtian show off his strength.

The grey-robed old man’s face was ugly, and he planned on using his full strength. Just when he wanted to make a move, a powerful pressure enveloped him from the Peak Master. The Peak Master opened his eyes and coldly said, “Stop!”

His voice echoed within everyone’s eardrums, which made everyone feel terrible. His voice contained the aura of a Quasi-Saint, and the aura emitted from him was even stronger than Gu Jun. This meant that the Peak Master was at least at the fifth stage of the Quasi-Saint Realm.

The grey-robed old man was immediately immobilized, and he quickly went down on his knees. “Peak Master, I have no intentions of disrupting Peak Master’s rest and only wanted to teach Ye Qingtian a lesson.”

But the Peak Master immediately ignored him and looked in Ye Qingtian’s direction before nodding his head with a smile, “Ye Qingtian, not only did you reach the Profound Death Stage in a year after leaving the Indigo Thunder Peak, but your sword intent even reached the Heavenly Dome Sword Intent. You have really given me a huge surprise. Can you tell me how you managed to do it?”

The Peak Master was curious, and this included all the elders and disciples present.

Lin Yun already thought of an excuse and said, “Nothing much. I refined half a saint origin, and it happened to belong to a Sword Saint.”

When he said that, all the elders present became jealous of Lin Yun’s fortune.

“Your cultivation is still understandable because it’s not hard to reach the Profound Death Stage if a senior is willing to help you. But the Heavenly Dome Sword Intent isn’t that easy to obtain, and you wouldn’t be able to grasp it without talent.” The Peak Master smiled. “It looks like you have changed. I won’t hold the past against you, then. The saint disciple ceremony is half a month from now, and it looks like our peak will have a representative now.”

The selection for saint disciples was held once a year, and the Indigo Thunder Peak only had five to six saint disciples. Their last saint disciple was seven years ago, but they finally had a chance now. The Peak Master’s face immediately changed when he sensed Lin Yun’s cultivation, and his attitude towards Lin Yun immediately changed.

“Congratulations, Peak Master!” All the elders immediately cupped their hands together.

“Ye Qingtian, you can go back now. I have to report your situation as soon as possible, or you won’t be able to attend the ceremony.” The Peak Master’s gaze fell onto Liu Hao, and he said, “Liu Hao.”

“Disciple is here.” Liu Hao went to his knees, feeling uneasy.

“Since Qingtian is back, he will regain his position as the chief disciple.” The Peak Master said, and he disappeared with a flash.

On the other hand, Lin Yun merely looked at Liu Hao and the grey-robed old man before leaving. When he walked out, Liu Hao immediately caught up with him, “Senior Brother!”

“You’re the chief disciple, and I should be crippled and expelled from the sect.” Lin Yun said with a playful smile.

When he heard that, Liu Hao’s face immediately became pale, and he knew Ye Qingtian would hold a grudge against him. Now that Ye Qingtian would become a saint disciple, the difference between their status would become huge, and Ye Qingtian could easily toy with him.

Liu Hao immediately went on his knees without any hesitation, “Senior Brother, please forgive me. My life is worthless.”

As he spoke, Liu Hao slapped himself and soon began bleeding from his lips. This scene left all the inner disciples dumbfounded, and they immediately knew that Ye Qingtian had returned when they saw this scene.

Shaking his head, Lin Yun found this to be meaningless and indifferently said, “Carry on kneeling.”

“Senior Brother!” The group who asked for Lin Yun’s expulsion earlier immediately came forth. They knew that Ye Qingtian would soar to the sky to become a saint disciple at the age of twenty-four and even grasped the Heavenly Dome Sword Intent. They immediately followed behind him as his lackeys.

Lin Yun mimicked Ye Qingtian’s character and laughed as he left. This relieved Liu Hao because he knew he was saved since Ye Qingtian didn’t pursue it. It's just that his future within the Indigo Thunder Peak would become bleak.

“Senior Brother, let me bring you to your initial courtyard.” Chen Feng smiled, wanting to lead the way for Lin Yun. He was feeling uneasy earlier, but he was excited now.

But Lin Yun wasn’t in a hurry to return, and it didn’t take long for him to leave the peak with a group of people following behind him.

“Senior Brother, the Nether Orchid Courtyard is up ahead.” Chen Feng warned.

The other Indigo Thunder Peak disciples stopped with awkward expressions.

“The Nether Orchid Courtyard is my objective.” Lin Yun said as he continued to walk forth.

The group was immediately dumbfounded, with disbelief on their faces. But when they came to their senses, their expressions immediately became exciting.

“Hurry up and follow behind Senior Brother!”

“Haha, Senior Brother is still as arrogant as always.”

“Follow him! Our senior brother is a real man!” The group echoed as they followed Lin Yun in excitement. Only Chen Feng nervously spoke out, “Senior Brother, you can’t go to the Nether Orchid Courtyard. Sis you forget what happened back then? Bai Shuying, Senior Sister Bai is still around…”

Lin Yun stopped when he heard that. That was a familiar name. Was that the woman he fought against when he was getting himself ranked on the Elysium Core Ranking?

Bai Shuying was a core disciple of the Heavenly Dao Sect and came from an Ancient Saint Clan. She was the strongest genius of the Bai Clan in the current generation, reaching the pinnacle of the Empyrean Realm at thirteen, Elysium Core Realm at fourteen, and Dragon Pulse Realm at the age of nineteen.

There should be only one Bai Shuying. Thinking about it, Lin Yun continued as he replied, “Then, I’ll go and see her.”

Chen Feng was immediately dumbfounded, wondering if his senior brother was really that fearless.