The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2094 - Swordsman!

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Chapter 2094 - Swordsman!

The Heavenly Dao Sect’s Golden Guards were dispatched on a large scale. There were at least ten-odd people, and a Saint could descend at any moment. But Zhao Tianyu didn’t look worried as he glanced in the Golden Guards’ direction before his gaze fell onto Lin Yun again. He smiled, “I’ve taken a liking to your talent, but it’s a pity that you’re not tactful enough. There’s no longer a meaning to keep you around. A genius swordsman? All is nothing before greater dao!”

As soon as he said that, purple lightning flashed within his eyes, and the depths of his eyes looked like a universe with flashing lightning. In the next second, when he looked at Lin Yun, Zhao Tianyu had already executed the Indigo Lightning Eyes.

Lin Yun could feel a chill run down his spine as he drew the Flower Burial Sword upon sensing the danger. But he was still struck by a lightning bolt filled with ancient runes and greater dao. With a loud sound, Lin Yun was immediately blown away.

“Kill him!” Zhao Tianyu gave an order to Yellowclothed Venerable before he dashed at the Golden Guards with Bloodclothed Venerable. When he moved, purple lightning manifested into a giant palm with a suppressive pressure.

Facing the incoming attack, the Bai Clan’s golden-generation genius retaliated with his palm forth. A flaming palm clashed with the purple palm. The two forces were empowered with greater daos, and they were so strong that they dyed half the sky purple and the other red. As they fought, a huge ravine appeared in the sky that stretched as far as a hundred miles away.

As the two greater daos clashed, Zhao Tianyu smiled and charged at the Golden Guards. Aside from the Bai Clan’s genius, who had also grasped a greater dao, none of the Golden Guard could withstand an attack from him, and their formation was instantly messed up. Even Bloodclothed Venerable could only watch from the side with her cultivation and couldn’t interfere in a battle of this level.

“Greater dao…” Bloodclothed Venerable took a deep breath with her eyes shining with determination. She also made up her mind to grasp a greater dao. Otherwise, she would rather stay at the Indigo Origin Phase and not make a breakthrough. After all, the saint dao would fuse with the sacred flame after reaching the Heavenly Origin Phase, fusing with their saint origin and soul. It would be impossible to change it at that time, and you couldn’t fuse it into your saint origin even if you grasped a saint dao later on.

Lin Yun, who landed in the crater, wiped the blood off his lips and looked at the battle in the sky with shock. He realized that what Su Ziyao said was right because an Indigo Origin Phase Quasi-Saint who had grasped greater dao could easily fight ten opponents who were at the same cultivation. If they were golden-generation geniuses, they would be stronger if they possessed a saint physique and ghost spirit martial technique.

“It’s no wonder why the Divine Son looks at you differently, for you to be able to stand up. But I wonder how many palms you can take from me,” the Yellowclothed Venerable smiled.

Lin Yun was heavily injured, and his face turned pale. He was fortunate that he was wearing the Silvermoon Mask that masked his face, but his eyes shone with a cold light as he said, “I would leave now if I were you. Zhao Tianyu is clearly playing now, and he can leave if a Saint from the Heavenly Dao Sect comes. But what about you?”

“You can’t scare me that easily. I’ll kill you within three moves,” Yellowclothed Venerable said coldly.

Judging from Lin Yun’s current state, it was a question if he could take three moves from an Indigo Origin Phase Quasi-Saint. He was heavily injured by greater dao and was in a weakened state.

Greater dao could withstand sword intent unless he could grasp saint aura. As for the pressure, perhaps he would have to wait till he had grasped sword dao. But Lin Yun was calm as he smiled, “Empress, what are you still waiting for?”

A silver beam shone behind Yellowclothed Venerable. It came from Lil’ Purple, who was lurking nearby. Lil’ Purple’s hand was on Yellowclothed Venerable’s head when a silver radiance shone down. Her forehead's golden and crimson runes bloomed, and the saint dao around the Yellowclothed Venerable instantly crumbled.

“What’s going on?!” The Yellowclothed Venerable retreated in fear, but Lil’ Purple had already left. When he came to his senses, a red line appeared on his neck, which came from Lin Yun, who took the opportunity to swing his sword, and Yellowclothed Venerable’s head flew away.

“Mhm? Damn it!” The Bloodclothed Venerable’s face changed when she saw Yellowclothed Venerable’s headless corpse. She descended to the ground and grabbed Yellowclothed Venerable’s corpse, but the latter had already died. When she raised her head, Lin Yun had already fled with Lil’ Purple.

“Scumbag, do you know how strong I am now? Saint dao is nothing before me, and you would’ve died here if not for me,” Lil’ Purple said smugly.

“It’s just lesser dao. If it’s a greater dao, you wouldn’t have been able to deal with it so easily.” Lin Yun laid on Lil’ Purple’s back as he turned around and saw a crimson figure following them. But her speed was much slower than Lil’ Purple. After Lil’ Purple activated the runes on her forehead, she increased her speed and soon threw Bloodclothed Venerable away.

A few minutes later, they arrived on a hill. The fainted Bai Xiao was here with Lil’ Red, who was on alert.

Lil’ Purple said in disdain, “You’re really heavy. Get off me now.”

Lin Yun’s face blushed because this was the first time a little girl carried him. But he was fortunate to wear a mask, and Lil’ Purple couldn’t see his expression. He briefly rested before going over to Bai Xiao and placed his hand on the latter’s chest, using his Blue Dragon Bone to heal Bai Xiao’s injuries.

Lil’ Purple exclaimed, “Hey, I carried you with great difficulty not to see you push yourself to save someone.”

“I’m fine. My injuries might be heavy, but they aren’t lethal.” Lin Yun continued to inject his blue dragon aura into Bai Xiao. Bai Xiao’s heart was shattered, and he couldn't help Bai Xiao recover quickly, even with the Blue Dragon Bone. He could only preserve Bai Xiao’s life and return him to the sect. After all, he couldn’t eliminate the lingering greater dao within Bai Xiao’s body. He might be able to try it with his sword intent, but it was too dangerous, and Bai Xiao was too weak.

Lil’ Purple furiously glared at Lin Yun before turning her head away, “You idiot.”

“Ye Qingtian, is that you?” Bai Xiao’s voice resounded. He had long regained consciousness but was too weak to speak.

Seeing this, Lin Yun knew that Bai Xiao was saved. He smiled, “It’s me. How did you recognize me?”

“That’s not important.” Bai Xiao didn’t speak much. He naturally noticed Ye Qingtian’s Blue Dragon Bone and knew that this Ye Qingtian wasn’t the original Ye Qingtian.

“Right, that’s not important. Don’t speak for now.” Lin Yun smiled and sat down to heal his injuries. When he reopened his eyes, they briefly discussed with each other and concluded: Wang Muyan lured Bai Xiao out of the sect on purpose.

Wang Muyan wasn’t simple and knew that Bai Xiao was watching her. But it wasn’t appropriate for her to move within the sect, so she could only lure Bai Xiao out. In a nutshell, she was very dangerous.

“It’s a pity that my Golden Spirit Bead was destroyed. Otherwise, even the Wang Clan couldn’t protect her due to the evidence,” Bai Xiao said reluctantly. He was tasked with keeping an eye on Wang Muyan, but he knew it was impossible to find evidence of Wang Muyan now.

Right then, the Heavenly Dao Sect’s Golden Guards arrived. Lil’ Purple had already noticed their arrival and had left. As for Lin Yun, he had noticed them, but it would make him suspicious if he left now. Thus, he removed the Silvermoon Mask from his face.

When the group of people landed on the ground, Lin Yun saw that they were covered in wounds caused by lightning. They had black marks on their bodies, and some even lost their hair.

The white-clothed youth was better, only having his clothes torn with a few wounds. He was Bai Yunfeng, only second to Bai Shuying amongst the Bai Clan’s younger generation. He had failed to compete for a slot to the God Burial Mountain Range.

“Ye Qingtian, what are you doing here?” Bai Yunfeng was briefly stunned upon seeing Ye Qingtian. He had never seen Ye Qingtian before, but the latter was notorious within the Bai Clan, and his face instantly became ugly.

“Yunfeng, be more polite to him. He saved my life,” Bai Xiao said.

“Him?” Bai Yunfeng frowned. He guessed that the person who had faced Zhao Tianyu earlier must’ve been Ye Qingtian. Since Ye Qingtian saved Bai Xiao, Bai Yunfeng couldn’t say anything nasty, so he coldly said, “Don’t interfere in a matter between Quasi-Saints. Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died. A Quasi-Saint grasping greater dao is out of your reach.”

Bai Yunfeng was arrogant, despite knowing Ye Qingtian’s talent in the sword.

Bai Xiao coldly said, “Yunfeng, Ye Qingtian saved my life, not you.”

“I’m saying this for his sake. Even though you lost so terribly, not to mention him. He might be a genius, but he’s nothing before Zhao Tianyu. Sword intent is nothing before greater dao,” Bai Yunfeng replied. After he said that, he forcibly carried Bai Xiao and returned to the Heavenly Dao Sect.

“Hmph, ungrateful brats! See what I said? You helped him, but no one helped you,” Lil’ Purple said furiously.

“Bai Xiao took care of me when I was in confinement, and he also helped me when I exchanged so much true dragon saint liquid,” Lin Yun said. Bai Xiao was nice to him, even during their first meeting. This was how Lin Yun had always been; he would treat others how he was treated. Bai Xiao was nice to him, so he naturally wouldn’t watch Bai Xiao die before him.

“Oh.” Lil’ Purple’s expression eased. But she still furiously said, “That other fellow is disgusting. Does he think that the greater dao is invincible?”

“Do you want to give him a beating, then?” Lin Yun smiled.

“Yeah!” Lil’ Purple’s eyes lit up.

“You wish!” Lin Yun knocked Lil’ Purple’s head.

After returning to Indigothunder Peak, he fell into deep thoughts because he noticed that what Wang Muyan said wasn’t a lie. If she wanted to kill him, it would have been even more dangerous today. Wang Muyan was terrifying and weird at the same time.

Zhao Tianyu doesn’t seem to know about my identity. Wang Muyan didn’t tell him about me? Lin Yun pondered. Under Zhao Tianyu’s impression, Ye Qingtian and Flower Burial were different people. So what was Wang Muyan planning?

I have witnessed the power of greater dao today, and Zhao Tianyu must’ve grasped the Thunder Dao, not to mention he possesses the Indigo Lightning Eyes. Golden generation geniuses are on a whole new level than the ordinary geniuses, like Feng Shaoyu, after reaching the Quasi-Saint Realm. Only four months are left until the Blue Dragon Record, and who knows how many people will appear. Lin Yun felt pressured, so he entered the Iris Secret Realm to refine the True Dragon Bloodfire Pellet, hoping to quickly reach the tenth transformation of the Nirvana Stage.

According to his speculation, his nirvana aura could contend with saint aura after reaching the tenth transformation of the Nirvana Stage. If anyone else heard that, they would only find him naive. But Lin Yun wanted to give it a try. If he could reach the tenth transformation of the Nirvana Stage and his sword intent took another step further, he could contend with greater dao. After all, he had just begun excavating the potential of his dual sword stars.

Zhao Tianyu made him feel pressured, giving him a long-forgotten motivation. Sword intent was nothing before greater dao?