The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2104: Warmth (1)

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Chapter 2104: Warmth (1)

He knew he couldn’t clear his nickname as “Holy Maiden Killer” for a long time. After all, he couldn't keep a low profile even if he wanted to.

When the two arrived at the Heavenly Dao Sect’s gathering place, someone immediately greeted Lin Yun, nodding or stepping forth to talk to him. Even if Ye Qingtian failed to reach the tenth transformation of the Nirvana Stage, his talent was still around. So even if he missed the Blue Dragon Record, he might still be able to rise.

Even some saint disciples who had long reached the Quasi-Saint Realm couldn’t help looking at him differently. They were older and more broad-minded. So they naturally knew what having dual sword stars represented. As long as Ye Qingtian didn’t die halfway, he could become a Sword Saint, at least in the future. Then again, that would have to exclude those from the four major clans, especially the Bai Clan, who looked at him coldly.

“Qingyu, who told you to bring him over?” Bai Yunfeng frowned and walked over with a cold face. He didn’t like Ye Qingtian, but it had nothing to do with jealousy. He didn’t like Ye Qingtian’s reputation, especially his explicable relationship with the Nether Orchid Holy Maiden. After all, Ye Qingtian’s reputation as the Holy Maiden Killer started from Bai Shuying.


“Big Brother Ye is also a Great Saint’s direct disciple. So why can’t he be here?” Bai Qingyu asked.

“Everyone here is at least at the Azure Origin Phase. Does someone at the Nirvana Stage want to compete for the Sacred Fire Golden Lotus? Even a Great Saint’s direct disciple doesn’t have that qualification,” Bai Yunfeng said indifferently.

Bai Qingyu retorted, “Why? If Big Brother Ye obtains the Sacred Fire Golden Lotus, he can treat his injuries and reach the Quasi-Saint Realm within two months.”

“Why? Because he’s not a Quasi-Saint,” Bai Yunfeng rejected.

“Oh? How about I leave then?” Lin Yun smiled.

“Go ahead and leave. Does anyone here look like they’re keeping you around?” Bai Yunfeng said with disdain. In his eyes, Ye Qingtian was only a lecher. Did he think that he was that important?

“If we can obtain the Sacred Fire Golden Lotus, I’m willing to give up on my share,” an older generation saint disciple said. He was at the Indigo Origin Phase, but he was already getting on his age and hadn’t grasped a greater dao yet. Even if he could obtain the Sacred Fire Golden Lotus, he couldn’t grasp a greater dao, and his strength would be limited. Since that was the case, he would rather give it to Ye Qingtian as a favor, instead.

“I’m also willing. Senior Brother Ye isn’t the same as us. He’s the Champion of the Sword Assembly, and it has been a long time since a genius like him has appeared within the Eastern Desolation,” Wang Yue said. He was a genius of the Wang Clan but had a close relationship with Ye Qingtian.

“I’m also willing to give up on my share.” Ouyang He and Chen Zhong spoke out, fearlessly looking at Bai Yunfeng. Many people kept silent, but they were clearly standing on Ye Qingtian’s side, judging from their expressions.

Bai Yunfeng was stunned. He didn’t expect Ye Qingtian to have such prestige in just one year, and even he?couldn’t suppress Ye Qingtian; even though he was a Quasi-Saint at the Indigo Origin Phase who grasped a greater dao.

Lin Yun was also surprised because he didn’t expect to have such a high prestige within the sect.

“Senior Brother Bai, Senior Brother Ye has no problems with his character. He was the one who stood out to face Young Master Wushuang’s provocation, and he even made a move in Six Holy City to save the Heavenly Dao Sect’s reputation.”

“Yeah. Senior Brother Ye reached the ninth level of the Soaring Cloud Peak, far ahead of everyone else.”

“Ye Qingtian even mastered the second section of the Divine Firefly Sword and the tenth sword form.” Some people were afraid of Bai Yunfeng’s reputation and strength. Thus, they did not dare to directly look at him but softly spoke up for Ye Qingtian.

Bai Qingyu was happy when she saw this and smiled, “Big Brother Ye, so many people wish for you to remain here.”

Lin Yun was also surprised when he saw this scene and felt a warmth within the Heavenly Dao Sect.

Bai Yunfeng’s face was pale because this was the first time he had run into this situation, and he was in a tough position.

Seeing this, Wang Yue smiled, “Senior Brother Bai, Senior Brother Ye might’ve failed in reaching the tenth transformation of the Nirvana Stage, but he has a record of killing a Quasi-Saint at the Indigo Origin Phase. We may not be able to obtain as much, so having Senior Brother Ye is also helpful. At least he’s stronger than people like us who have just reached the Quasi-Saint Realm. Perhaps he might be able to lift some pressure off of you.”

Wang Yue had high emotional intelligence and gave Bai Yunfeng a step-down.

Bai Yunfeng said, “You can remain here. But you don’t need to make a move, you just have to watch. If you’re heavily injured or crippled, I won’t be able to explain to the Dragon Origin Great Saint. If I obtain the Sacred Fire Golden Lotus, I’ll keep a share for you.”

He rejected Wang Yue’s proposal and allowed Ye Qingtian to remain out of kindness.

Seeing that Bai Yunfeng was looking down upon him, Lin Yun merely smiled. He couldn’t be bothered to argue. He merely found a place and casually sat down.

“They all say you’re a genius swordsman, so I’m curious if you can break through my Trigram Saint Armor.” When Lin Yun sat down, a nearby saint disciple from the Ming Cult walked over. This person was called Xiao Yi, a top-tiered expert amongst the saint disciples within the Ming Cult. He wore a luxurious purple robe, looking to be in his twenties, with a cultivation at the Indigo Origin Phase Quasi-Saint Realm.

To have such a high cultivation at such a young age was enough to prove Xiao Yi’s talent, even if he relied on a time and space secret realm.

Everyone present was a top-tiered saint disciple from one of the various holy lands. Aside from holy sons, they were the strongest within their holy sects, and even someone like Bai Yunfeng wasn’t any weaker than the holy sons. They were all prideful and had long heard of Ye Qingtian’s reputation. So they naturally wanted to meet him.

Wang Yue frowned, “Xiao Yi, you already plan on making a move before the main event starts?”

The six holy lands had already discussed the Sacred Fire Golden Lotus distribution. Each holy land would send out five people to distribute the Sacred Fire Golden Lotuses based on their strengths, and the Heavenly Dao Sect’s opponent in the first round was the Ming Cult.

Xiao Yi smiled, “Ye Qingtian, let’s fight later. You’re a genius in the sword and have killed an Indigo Origin Phase Quasi-Saint before, so I’m not exactly bullying you into a fight.”

“There are many geniuses in the world, and I’m nothing. I only managed to kill an Indigo Origin Phase Quasi-Saint by fluke, and I’m only a spectator here. So you don’t have to pay any attention to me,” Lin Yun smiled.

“Oh? Then your reputation is probably fake,” Xiao Yi smiled coldly and left.

The other holy lands were also tempted to stand out, wanting to compete with Ye Qingtian, especially Young Master Wushuang and the disciples of the Divine Phoenix Mountain. Young Master Wushuang had lost to Ye Qingtian before, while the Divine Phoenix Mountain was purely unconvinced by the Heavenly Dao Sect’s status to be on the same level as them.