The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2234: Clash

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Chapter 2234 - Clash

The Asura Dove King had retreated to a hundred meters away as he gave off an oppressive pressure with his three-meter figure. He wore a blood-colored cloak and had released his saint aura.

“Do you want me to repeat myself?” The Asura Dove King said with icy cold killing intent released from his eyes.

“When I spoke earlier, saying that you’d killed the Ying River King, you’ve hesitated. This means that you must have been the one who lost in the fight,” Lin Yun said fearlessly. “You’re not at your strongest state, nor are you uninjured. Otherwise, you would’ve captured me long ago and wouldn’t waste time with me.”

The Asura Dove King was stunned, then he said, “That’s a Golden-Eyed Demonspirit that we’re talking about. You can’t imagine how strong he is.”

Lin Yun’s heart sank because he speculated that it should be a Silver-Eyed Demonspirit at the very least. He never expected that it would be a Golden-Eyed Demonspirit. What is the Demonspirit Clan trying to do by sending such a noble clansman to the Heavenly Void?

“You’re smart, but smart people don’t tend to live long,” the Asura Dove King said. He continued, “If I devour you and obtain the Othershore Flower, I will become fearless even if I face a Golden-Eyed Demonspirit.”

After being exposed, the Asura Dove King no longer concealed himself. He was injured and would have considered not making a move if Lin Yun obediently handed the Othershore Flower to him. But since the latter wasn’t tactful, he could only kill Lin Yun. Leaving behind an afterimage, the Asura Dove King used his hands as a sword and charged towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was prepared for this and used his fingers as a sword. His Dragon’s Blood then began to boil.

“Sovereign Dragon Seal!” The Sovereign Dragon Fist released a powerful dragon aura, releasing a seven-colored radiance that clashed with the Asura Dove King’s finger.

A powerful saint aura exploded, sending Lin Yun flying away. His entire arm nearly felt numb, with fine cracks on his bones. This made Lin Yun’s lips twitch because it was too painful, but he still had excitement and fighting spirit on his face.

The Asura Dove King was at least a third-stage Saint Lord, and Lin Yun’s injuries from their previous clash couldn’t even be considered light. His bones have long transformed into Dragon’s Bones. So he could recover his injuries quickly with a few breaths. The Asura Dove King was heavily injured, indicating that his bet was right.

On the other hand, the Asura Dove King felt terrible as he took a few steps back before stabilizing himself. When blazing saint flames landed on him, sizzling sounds came from the crimson cloud around him.

“You’re stronger than I’ve imagined!” The Asura Dove King looked at Lin Yun, and no longer had any contempt in his eyes.

“But you still have to die!” The Asura Dove King snorted as the Yin-Yang Millstone in his violet palace circulated, and his saint energy began to ignite. The saint aura that he gave off was like a sea spreading out.

“Yin-Yang Stage?” Lin Yun frowned, confirming that the Asura Dove King was a pinnacle third-stage Saint Lord. He could absorb sun and moon essence to refine into saint energy, which was stronger than a second-stage Quasi-Saint like him. Even if the latter was heavily injured, he still had a powerful cultivation.

Lin Yun took a deep breath and circulated the two sword sutras, facing the incoming palm head-on. When the two palms clashed, Lin Yun was sent flying by a few meters, throwing out blood. Lin Yun realized he couldn’t face a third-stage Saint Lord by relying only on the two sword sutras.

Circulating the Azure Dragon Divine Physique, the Dragon’s Blood within his body began to ignite like magma with an ancient and powerful energy flowing throughout his body. When their palms clashed, Lin Yun only took three steps back this time.

“About there.” Lin Yun analyzed as he clenched his fist and attacked with the Sovereign Dragon Fist. He was still retreating but didn’t suffer any more injuries. The Asura Dove King’s saint energy was still within his scope of acceptance.

Lin Yun calmly faced the Asura Dove King as he began to gauge his strength. He soon came out with an evaluation that if he used his cultivation as a second-stage Heavenly Origin Phase Quasi-Saint, it was impossible to face a third-stage Saint Lord, even if the latter was heavily injured.

But the Azure Dragon Divine Physique had more endurance than he had imagined. At the very least, second-stage Saint Lords couldn’t inflict heavy injuries on him.

Although he might not be able to catch up with the Asura Dove King with the Divine Sunchasing Art, he could at least hold his ground.

He had to infuse his Dragon’s Blood to bring the Sovereign Dragon Seal to the level that it could injure the Azure Dove King. Otherwise, the latter could ignore his attacks.

As various thoughts crossed Lin Yun’s mind, he now better understood his strength.

The two briefly exchanged over ten-odd attacks, exchanging several martial techniques, and causing the ground to violently tremble.

“How is this possible?” The Asura Dove King was shocked as he looked at Lin Yun with disbelief and shock. He clearly held the upper hand in the fight, but Lin Yun’s strength would increase whenever he took the latter down.

Lin Yun was only a Quasi-Saint, but his trump cards were endless.

He wondered if Lin Yun was using him as a sparring partner. He felt as though Lin Yun was using him to gauge his strength. But he refused to believe that a Quasi-Saint could reduce him to a mere sparring partner. This made his face sink as he soon denied that thought.

“Where’s your Rahu Sword? Let me take a look at it,” Lin Yun said.

The Asura Dove King was furious when he heard that because a Quasi-Saint dared to speak to him in this manner. He wondered if he had heard him incorrectly and asked, “What did you say?”

“I asked you, where’s your Rahu Sword? Let me take a look at it,” Lin Yun repeated. He had already proven his barehanded strength and wanted to examine his strength in the sword. But he could only ask for it since the Asura Dove King showed no intention of drawing his sword.

The Asura Dove King flew into a rage when he heard that. He finally knew his speculation was right, and Lin Yun was using him as a sparring partner. Since when had he been so humiliated before? If it was normal, he wouldn’t even glance at Lin Yun.

“Blood must be shed when the Rahu Sword is drawn. Since you want to experience it, I’ll let you experience it.” The Asura Dove King summoned the Rahu Sword into his hand.

The Rahu Sword trembled when it appeared, and the Asura Dove King’s aura declined when he held onto it. On the contrary, the Rahu Sword became even more excited.

Lin Yun squinted, realizing that this was a demonic sword. It not only devoured the vitality of its enemies, but even the master as well. He instantly understood why the Asura Dove King didn’t use it right from the start.

“Die!” The Asura Dove King released his Astral Sword Intent with ten-odd dao flowers blooming and galaxies appearing. This made the Rahu Sword even more terrifying as the Asura Dove King swung his sword down, leaving behind fine cracks in space and an invincible aura sweeping out.

“Damn it!” The Asura Dove King was furious while looking at Lin Yun as though he was looking at a dead person. He was furious that he was forced to draw the Rahu Sword by a Quasi-Saint, and he would have to recuperate for a long time, even if he managed to kill Lin Yun.

Lin Yun then drew the Flower Burial Sword, circulating the Great Profound Sword Canon with three swords appearing behind him. Shortly after, a dragon roar and phoenix cry echoed as a Heavenly Dragon and a Divine Phoenix coiled around him.

When the Flower Burial Sword blocked the Rahu Sword, sparks flew from the two swords, illuminating Lin Yun’s face as he released a powerful pressure.

“Not bad.” Lin Yun evaluated, “The body that you’re using must have been a Sword Saint when he was alive.”

The Asura Dove King was shocked when he heard that. What did that mean? Was Lin Yun evaluating him while being a Quasi-Saint? Did he qualify?

“You’re courting death!” The Asura Dove King ignored his injuries and circulated an ancient sword sutra with a sword ray soaring to the sky, his Astral Sword Intent reaching its peak. With the Rahu Sword in his hand, he looked as though he wanted to devour someone as he let out a roar.

Lin Yun avoided the incoming attacks, retreating as he performed the Divine Firefly Sword. After fighting for a while, he was surprised because the sword technique executed by the Asura Dove King was familiar to him, but it was harmless.

When the Asura Dove King swung his last sword, the sword ray released by the Rahu Sword shone brightly with a domineering sword aura spreading out, causing the ground to collapse with spatial cracks appearing in the surroundings. Even so, Lin Yun still managed to block this sword.

Lin Yun turned around and divided it into thirteen figures, each drawing a circle with his sword. When the circles merged, a dazzling sword ray was released from Lin Yun that wasn’t weaker than the Asura Dove King.

When the two swords clashed, the ground exploded with countless fragments hovering in the sky. But Lin Yun held onto his sword and didn’t take a step back.

“Nine Heavenly Overlord!” The Asura Dove King completely lost it as his figure began to shrink to the same size as Lin Yun, but the aura that he gave off became even more terrifying. At the same time, the Rahu Sword also changed, displaying its second form.

When a chant that sounded like it had traveled through time was heard, Lin Yun’s body unleashed an unimaginable power as he released his Quasi-Divine Light Sword Intent without reservation. But that wasn’t all. Hundreds of runes began to shine on the Flower Burial Sword, activating all four glory spirits.

When he poured his energy into the sword, he unleashed a sword ray with his hair fluttering wildly in the wind. With a loud explosion, the two swords clashed, and the Rahu Sword was knocked away.

This made the Asura Dove King throw out a mouthful of blood as he looked at Lin Yun with a chill running down his spine. That figure stood in the air with the wind blowing against him, and his gaze was terrifyingly calm. This wasn’t the gaze of a Quasio-Saint but a living Sword God!

The Asura Dove King’s heart was enveloped with fear, and he fled without hesitation.

“You think you can escape?” Lin Yun squinted with a chill flashing across his eyes. The Flower Burial Sword pierced through the air and swiftly caught up with the Asura Dove King.

But the Asura Dove King wasn’t a pushover. He caught the Flower Burial Sword with both his hands, allowing the Flower Burial Sword to destroy his arms while he continued to flee.

“Interesting…” Lin Yun sneered as he stomped on the ground and dashed over. He appeared above the Asura Dove King with his palm descending, unleashing the Black Thunder Chains. The nine chains manifested into thunder serpents that flew out from his palm, chasing after the Asura Dove King.

As the Asura Dove King screamed, the thunder serpents bit him, but he still ran for his life. Under a tug-of-war, the nine serpents tore away the flesh from the Asura Dove King, causing the latter to let out a painful scream with his blood gushing out.

When Lin Yun descended from the sky, he looked at Asura Dove King without intending to chase after him. He did have an opportunity to kill the Asura Dove King, but he didn’t do that since he wanted to capture the latter alive.

“Master, are you not going to chase after him?” The Othershore Flower’s voice resounded.

“He will come back,” Lin Yun replied.

After a few minutes, the Asura Dove King screamed as he ran back. Lil’ Purple and Lil’ Red secretly went ahead to block the Asura Dove King’s path of retreat. Lil' Red was more brutal than Lin Yun, forcing the Asura Dove King to dodge around like a monkey.