The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2246 - Sovereign Constellation

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Chapter 2246 - Sovereign Constellation

Li Feibai stood on the lotus with a dazzling, handsome face. The Divine Blood Fruit that everyone was yearning for was in his hand, emitting a seven-colored radiance.

Huang Jingyu was naturally furious, and his face had become terrifyingly dark.

“The Dragon Jade Flame Lotus. This person isn’t a descendant of the Li Clan, one of the Eight Imperial Clans, right?” Liu Yunlan said cautiou0sly.

He had previously run into someone from ‘Skysolute City,’ and he had run into a descendant of the Eight Imperial Clans. So, he naturally had no confidence in his tone. After all, the Eight Imperial Clans were so powerful that only a few holy lands could catch their attention.

Others might fear them since they were from holy lands, but the Eight Imperial Clans wouldn’t be afraid of them, and they wouldn’t be bothered even if they snatched their Divine Blood Fruit.

“Who are you? How dare you snatch my Divine Blood Fruit!” Huang Jingyu looked at Li Feibai coldly, with malice flashing in his eyes. He could roughly guess the identity of this person, but this was the Heavenly Void. So even if this person came from one of the Eight Imperial Clans, Huang Jingyu wouldn’t be afraid of him.

“Li Feibai. You should be able to recognize my origin.” Li Feibai raised his brow, looking arrogant and aloof.

“The Divine Blood Fruit should go to those who are capable, and it’s not something we have to offer to you just because of your identity. Furthermore… this is the Eastern Desolation, the Heavenly Void!” Huang Jingyu said indifferently.

“I like what you said. So you’ll have to rely on your ability if you want it back,” Li Feibai smiled. When he waved his hand down, the petals scattered out. Each petal manifested into a flame dragon, and it didn’t take long for there to be hundreds of flame dragons.

Each impact of the flame dragon was comparable to the attack of a pinnacle second-stage Saint Lord. Under this shocking scene, flames enveloped the sky with resounding explosions one after another.

The three holy lands immediately became chaotic, leaving many first-stage Saint Lords heavily injured.

“The game has just begun!” Li Feibai waved his hand to stow the Divine Blood Fruit and dashed out amidst the chaos.

“Stop him!” Huang Feiyu wasn’t in a hurry to make a move but sent three second-stage Saint Lords from the Ming Cult to stand in Li Feibai’s path of retreat.

“You guys are looking down on me too much!” The corner of Li Feibai’s lips curled with disdain, and he wore a contemptuous smile, unleashing a punch that was enveloped in flames while he left behind ten-odd afterimages.

As a barrage of punches descended from the sky, the three Saint Lord’s dipper auras were briefly shattered. The three Saint Lords threw out blood as they were sent flying away, looking pathetic.

“Ha!” Li Feibai smiled, but didn’t stop his footsteps.

As soon as he broke out of the encirclement, several old Saint Lords were charging over with sinister expressions. With the Divine Blood Fruit, Li Feibai naturally became everyone’s target. Even if he managed to charge out from the encirclement of the three holy lands, the Saint Lords outside the encirclement wouldn’t let him leave so easily.

“Finally, something interesting.” Li Feibai was enveloped in flames with a dragon aura spreading out as he performed a fist technique. His movement technique was bizarre, leaving behind nearly a hundred afterimages, making it confusing for others to distinguish his real body.

Li Feibai’s punches were terrifying. Each punch felt like a meteorite had streaked across the horizon. It didn’t take long before the radiance released from Li Feibai became even more dazzling, with countless petals flying out, which looked beautiful from a distance.

“He’s pretty capable. It’s no wonder why he dares to be so arrogant and aloof.” Lil’ Purple muttered as she stood beside Lin Yun.

“What fist technique is that?” Lin Yun asked. The power of this fist technique used by Li Feibai wasn’t inferior to the Sovereign Dragon Fist, and Lin Yun could tell that he was trying to end the battle quickly by using that fist technique.

When Li Feibai’s speed reached the limit, his punch could kill a Saint Lord, and his fist technique mainly focused on fire, while speed was used to increase the power of his punches further. When the two combined, it had an unexpected and miraculous effect.

“That is the Heavenly Prison Light Fist. You’ll need to master nine Greater Daos and one Sovereign Dao to practice it, and this fist technique is complicated,” Lil’ Purple explained. “The threshold isn’t only high, but it’s also troublesome to practice. Aside from that, you’ll need a certain movement technique and cultivation technique. Neither one can be missing; this is why not many people practice this fist technique, and some say it’s been long lost since ancient times.”

Lin Yun was surprised because this fist technique didn’t create any terrifying phenomenon, but the power was immense.

“He still has some means that he hadn’t used… but will he be able to return with the Divine Blood Fruit with his strength?” Lil’ Purple asked.

Lin Yun held onto his chin, and said, “That’s a problem. I hope he can fulfil his promise because I hate it when others lie to me.”

“Jingyu, we can practically confirm that this person is a disciple of the Li Clan,” Liu Yunlan said beside Huang Jingyu.

“This fellow knows we don’t dare to kill him, which is why he’s fearless.” Heavenly Kui Saint Lord frowned as he looked at Li Feibai unhappily.

Huang Jingyu also had a headache because he was a strong, troublesome foe. The three holy lands sent many people over, but there weren’t many experts. Because of the restrictions, they could only send out fourth-stage Saint Lords at most. Those above the fourth-stage weren’t willing to take the risk.

There were only one or two Saint Lords at the fourth stage, and they were the foundation that they had to preserve until the divine flame appeared. If they made a move beforehand, those people in the dark would be on their guard.

“Should we?” The Heavenly Kui Saint Lord looked at Huang Jingyu.

Huang Jingyu knew what the Heavenly Kui Saint Lord meant and asked if they should send out their fourth-stage Saint Lords to suppress Li Feibai. But those Saint Lords were their trump cards, and they might injure Li Feibai. If they injured Li Feibai too seriously, they might accidentally kill him.

As a result, Huang Jingyu shook his head to reject that suggestion. But shortly after, a sneer rose on his lips, and he said, “It’s not that easy to leave with the Divine Blood Fruit.”

Huang Jingyu glanced at the two as his lips moved, and the two soon backed down.

Li Feibai was still charging back and forth. Just when he was about to leave the valley, a dangerous aura came over, so Li Feibai stomped on the ground and dashed out. When he dashed out, crimson flames blazed on the ground that burned through the air, leaving behind holes.

If a Saint Lord was caught in the fire, they wouldn’t be able to extinguish it, and the flames would consume their saint energy. So, briefly, a few corpses were on the ground. Before Bai Yunfei could be shocked, a lightning bolt descended from the sky where he was.

“What speed!” Li Feibai was surprised as he tried his best to dodge, but he soon discovered that the lightning had formed into shackles. Shortly after, more lightning descended from the sky, forcing Li Feibai to retreat.

It was the Myriad Lightning Sect’s Saint Elder who made a move. It was a third-grade Saint Lord who stood out, and he was stronger than the other third-grade Saint Lords. The Heavenly Flame Sect’s Saint Elder moved earlier and waved his hand as flames rose from the ground.

Li Feibai executed various means to dodge the attacks and raised his head to discover that he had retreated to the valley's heart. But that wasn’t all because when Li Feibai retreated from the lightning purgatory, the Saint Elder of the Ming Cult moved with a sun and a moon revolving, forming a Yin-Yang diagram. It was like a layer of heaven was about to crash into Li Feibai.

But that wasn’t all, as the Heavenly Flame Sect and Myriad Lightning Sect’s Saint Elders also arrived with constellations opening up behind them. When they began to form seals, flames that were like tidal waves poured in from the surroundings.

The most terrifying was the Myriad Lightning Sect’s Saint Elder, who waved his hand and the nine shackles combined to form a huge pillar of lightning that descended from the sky and blasted into the ground, locking down the entire space Li Feibai was in.

In a split second, three pinnacle third-grade Saint Lords executed their trump cards to lock onto Li Feibai's space, making everyone who saw this take a deep breath.

After all, those three Saint Elders represented three holy lands and displayed the foundation of a holy land the moment they made a move.

“He won’t be able to escape now.”

“The three holy lands won’t dare to do anything to him, but they will definitely force him to hand over the Divine Blood Fruit.”

“The Eight Imperial Clans’ descendants are extraordinary as well. He’s only a first-stage Saint Lord, but he was able to force the three pinnacle third-stage Saint Lords to make a move.”

“It has come to an end here. It looks like the Divine Blood Fruit will fall into the hands of the three holy lands.” Everyone exclaimed because the competition for the Divine Blood Fruit was finally going to come to an end.

On the faraway mountain, Lil’ Purple asked, “Are you going to make a move?”

Shaking his head, Lin Yun replied, “He should still have trump cards.”

The flames on the ground were like an ocean, the lightning pillar sealed the path of retreat, and the Yin-Yang diagram sealed off the sky.

Li Feibai was trapped with no way out.

Huang Jingyu smiled and said, “Although we took advantage of our numbers, there’s nothing fair and unfair in the world. Brother Li, obediently hand over the Divine Blood Fruit. You can take two saint leaves with you.”

He was pretty generous with the saint leaves.

Li Feibai was fearless and smiled, “It’s a pity that I have promised someone that I will bring the Divine Blood Fruit out with me. Otherwise, I might have agreed with your proposal.”

“What other trump cards do you have?” Huang Jingyu smiled.

Li Feibai casually glanced at him, and said with disdain, “This much can’t trap me, and you’re still lacking. You don’t know how terrifying the foundation of the Eight Imperial Clans is.”

The moment he said that a constellation opened behind him. The moment the constellation opened up, the surrounding flames shattered, soared to the sky, and exploded like fireworks.

Everyone’s gazes were on that constellation with disbelief on their faces. This was because that constellation looked like a Sovereign Constellation!

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