The Sovereign's Ascension-Chapter 2398 - Slow And Fast, I’m Invincible!

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Chapter 2398 - Slow And Fast, I’m Invincible!

Lin Yun’s words made everyone’s faces freeze. When they fought with their Thunder Dao, Lin Yun forced the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son to reveal his cultivation as a Quasi-Saint Sovereign and used his Space Dao. But no one expected Lin Yun to have grasped an Eternal Dao as well.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face sank. He never expected that someone that he hated also grasped an Eternal Dao.

Yue Weiwei’s eyes shone brightly with a charming smile.

Xiong Tiannan was shocked, and he had to give it to Lin Yun, who knew how to show off.

Luo Tianxi wore a smile from his throne. So what if Lin Yun was arrogant and slapped everyone’s faces in the Heavenly Saint Courtyard? They were nothing as long as he showed enough strength and potential.

“Let me experience your Yin-Yang Dao, then!” The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face was dark as he waved his hand, and the azure tree began to grow with boundless life force surging forth. A deity tore apart the sky and wanted to recall the crimson spear. The crimson spear on the ground merely trembled before returning to its hand.

“This move again?” Lin Yun sneered with a cold light flashing in his eyes.

“So what if I’m using this again?” The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son raised his brow. “I’m a deity’s son, so you’re unhappy with me using a deity’s aura? The deity’s blood flows through my body, and you can only suck it up even if you’re unhappy.”

“I’ll show you how I destroy it with a wave,” Lin Yun sneered. Did the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son think that he was powerless against it? He didn’t want to use other means, since they were competing in Thunder Dao earlier.

He let go of the Flower Burial Sword, which flew to the azure tree and the deity in the sky let out a scream before it began to crumble. In just a short while, the so-called “deity’s aura” and the deity’s descendant became nothing, destroyed just by waving his hand.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face changed, and he gritted his teeth because Lin Yun destroyed it by just waving his hand. When he looked at Lin Yun’s smile, that face looked hideous and hateful to him. He shifted and appeared before Lin Yun, roaring, “I’ll kill you!”

This was genuine teleportation, and space shattering resounded after the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son appeared. The dao flower symbolizing Space Dao began to revolve, causing the entire stage to tremble.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son threw out a punch, causing the surrounding space to distort. Space distortion wasn’t just meant to restrain the opponent; it could also tear someone into pieces.

Lin Yun was fearless as he took a step forth with a Yin-Yang Painting appearing before throwing his punch. His punch looked slow, so slow that everyone could see every single detail. But when he threw his punch, the surrounding area became slow.

“Yin-Yang!” Everyone was shocked since this was the first time they saw someone executing Yin-Yang Dao at the banquet. At this moment, everyone finally realized that they had underestimated Flower Burial. Lin Yun only became the champion of the ninth testing ground because he was sent to the ninth.

The fight between Lin Yun and the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was swift, making it hard for everyone to keep up. One was incredibly slow, slower than a falling leaf. But such a slow fist technique had perfectly exhibited the profundity of Yin-Yang Dao, with a Yin-Yang Painting revolving whenever he threw his punch.

As the Yin-Yang Painting revolved, a terrifying power accumulated within Lin Yun. The Dragon’s Blood within his body began to boil violently, with the Azure Dragon Constellation faintly being visible beyond the sky. So, no matter how powerful the space distortion was, each clash was between two Eternal Daos.

This terrifying phenomenon shocked everyone as the dao flowers representing Yin-Yang Dao and Space Dao began to revolve. Phenomena also started to appear between heaven and earth, looking like multiple worlds were being born one after another.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was terrifyingly fast, but everyone could sense a powerful aura accumulating on Lin Yun.

“Not good, the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son will suffer!” The faces of champions from the other testing grounds changed as Lin Yun waved his hand, and the Flower Burial Sword flew out from the azure tree.

Lin Yun no longer performed the fist technique and changed to swinging his sword instead. All the accumulated power was unleashed with his sword technique reaching a terrifying speed, which was a drastic difference to his fist technique.

The entire world was covered with sword rays, and even space was at the mercy of the sword rays. This was terrifying as everyone took a breath with disbelief on their faces.

When the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son appeared, it was Lin Yun’s sword technique that everyone couldn’t keep up with and could only see blurred figures in the air. The situation was turned around since Lin Yun was fast, and the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was slow this time.

But the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was forced to become slow as the sword rays would knead the surrounding space, making it impossible for him to teleport. Without the Flower Burial Sword’s suppression, a deity’s aura swept out from the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son once more.

But it was useless as it was crushed under Lin Yun’s sword. His sword was incredibly fast and powerful, with all the accumulated power vented. At this moment, the sword ray looked like it could slay a deity. freewe bnovel .com

“What speed!” Everyone was dumbfounded and could only see Lin Yun’s sword dao, exploding with the dao flower shining brightly like a bright star.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son retreated again, performing various secret techniques of Qilin Mountain. But his attempts were all futile because Lin Yun’s sword rays were unrivaled, and his aura was still accumulating.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son knew that the situation didn’t look good for him, and he pushed his Quasi-Saint Sovereign’s cultivation to the limit. He relied on his advantage in cultivation, wanting to turn the situation around. He was calm and knew his advantage.

But just when he wanted to unleash his cultivation, Lin Yun suddenly slowed down, and the surrounding space around Heavenly Qilin Divine Son also became slow. This immediately suppressed the Quasi-Saint Sovereign’s aura that the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son wanted to unleash.

This made the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son want to throw out blood. The faces of everyone else from Qilin Mountain also became pale as Lin Yun had been waiting for this moment, and he was playing with the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son throughout the fight.

“As long as the moon exists, the Sword Sect never dies!” Lin Yun roared as he thrust his sword, pouring the full power of the Yin-Yang Sword in this attack.

The distorted space on the stage broke up with this sword being unavoidable. All the radiance on the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son shattered as the dao flower representing Space Dao began to wither.

Ultimately, the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was sent flying away since he couldn’t block this sword, and the azure tree was severed. When everything dissipated, Lin Yun was the only one left hovering in the air, and only Yin-Yang Dao was immortal.

This gave everyone the misperception that Lin Yun would become immortal like Yin-Yang Dao, and this scene struck everyone with a huge blow.

So what if the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son was the champion of the third testing ground? So what if he was a deity’s descendant? So what if he grasped the Space Dao? The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son wanted him to become his servant? They were all nothing but a joke!

Xi Yuan could feel her heart beating wildly when she looked at Lin Yun. She still treated the Heavenly Qilin Divine Son as her dream lover a moment ago, but she felt Lin Yun was dashing. At this moment, she finally realized how wrong she was.

Yue Weiwei wore a smile since she knew that Lin Yun wouldn’t disappoint. Even if she had to pick a hundred or a thousand times, she would still pick Lin Yun. No one knew Lin Yun or the hard work he put in to come this far.

Lin Yun smiled as he looked at Heavenly Qilin Divine Son, who was crawling back on his feet. He said, “I already said I will grant you a defeat.”

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son’s face was pale, and his body became stiff, unable to say a single word. He coldly looked at Lin Yun, and said, “I have lost, but that’s only temporarily. When I cultivate further under the Qilin Sword Immortal, I only need a year to crush you!”

Lin Yun began to laugh upon hearing that with his clothes fluttering. His laughter was so loud that it made everyone’s blood boil.

The Heavenly Qilin Divine Son gritted his teeth, “Flower Burial, what are you laughing at?!”

“I’m laughing at you. You can’t be hard all over your body except for your mouth,” Lin Yun smiled.

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